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Next Comes Love An Island to Remember #2 Erica Corelli is full of sass and a no nonsense chick from Chicago Her life takes an unexpected turn the day she receives a desperate phone call from her half sister Marie asking her to protect her son Erica’s nephew Jason no matter what even when it means keeping Jason away from his abusive father Erica upends her life without a second thought and ends up on the run with her nephew in tow landing on the island of Mirabelle a place she visited as a young girl and has fond memories ofGarrett GT Taylor was a Chicago cop who left the big bad city before it had a chance to grind him up and spit him out and lands a job on the small island of Mirabelle as the part time police chief who is also the all around Mr fix it in his spare timeFrom the moment Garrett spies Erica and her young “son” exit the boat ferry he instinctively knows she’s trouble with a capital TI really didn't know what to expect from this Super Romance but I admit I was pleasantly surprised I was looking for something easy fast and mindless to read and just happened to pick this one up by accident The cover intrigued and the back cover blurb was enticing enough to make me purchase this bookIt had a good story that was well written and kept me reading until the end little if no romance but some sexual tension I expect this is the norm for this type of formula romanceI would definitely read another Super Romance if I happen to find another one that catches my fancy What an interesting book The two main characters were likeable and flawed and had a lot depth than I expected to find in this book I think I still have flashbacks to the Harleuins of the late 70'searly 80's and sometimes forget to remember that they put out some really good books Yeah there are some clunkers too This was not one of them This was a pleasureI will be looking for the other books in this series and for other books by this author Street smart city girl Erica Corelli spent the three best days of her childhood on Mirabelle Island Now her sister has disappeared and Erica's on the run with her six year old nephew The boy's father an abusive Chicago cop will stop at nothing to get his son back Erica can only hope this unforgettable island paradise is a safe place to hide Garrett Taylor the island's chief of police takes one look at Erica and thinks Trouble The mysterious sexy kind that disturbs a man's peace and instantly complicates the simple life Garrett came to Mirabelle to find But no matter how hard he tries he can't keep his mind—or his hands—off Ms Couldn't Be More Wrong for Him

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