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Crazy About the Boss When Jack Valentine was rejected by his father he headed to New York and made billions Now the proud Valentines need his money so he returns to London with his trusted assistant to make or break the familyUntil London Maddie enjoyed a professional relationship with her boss Now something's different The Jack she knew is nothing like this intoxicating man with fi re in his eyes and pain in his soul This Jack is defi nitely someone she could fall for—but this Jack could easily break her heart

10 thoughts on “Crazy About the Boss

  1. Verena Verena says:

    This is actually a very sweet book I think the title is not uite good but I like the story very much Maddie is working for her boss Jack Valentine both couldn't be different Maddie is still a virgin a romantic but strong woman After some disappointments she is waiting for her Prince Charming a man not for lust but for marriage and children Jack seems to be the opposite a heartbreaker who is changing women like dresses Yet Maddie is the only woman he would trust When both go to London for a meeting with Jack's family at the restaurant Bella Lucia Maddie finds out that Jack hides a family secret Got cold and scarred Jack has a very bad relationship to his father because of something that happened 12 years before With some Cinderella experiences together Jack slowly realizes that the kind and intelligent Maddie is all he needsbut both feel not good enough for each otherI don't know the other books of the series but it's easy to read as a standalone It's the first time I try some of such short stories and I really like this one Well it's cheesy and with lot of misunderstandings but also touching and full of life I love the different places New York London Dublin and Italy and I wished that it would be longer I really like this than any modern fairy tales

  2. Debra Debra says:

    Crazy About the BossMaddie works for Jack as his assistant But she is than that When he got a phone call from his sister he takes her with him Back to where it all started London Family secrets held for twelve years needs to come to light Animosity between him and his family have torn them apart Maddie has seen what it has done to him When the truths come out who will be left standing? Can any relationship survive or will it be destroyed forever?

  3. Cate Cate says:

    25 stars

  4. Kay Kay says:

    4 12 Stars It's been uite some time since I've read a book written by Ms Southwick I had forgotten how lovely her stories are and the depth and life she breathes into her characters In this installment to the Bella Lucia series while the focus is on Jack and his Maddie we have wonderful insights into some of the other characters introduced earlier With Maddie's help Jack has finally come full circle and has been given the opportunity to face his past It's Maddie that acts as the glue between his old life and his new and he realizes almost too late that without her he has nothing I'm looking forward to reading from Ms Southwick and promise myself to make that in the near future

  5. Annie Annie says:

    Sweet romanceI love a simple HEA I am looking for other valentine dynasty books to see if we catch up with these two characters again

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