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Taming Her Irish Warrior When did Ewan MacEgan grow to be so overwhelmingly strong and disarmingly sexy He intends to wed Honora St Leger's demure sister—but why should that matter to her Honora would rather wield a sword than a mending needle and as a widow she knows there is little pleasure in the marriage bedEwan MacEgan has set his sights on a wealthy bride but tantalizingly he finds himself drawn to the forbidden Honora One touch and he is longing to awaken her sensuality for he suspects she will be as passionate in bed as she is on the battlefield

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  1. Verity Verity says:

    Ewan longs to carve his own niche doesn’t want to be his brothers’ charity case In order to fulfill his dream he must marry a wealthy heiress w a dowry land Honora’s younger sis the ladylike Katherine fits the bill but Ewan has to compete against a bevy of suitors eager for her affection Honora used to be his sparring partner often beat Ewan in swordfights She has secretly honed her skills in swordplay w the help of her childhood playmate Ewan She followed him around like a shadow often made herself a nuisance When they reunite Ewan begins to feel attracted to the wrong sister During his courtship he can’t help but think of Honora When he kisses Katherine it feels wrong as if he’s kissing his li’l sister There’s no sizzling sparks no matter how much he tries to induce them when wooing Katherine Honora can’t escape the attraction too yet she knows he’s not meant for her She has no wish to remarry not after enduring a horrific wedding nite a nitemarish marriage to a brutal hubby Like father like son John her hubby’s son lusts after her after her hubby keeled over Honora had to fend off the lecherous John’s amorous attentions She was able to escape her imprisonment thanx to her dear mother in law She takes refuge in her father’s keep but she vows to return to free her people from John’s reign of terror W a shorn hair under the disguise of chainmail armor she succeeds in her camouflage as 1 of her father’s men Alas after 6 months she’s nowhere near to finding the means to fulfill her vows Her father gives her the ultimatum if Honora won’t return to Ceredys resume her responsiblities Katherine won’t be permitted to marry the chosen man unless Honora herself goes to holy matrimony Honora carries the burden of knowing that she needs to marry a man w an army to end John’s tyranny The longer she stays w her father the her people in Ceredys suffer Honora is haunted by the images of John raping the poor victims ‘cuz Honora wouldn’t succumb to his repulsive attentions the victims’ family members who had dared to seek justice lost a limb as their punishment To add to her predicament someone’s been ransacking her personal belongings Plus she can’t stay away from Ewan She deludes herself into thinking that she’s only chaperoning her sis to make sure Ewan doesn’t cross the line in his courtship Katherine resents Honora’s interference accuses her of wanting Ewan for herself Matters deteriorate when John tries to corner Honora to return his family heirlooms Ewan loses his marbles beats the hit outta John to a bloody pulp As a conseuence Ewan is forced to release his betrothal to Katherine leave When John tries to escort her against her wish – back to her Cederys estate Honora escapes w the help of her kind betrothed She catches up w Ewan agrees to go w Ewan to his bro’s domain where she encounters an awkward language barrier She surprises everyone by earning enuff dough thanx to her credible swordfights to hire some men to help her on her uest to get rid of the evil villain Will she succeed in her mission w or wout her father's Ewan’s helping hand ? Can Ewan accept that Honora isn’t a typical damsel in distress for once he doesn’t need to be a hero ? I luved the clash of wills between HH the complexity of the characters From the get go we’re told that this book is part of a series but it doesn’t waste space in re telling each of Ewan’s older bro’s stories We get enuff background that Ewan earned the scars on his palms due to his own act of betrayal for which he still feels remorseful He’s determined to find his own identity separate from his well intentioned bros He’s worked extremely hard to overcome his limitations by concentrating on 1 aspect of his skills to compensate for what he lacks Even tho’ Ewan used to think Honora as a pest he falls in luv w her when they reunite She’s like the other half of him He makes no bones ‘bout the fact that what he desires most in life is to marry into money He’s fiercely protective of Honora often this endearing trait of his conflicts w Honora’s own determination to prove her worth She’s never gained the stamp of approval in her father’s eyes She tries to compensate for her twin brother’s death by wanting to be a warrior in every sense Honora’s exasperated by Ewan’s stubbornness in not accepting that she’s able to stand side by side w him in her uest that she can beat John For a HN the luv scenes were filled w plenty of steam Honora is feisty brazen gutsy resourceful she prolly has 1 of the biggest bll in romancelandia She meets challenges head on yet shows her vulnerable side the same time She’s been traumatized by her marriage shies away from intimacy Ewan has a tall task in convincing her that luvmaking doesn’t have to be painful I give the author high marks too for not diluting the ending w the usual ‘rescue me’ scenes prevalent in medievals There was also the mystery thread of the missing family treasures how Honora can trick the despicable villain in the end She does not possess a defeatist attitude She’s a misfit becomes the other missing half of Ewan She completes him He has a hard time accepting her as a ground breaker but eventually realizes that she won’t let him take command dominate her Trying to make her stay behind is a losing battle He’s already losing his heart to her so might as well let her take part in their perilous journey It dawns on him how much it means to Honora to have his faith in her she doesn’t disappoint She lives up to his and my expectations I adored how protective he was in guarding her safety all costs There’s a right balance of power in their relationship This was a book that was sooo good from start to finish w the enormously appealing HH enuff intrigue actions chivalry romance internal external conflicts the subtle 2ndary romance between Katherine her stammering suitor I was really impressed If I’d known this would turn out to be a surprising hit I woulda used my 4 HN coupon to buy the whole series Can’t wait to read the preuels This was a fun fast paced entertaining story P

  2. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

    My ReviewEwan MacEgan is a younger brother who wants to make his own way in the world without his older brothers' help To do so he needs to wed a wealthy heiress who can bring land and money to the marriage He sets his sights on Lady Katherine of Ardennes a woman who possesses the wealth he needs and as an added bonus is also uite beautiful What can a man ask for?Honora is the widow of Ranulf St Leger a ruthless man who mistreated her both in bed and out She is also Lady Katherine’s older sister and has known Ewan since they were youth when he trained her to fight like a warrior Years later it was this training that raised her husband’s ire and brought his wrath down on her—but really any excuse would do because he was just that kind of man and when it comes to the men in the St Leger family the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree When Ranulf dies Honora finds herself facing another type of abuse this time at the hands of her step son John who is Ranulf’s son from his first marriage Fleeing Ceredys was the only way to escape John’s treachery but doing so she left the people there—especially the women—at his mercy She always knew she would have to go back one day and free them but she needs than just her own fighting skills; she needs an army For now she has to bide her time at the home of her sister and father while trying to find a way and the courage to do what she must do; make sure John can never hurt her or anyone else againThey hadn’t seen each other in years but when Ewan began his courtship of Lady Katherine Honora was constantly interfering determined to protect her young sister’s virtue from Ewan but what transpires between them neither Honora nor Ewan are prepared for—an intensely passionate attraction to one another which cannot be denied nor can anything lasting become of it because Ewan has his dream of lands and riches which only Lady Katherine’s dowry can provide John thinks Honora knows where a treasure in gold silver and gems is hidden and he’s willing – no he’s excited – to do whatever he must to get that information from her so while Ewan continues his courtship of Katherine Honora is trying unsuccessfully to stay out of John’s way It’s his further abuse of Honora that compels Ewan to try and protect her as well as join with her in her fight to free the people of Ceredys from John's brutal oppression How does it all work out? You'll have to read the book and find out for yourselfI’d never before read anything by Ms Willingham so I had no idea what to expect Coming in at only 275 pages I was impressed by how fully developed the characters and the storyline were It wasn’t until after I began reading this book that I realized it was number 5 in a series but because of how well the story was written I never once felt like I was missing something by not reading the others first so it’s safe to say that this can be read as a standalone novel however because Ewan’s brothers and sisters in law and their stories sound so intriguing I’m hoping to add them to my collection Taming Her Irish Warrior was a great read from beginning to end It was fun it was sexy and at times it was heartwarming I’m thrilled to have found another author to add to my list of Historical Romance writers

  3. Mary Mary says:

    This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it It is one of her earlier Harleuin Historicals and part of her MacEgan Brothers series It is set in England and Ireland in the late 12th century It was a dangerous time especially for women Honora has trained with a sword in secret Ewan was her teacher when he was fostered with her father's best friend They meet up several years later when Ewan has come to court her younger sister Honora is a widow with no plans to ever remarry as her late husband abused her Ewan is taken with her and things get messy when they become closer and he realizes he can't marry Honora's sister They have some things to overcome before they have their happy ending Readers will like these two together Both of them strong willed but a good match Recommended for readers of historical romance and those who like strong women

  4. Maureen Feeney Maureen Feeney says:

    35 stars Book 5 in The MacEgan brothers seriesAccording to MW website they are 1 Her Warrior Slave2 The Warrior King3 Her Irish Warrior4 The Warriors TouchVerity's review sums this book's plot up brilliantly Because I never heard of MW I didn't really expect a lot but it is really good and held my interest throughout The characters Honora and Ewan are superb and MW stays true to themI hate it when a main characters personality changes halfway through a bookMy only critism is that I would have liked to have known about what happened with Katherine and the stuttering Sir Ademar and Honora's father it was only half explained I felt like there was a chapter or two missingOverall a surprisingly good readI am definately going to read of the series Think this book 5 in the series Incidently have found that you can get Katherine and Sir Ademar's story on ebook only The Warriors Forbidden Virgin I knew it felt unfinished

  5. Maura Maura says:

    Ewan MacEgan goes back to where he was fostered to woo and marry Katherine Ardennes But when he arrives he encounters Katherine's sister Honora a young woman he remembered always following him around and trying to train with the men sometimes even besting him and wounding his pride The passion erupts between them but Honora doesn't come with dowered lands she's a widow who controls 13 of the estate of her husband the other 23rds controlled by her stepson John Try as he might to stay away from Honora and to do his best to marry Katherine Ewan cannot keep away and in the end cannot marry Katherine because of his own dishonor Honora is determined to return to her holdings and rescue her people from John's evil control but she cannot do it alone Because of her role in destroying her sister's marriage prospects she is sent away and accompanies Ewan to Eirann to try to hire out an army Ewan begins to realize that he cannot live with Honora and that he cannot let her return to certain danger aloneThis was actually my favorite of the series so far Ewan is torn between duty and passion and this time his struggle feels real He knows that he prefers Honora and that Katherine is like a little sister to him but he wants the dowry and the land so he can be like his brothersand he cannot reconcile the two Granted his reasons for turning Honora away are pretty petty and selfish but being the younger teased brother told he couldn't do what all his other brothers could do the struggle seems real to him And there were some honest to goodness real angsty moments as Honora does the honorable thing and tries to step back from Ewan to give him what he wants Also some angsty moments as Honora's father treats her like crap and unfortunately it never feels like that gets resolved in any way Just a token sentence about how he never wanted her hurt I also like how Honora decides that she's done hiding who she is and basically tells Ewan to either accept her as she is or leave her alone He does accept her but struggles with the idea of losing herit's difficult for him to put his faith in her abilities but he does get it and realizes how important it is to her In the end I enjoyed how all of this played out and even Ewan's wishy washyness about whether to marry Honora but I did ultimately come to believe that Honora was important to him than his ambition though I think this might have been even convincing if he didn't have such an easy solution to his troubles at hand

  6. Jennifer Shirk Jennifer Shirk says:

    LOVED this book Can totally see why it was nominated for a RITA The heroine was feisty yet still feminie and the hero was dreamy The chemistry between them was totally sigh worthy too

  7. Patricia Ibarra Patricia Ibarra says:

    I´d liked Aileen and Connor´s story but I liked even Honora and Ewan´s because I love a story where a woman is strong yet she can find her feminine side The fact that she had to overcome a dreadful marriage first then the ordeal with her husband´s abominable son and still she didn´t lose herself All of that and the lack of support from her father with all the restrictions on women at that time where women were expected only to bear children and be submissive wives Honora breaks with all that by becoming a warrior but that is only a part of her struggle She needs to be accepted by who she is if there´s any man who intends to love her without attempting to turn her into the classical wife This is a bit hard for Ewan who despite he knows her as a warrior also must fight with his natural overprotective instincts that force him to prevent any damage to herAll in all a hard story that shows a lot of that time culture and how sometimes happiness can be reached

  8. Crystal Crystal says:

    Loved it it was a very engaging and enjoyable story

  9. Claudia Claudia says:

    Ewan MacEgan the younger brother who wants to make his own way in the world any help from his family brothers He decided that he needs to get married to a wealthy woman who can bring the land and the monety it was a bit ironic for me because he had nothing to offer even though his brothers wanted to contribute to his cause When he was fostered in Normandy he met Lady Katherine and Homora of Ardennes Lady Katherine had land in Ireland as part of her dowry and the money Ewan needed she was beautiful and uiet so he decided he is his oneI loved the fact that he rationalized that in his situation he doesn't need to love go get what he wants so it created a path on the storyHonora is the widow of Ranulf St Leger and Katherine's older sister She knew Ewan since they were young He trained her to fight like a warrior and he was her friend at the time She suffered abuse during her marriage in an out of the bed and when her husband died Honora had to deal with the abuse of her step son John who is Ranulf’s son from his first marriage As only way to escape John’s abuse and attempt to rape her Honora escaped her prison with help from her mother in law and went to her father's castle But by escaping she left the people there at his mercy She always knew she would have to go back and help the people but she needed a small army Honora and Ewan hadn't seen each other in years but when the met accidentally sparks started to fly For me this was the point when Ewan started to be in denial He wanted Katherine for her land and money and he desired because he was her eual It was interesting to me because from beginning Honora actually had the land and money that Ewan needed but not in the way he expectedI never saw Honora as interfering with her sister's prospects with Ewan She was genuinely encouraging her sister to chose Ewan and she didn't even realized she was falling in love with him For me neither Honora nor Ewan are prepared for such passionate attraction to one another which in the end cannot be denied and I appreciated Ewan for having the strength to admit that his marriage to Katherine would be a mistake Funny enough Ewan was still oblivious to what Honora could bring him if he would help her with her step son and he ends up helping her anywayI loved both characters very well developed and finally Honora was portrayed as a woman who didn't need a man to survive Great read for me

  10. Andrea Guy Andrea Guy says:

    There's a reason Michelle Willingham's book is up for a RITA this year Taming Her Irish Warrior is wonderful without being cliche The main reason for this is that both lead characters showed great strength even when things weren't going their wayEwan MacEgan had come to win the hand of an heiress Katherine who just happens to be Honora's sister But even when he does win her he finds himself with feelings for Honora that he just can't ignore and neither can she and Honora has problems of her ownHer deceased husband's son wants to claim her as a lover so that he can gain a treasure his grandmother supposedly told her about Because she's left her husband's land John has abused the serfs She's desperate to find a way to remove John from power even if she has to fight him and Honora is just the woman to do that She's a tomboy in every sense of the word and trained with Ewan but Ewan would prefer her doing other thingsI loved how determined Honora was in helping her people and how determined Ewan was to help her so that she wouldn't be hurt They put everything aside for what or who they believed inThis was my first book from Ms Willingham and it won't be my last

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