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Child of Darkness This book was a good continuation of the first book It bridged the gap well however I didn't expect it to jump 20 years ahead of time That said I think it was a good choice since the younger years of Cerridwen wouldn't have been too exciting The end of the book definitely leaves it open for the third book Cerridwen grew up really fast in this book then again I'm sure war will do that to you She threw fits like a child for much of the book but at the end fully accepted her duties and what was to come I think she remembered what her mother had done and had told her that it was her goal to save her people spoilers belowThe book's prologue bridges the gap between the end of the first book and the first chapter of this book Ayla's baby is born and she has to protect her The first chapter begins 20 years later Cerridwen is 20 and is the Royal Heir She is like most teenagers and rebels disobeys believes that her mother isn't ever correct She travels into the Darkworld on a regular basis and falls in love with an Elf Elves and Faeries are at odds with each other Danger aka the Waterhorses are coming they are controlled by the Elves so Cerridwen goes to warn her Elf boyfriend and gets captured herself She is saved learns of her actual lineage and survives Her mother and father do not She becomes ueene and now has to meet with the Faery ueene of the Upworld I liked this book better than ueene of Light This book is of light politicalcourt intrigue than anything else You see how in this book the fact that Ayla was not trained to become ueene shows that she sometimes makes the worst choices sacrificing the happiness of her daughter or her consort for what she believes is right And yes clearly ueenship has gotten into her head But Ayla has been a better warrior than she was ueene I think all of the bad decisions were primarily due to her insecuritiesThe heir Cerri was spoiled which was also expected A teenage heir to the throne they were almost always spoiled And you expected to find in this book the tipping point into making her stronger into making her the destiny that book 1 made her out to be I am waiting with bated breath what's going to happen in the next book with herI liked her characterization of Malachi better in fact that her characterization of Malachi in the previous book An alpha male in beta male's clothings You were always rooting for Malachi and how his life ended up that wayFinally Cedric I haven't thought much of Cedric The news about the gypsy and her prophesy about fidelity was PREDICTABLE All in all it was better than the first book but I can't see myself re reading it This book takes place 20 years after UEENE OF LIGHT The heroine from the previous book starts out as a big old meanie in this oneOn a side note I love the covers in this series There is clearly a seahorse on this cover In this book there are waterhorses that aren't confined by water and have hands with claws They actually kill a character with their claws While reading that particular scene all I could picture was seahorses trying to kill someone by knocking at the character with their heads since they don't have hands let alone claws hehehe The StoryChild of Darkness is the second installment of the LightworldDarkworld series by Jennifer Armintrout Ayla has just become ueene of the Lightworld fae On top of all that she has just bore a daughter Cerridwen and is given the task of keeping her safe for she is the one who will lead them into the battle with the Upworld Cerridwen resents her mother especially when she finds that she is betrothed to her mother's right hand man Cedric Battles are prominent and deaths shall occur My ThoughtsNot my favorite ueene of Light was okay Good enough that I decided to purchase the second novel It however falls very short of a great review Do not let the romance title fool you There is no romance From the beginning you learn that Ayla has transformed from the somewhat likable character to a self centered ueen who has raised a very bratty child Other that Cedric none of Armintrout's characters are likable in this book As a matter of fact most of the time I wanted to throw the book down and give up That is not me however so I kept reading through the very end One good thing COD did have a decent ending That was the only thing that made this book bearable It was also the ONLY time the reader got any character development I will read Veil of Shadows simply because this is only a trilogy and I have made it this far The book read like a poorly written YA with a lot of violence that an adult paranormal romanceI am going in with low expectations and high hopes because I did enjoy The Turning Not recommended for anyone looking for a romance or a lot of plot I don't know why I should care about the characters They're all unsympathetic This second book was a little harder for me to read as the POV changes from our previous main character to our new main Our old main Ayla makes some pretty stupid decisions in this book And our new main is a spoiled princess soo ya Once u get halfway through it picks back up but it's hard to even get there 😓 not my fav of the trilogy This review was originally published on my review blog Falling Off The ShelfCerridwen has always been treated like a child rather than the Princess of the Lightworld Her mother ueene Ayla forbids contact with those of the Darkworld but keeps a Darkworlder as her personal Royal Consort Cerridwen can't understand how her mother could be such a hypocrite and this is just one reason why she rebels repeatedlyueene Ayla refuses to inform her daughter of her true origins but only for her own safety When she chooses to betroth her daughter to her highest ranking counselor Cerridwen sees this as the last draw She packs up a few necessities and flees the Lightworld and runs straight into the arms of the Darkworld the most dangerous place in all of the UndergroundWhen first reading this book I couldn't decide whether I truly enjoyed it as much as ueene of Light the first in the series The main character Ayla was molded to fit her royal status and lost a lot of the things I liked about her or so it seemed Her daughter Cerridwen only seemed to be a selfish brat or in this case a perfect example of a royal princess The only character that I seemed to continue to enjoy was the Royal Consort MalachiInstead of throwing this book to the side I pushed on and was greatly surprised to find out that I just needed to wade through the beginning muck to find the beautiful story at the end Despite my conflicting emotions toward this book I found I ended up really enjoying it especially the way the world is described so vividly I actually felt like if I turned around I would end up in the beautiful city of the Lightworld or in some cases being chased through the tunnels of the Darkworld by a blood thirsty demonWhile others have reviewed this book and said that they clearly don't believe it should be marked as a romance I beg to differ There isn't a huge amount of romance involved but there is an underlying tone of it and if not for that little bit this story would be bland and have little meaning The love between these characters is what pushed them to do the things that they did if it only caused a war in the process I'm looking forward to reading the last installment of this trilogy Veil of Shadows to see what other kind of adventures these creatures of the Underground have to tell NOT A PARANORMAL ROMANCEMy Title may sound like its a negative thing that this book isn't really a paranormal romance but its not I just feel like this book would have been honestly labeled as a fantasy book I read the first book ueene Of Light and enjoyed it however I had a difficult time connecting to the characters and caring about them because they were so tremendously different being fairies and angels and their views of loves and emotions were way different than mine I appreciated the story for the uniue and detailed world Armintrout produced and the storyline was interesting if somewhat hard to get into This second story Child of Darkness is a great improvement I found the main character Cerridwen to be annoyingly childish for much of the book but I also felt she was relatable and I think she may be the best character in this series to date She is the daughter of Ayla the ueen of the Lighword and a half humanhalf fairy mix and Ayla's royal consort the fallen angel Malachi In this story a battle looms that will forever change the underworld Elves have started a war against the ueene's palace and they have an evil force of Waterhorses at their beck and call The waterhorses are leaving deadly trails of bodies in their wake already Cerridwen fancies herself in love with an elf but he doesn't know her true nature and she is about to gamble the lives of her family and those of their followers Their is a sorta romance between Cerridwen and her elf and an established romance between Anya and Malachi Their love shows in this book than it did in the first actually and I had tears in my eyes by the end of the novel Read the book though and you will probably agree with me about this not being a romance novel Still the story worked on a emotion level and still the plot was very interesting and heart racing I didn't agree with many of Ayla's political moves but its obvious she did care for her people The battles were intense and thigns didn't always come out like you'd expect The book ends on a cliff hanger of sorts and the whole premise of the story seems to have changed I was interested in reading this series before but now I am uite involved and eagerly await the next book I don't know how to rate this book Seriously This book is DARK As in death betrayal deception hate and violence I loathed Ayla for almost the entire book I felt very bad for Malachai I could not see putting up with what he endured by staying with Ayla Love or not She did love him but she was a hypocrite a bitch and she was narrow minded and sometimes cruel Her daughter Ceridwenn wasn't much better A spoiled hateful spiteful young Fae I don't know why I kept reading But I did The ending was pretty good all things considered Noble if you will I most likely will read the next one when it comes out but I'm not sure what to make of this series as a wholeI was sad for Cedric He really drew the short end of the stick when it came to treatment and lossI reserve judgment on that score Once upon a time yet to come creatures of myth and fairy tale gained entry to the human realm and were expelled with extreme prejudice Banished Underground they carved out two kingdoms the Lightworld of the Fae and their kin and the Darkworld of demons werewolves and their ilk But the boundaries between these Worlds and the Upworld are about to be redrawnin bloodAt a Lightworld royal gala ueene Ayla announces the betrothal of her daughter Cerridwen to a high ranking councilor Though strategically brilliant the engagement comes as a shock to Cerridwen especially Infuriated by her mother s high handedness ignorant of her own true origins she flees the court leaving herself vulnerable to those who would see the Lightworld destroyed Amid burgeoning unrest desperate desires become divided loyalties and terrifying mercenaries lurk in the shadowy space between rebellion and anarchy

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