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Icefields This first novel begins with an imaginative and ingenious premise a physician trekking across the Arcturus Glacier in the Canadian Rockies in 1898 slips and tumbles into a crevasse where he beholds a winged human figure The rest of the book tells of Dr Edward Byrne's efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery in the ice Along the way he encounters a series of eccentrics each involved in their own uest the explorer Freya; the industrialist Trask; the poet Hal; and the slightly mad Elspeth Byrne's lover Told through scientific notes journal entries letters and dialogue this historical tale of the incalculable encountered in the mountains marks a promising debut

About the Author: Thomas Wharton

About MeI live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I write books for grown ups and kids The Shadow of Malabron the first volume in my trilogy The Perilous Realm is available now in Canada the UK and the US

10 thoughts on “Icefields

  1. Megs Megs says:

    I don't read outdoorsy books I'm much of a fantasyhistorical fiction kind of girl That said I loved Icefields Loved it Wharton did an amazing job It was historical geological and unsettling

  2. Sara Sara says:

    I read this book in grade 10 English Honors yeah that's rightI remember the author came to our classroom and we asked him about some of the 'metaphors' our teacher told us about He told us that they weren't intended to be metaphors That's when I realized that writers write and readers find the meaning Especially if you're teaching an Honors class

  3. A.M.G. ☮Hippie/Fantasia☮ A.M.G. ☮Hippie/Fantasia☮ says:

    Rating 33 5In the end there isn't really much substance here The premise is boring and all in all this isn't ordinarily a book that I would even look twice at but for Canadian Lit which I'm taking as a mandatory course I've had to read itTo its credit the writing style is tolerable even though it's written in the post modernist style which involves a lot of fragmentation in both the sentences and the narrative; but honestly I don't know how the writer could have made a whole book out of this Word count wise it probably isn't worth the 270 pages it fills up and if shortened on the repetitive and I don't give a shit details about the icefields themselves it would make a better short story Some things like romance and WWI and character development is thrown in but most of it feels like an aside or like a last minute thought rather than the whole point of the story Because of its connection to Native American narratives which I liked I can understand why we're studying it for this class but that doesn't mean I like it overall Literally just the Native American parts are what I liked but those are over within the first third or so of the book with the rest focusing on the white man adventurer protagonist and how obsessed he is with iceI don't know maybe some people are into it and like this sort of thing but for me I don't even plan on picking it or anything like it up ever again unless of coursesighs I have to for school or something

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    I loved having this to read as we journeyed through the Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Icefield The idea for this book and the plot that resulted are fascinating Unfortunately the writing is below par and the changes in characters and time periods is confusing I really like to read about an area that I'm visiting preferably something fictional as I feel I get the passion of the setting clearly I did love that actual historical figures are woven into this story and it was pretty thrilling to be visiting locales that play such an important part in this novel

  5. Jason Lesher Jason Lesher says:

    I read Icefields a couple of years ago and can't honestly remember than a few basic details about the characters and plot But Wharton's writing perfectly matched the sparse beautiful setting in the Canadian Rockies to take me to another place Reading the book was a meditative spiritual experience

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    Thomas Wharton was the writer in residence my second year of university and he was such a cool and inspirational guy I loved Icefields vivid Canadiana wrapped up in a fantastic story

  7. Kayleigh Kayleigh says:

    Read this book for a university English course and must say it was magic I absolutely loved and so has everyone I recommended it to

  8. Jenn Jenn says:

    Alberta at the end of the 19th century Descriptions of glaciers Zero plot Not a terribly engaging read

  9. Ryan Ryan says:

    A pleasant surprise A uiet thoughtful book that is driven by its mystery I wish it were longer

  10. Debra Debra says:

    I can see why this book's format isn't for everyone but Michael Wharton is such a lyrical writer And I don't care for cold any than I enjoy heat Nonetheless he made me want to visit glaciers

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