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Mixing With Your Mind Secrets of sound balance engineering revealedAlways in stock at the Authors website url below It's Introduction explains your journey through the bookhttpwwwmixingwithyourmindcompre Can I get this for less than £60? This is the best book ever on how to make music in a studio It's poetic rather than scientific he talks about the ghost between the speakers that the sound makes as it forms an image and the fascinating subject of psychoacoustics I totally understand what he is talking about many people won't He also talks a lot about making records sound big on small speakers to me this is what music is all about it's all about colour Making music is not for everyone If you are serious READ THIS BOOK I know what I'm talking about I ran my own studio for years and recorded dozens of bands His book helped me 'chase the flame' and record great drums guitars bass and vocals and most importantly mix them together The greatest book on mixing ever writtenI'm blown away nobody has ever written in this style beforeJust the section on how to set a compressor like cracking a safe it tells you how to turn the dials until you hear what you're afterThere's never been anything like it before or sinceI have a copy of it and it now costs nearly £150 I'll never let it goI constantly refer to it despite getting through the whole thing in a day It's a perfect reference book with well labelled sections on all aspects of audio work Fantastic info for any audio engineer Worth the price of the book

  • Hardcover
  • Mixing With Your Mind
  • Michael Stavrou
  • English
  • 13 February 2016

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