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Night Runner For Zack Thomson life in the Nicholls Ward wasn't so bad After his parents died he developed strange allergies and the mental institution was the only place where he could be properly looked after As strange as it was it was home But that all changes the night a stranger on a Harley crashes through the front doors and tells him to run Along with his best friend Charlie and a girl he may or may not be falling in love with Zack does just that run Under the cover of night hiding amongst the shadows he races for the truth Err I thought I was on a diet If you read my reviews you will know what I meanIn Night Runner we are introduced to Daniel Zachariah Thomson Both parents dead no relations and has lived the past 8 years in a mental ward because of his strange allergies The only people that seemed to care for him was Nurse Ophelia and his childhood best friend Charlie who visited once a week Doesn’t it just break your heart?Then one fateful night his whole world comes crashing down From that night on he is on a whirlwind of self discovery and survival Several firsts happen to Zack in the few short days after his escape from Nicholls Ward He experiences driving swimming being chased by the police and other things betrayal and something that is on the verge of being in love This book was pretty good though I thought it strange that Daniel seemed content living his semi solitary life at the ward He had no friends besides Charlie never been to school was allergic to the sun therefore had to sleep during the day and was allergic to almost all foods and was given twice a day “brain cocktails” What kind of life is that? Then when he did escape he was on the run constantly not sure where he was going next and no one to look after him Honestly my heart bled for Zack most of the book In the end the book is about choices forgiveness and redemption random thought Turner does a fantastic job naming his characters in relation to their character traits Look up their meanings and you will know what I mean of course after you read the bookYes there will be a seuel and will be available September 2010 Advanced Reader CopyOk so this book wasn't awful but it wasn't really great either I'm not a Young Adult but I don't discriminate against books that are written for that market Many are still solid stories Some YA books are YA because they write from a teenager character perspective Some are YA because they tone down the sexviolence to suit a younger audience And this book definitely does both But what it unfortunately also does is try to write prose and dialogue in a hip manner but badly It reads like an adult who's trying a little hard to write youngThe other issue with this book is that from the start it's clearly set up with a series mentality in mind This first novel reads like a prologue rather than a fully fleshed out complete story You're halfway through the book before ANYTHING happens It's all just background and place settingWhen the action does occur it does so in weird fits and spurts Some parts feel like filler while other parts fly past at warp speedThe very formulaic ending comes along exactly as you'd expect and features a saw that coming 'surprise' bad guy revealbetrayal a character who's than meets the eye and two other characters who are thrown completely into a ridiculous buddy role to the main character It also ends just as one would when planning further novels an ambiguous end to the Big Bad Character of the bookI think there's potential for author Max Turner should he get some further experience in writing novels Tighter editing polish and better character development would all go a long way to improving the reading experience of his book He's a first time author with this novel and it sadly shows in many waysStill it's not all bad It may read better for those of a younger demographic that aren't so versed in typical novel writing formula I do fear that if the series does continue but the writing does not improve it may turn off it's target audience eventually as said audience grows matures and is left feeling a little talked down to by the current voice used in the first book It was okay but not what I expect And the ending makes me scream LOL Cliffhanger baby Night Runner by Max Turner held a lot of punch The entire story is one crazy ride in the newly exciting life of Zack Thomson For the past eight years he had been living basically in isolation inside a mental ward He has a plethora of allergies including an extreme reaction to the sun Therefore he sleeps all day and lives at night He also cannot stomach food he has to drink special concoctions which he dubs brain cocktails The only two friends he has are Charlie and Nurse Ophelia Charlie has been around his whole life the boys were friends before Zack was orphaned and his condition started Charlie is his only regular visitor and his best friend He is a mischievous daring character who often pushes the limits However he is liked by most people and he is Zack's right had man and is there when he needs him the most Nurse Ophelia Zack's only other friend is the night nurse at the ward She seems to really take to Zack and often defends him when he gets one of his mood swings from not eating She occasionally takes him out to movies and things; basically she is the closes thing to a mother he has This book is incredibly plot driven Right in the first few pages Zack's safe world is shattered literally when a crazed old man who turns out to be a vampire crashes through the mental ward and tells Zack he is in danger This starts a long chain of events that keeps Zack on his toes and on the run While the plot was definitely exciting I just wish there was a little character development I think that Turner did a magnificent job with Zack he is one of the funniest narrators I have seen in a long time He makes tons of pop culture references that I always found hilarious For example he drops this little jem on page seven He's coming he continued He could be here any second The man put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me gently toward the motorcycle again He looked back over his shoulder at the parking lot I got the feeling Darth Vader was about to waltz in and lightsabre us both in half He is also a big fan of the Tolkien masterpiece The Hobbit and often makes snide comments referencing it Zack is also struggling with the new revelation that he is a vampire He is delighted to finally have some answers but he isn't crazy about the diet or the whole evil thing He makes a promise to himself that he will remain good and not go on a crazy killing spree I love this uote from him about his decision pg 49 Well I had no doubt in my mind what I would choose I would be good I certainly wasn't a threat to anybody I didn't even believe in mousetrapsBut the fact that Zack is such a great character only made me want to get to know the other characters better The rest of the cast is highly underdeveloped Like I said before the book is highly plot driven and unfortunately the rest of the characters suffer I loved what I saw from them but I was left wanting especially with Luna Luna is Zack's love interest in the book; although she doesn't appear until almost halfway through it He meets her through Charlie Luna is Charlie's girlfriend's Suki sister We get a few details about Luna but not a great sense of the character I hope that in the upcoming books we will see from herHowever I loved both the plot and the idea behind the story This isn't just another run of the mill vampire story What makes this so incredibly uniue is that one Zack has been living the past eight years as a vampire and had no idea The second aspect of this story that makes it a standout is that this is of an action story There are no melodramatic vampires moping around looking for human companionship This is a on the edge of your seat action ride that never really lets up It's a refreshing change of paceWhile I enjoyed the majority of the plot I did have a problem with the ending at least the last 20 pages or so I don't want to give it away for those of you who haven't read it but the events that occur seem to have been taken rather lightly I know that for the story to progress the plot had to go into that direction but everyone seemed to go with the flow a little to easily for me For those of you who have read it I'll give you a clue as to what I am talking about Charlie and LunaBut honestly besides that last 20 pages the plot was amazing; it was action packed exhilarating and hilarious Night Runner was definitely a page turner I just hope that in the next book End of Days the secondary characters like Luna and Charlie are developed a bit

  • Paperback
  • 261 pages
  • Night Runner
  • Max Turner
  • English
  • 21 November 2014
  • 9780312592288

About the Author: Max Turner

There is than one author with this nameMAX TURNER has been a high school science teacher for seven years Night Runner is his debut novel He lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children

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