The World of Rome An Introduction to Roman Culture ePUB

The World of Rome An Introduction to Roman Culture The World of Rome is an introduction to the history and culture of Rome for anyone seriously interested in the ancient world It covers all aspects of the city its rise to power what made it great and why it still engages and challenges us today Freuent uotations from ancient writers and numerous illustrations make this a stimulating and accessible introduction to ancient Rome The book is particularly designed to serve as a background to Reading Latin CUP 1986

4 thoughts on “The World of Rome An Introduction to Roman Culture

  1. Mark Feltskog Mark Feltskog says:

    Concise and uite readable this is an excellent introduction to the Roman world

  2. Peter Harrison Peter Harrison says:

    A textbook written to accompany a course on reading Latin to provide background information on the history and culture of ancient Rome That makes it a good basic introduction to modes of thought and culture and therefore useful to read alongside a basic history It includes good pointers to what to read next in each segment

  3. Daniel Kukwa Daniel Kukwa says:

    For a text book it manages to cover a great deal of ground in a very short by textbook standards page count and as a dip in an out primer on ancient Roman culture you can't find much better That said it's not a fluid easy to read bookand the author is infatuated with Republican Rome rather than its imperial successor That said his enthusiam bursts through in a number of topics and its pages are full of fascinating nuggets of information that I discovered for the first time Very useful indeed

  4. Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin Peter (Pete) Mcloughlin says:

    An okay book about the cultural legacy of Rome It is a very basic introduction and there are better books out there on specific aspect of the Roman Empire but it is an okay overview

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