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Dark Sky If you had nothing else to do and there were no other books around except say self help books well then it makes sense to read this book It isn't bad but there was nothing here to make me say I'm glad that I read this book I did like Ethan; the reader is meant toEthan is special ops but he is kind of a loner Juliet is a Federal Marshal much of her family is law enforcement A neighbor of Ethan gets kidnapped while in Columbia and Ethan has to go get him out Juliet has been threatened by a criminal she had put in jail and who has just been released And then there is Juliet's vegan 17 year old niece who has a knack for wrong decisions I thought she and Ham the genius eccentric young man who was kidnapped in Columbia that Ethan had to rescue belonged together There are some conspiracy theories and some high level government stuff I didn't follow it all that closely I was interested in Ethan Juliet and Ethan become a couple and their cases become a couple and everything ties together Juliet's brother and a government executive are becoming a couple I already mentioned that I thought Wendy the niece and Ham the genius should be a couple The government and conspiracy stuff had me yawningI just wanted to know what was going to happen with Ethan Maybe the problem for me is that genre was mixed It was a light romance with light conspiracy thriller as the vehicle for the story So it comes out weak in both genres romantic suspense Very good This was a follow up on secondary characters from a previous book Fast paced great characters not over gushy I just finished this book and I wasn't impressed I'm not sure if it was in a series or not but if it wasn't it should have been There was just so much backstory I felt like I had missed out on so I had a really hard time getting into it and keeping things straight This book is labeled as romantic suspense right on the spine of the book but I was two thirds of the way through the book before anything remotely romatic happened and all of the romance was very watered down and felt off screen The book was also suspense light The end of the book was the only time I actually felt the suspense and even then it wasn't all that great My last and probably biggest flaw with this book is that the characters acted very dumb for a bunch of cops FBI agents and state troopers The niece Wendy was supposed to be a 17 year old intelligent girl and she repeatedly acted like a six year old and trusted people who were obviously the bad guys None of them acted like they should be in any position of power In fact they acted like the landscapers they were the Longstreet family ran a landscaping business than any type of cop I've never read any other books by this author but I love MIRA and usually like all of their authors especially the ones who write romantic suspense Maybe this book was just a fluke but as of right now I'm not tempted to read any of her others The back of the book was romantic and suspenseful than anything you'll find between the covers I say skip it I really like this author but this book just didn't click for me I liked the characters but the ending was just ok for me Deputy US Marshal Juliet Longstreet has made her share of enemies and now one of them is out of prison and threatening to kill her Her mission find him first But hot on her suspect's trail is Special Forces officer Ethan Brooker who has a way of dropping into Juliet's life without warning Haunted by his wife's death Ethan is a man Juliet knows she should avoid And now he's focused on a related mission of his own and can't or won't give Juliet any detailsWhen she finds her doorman dead and her New York apartment ransacked Juliet tracks down Ethan this time she wants answersThey agree to team up and as they fight their growing attraction to each other their race to stop a ruthless killer takes them north to Juliet's family in Vermont and into the heart of a dangerous web of lies greed deceit and murder This is the first book I've read by this author It's book 4 in a series and it was easy to follow and enjoyable without knowing the backstory to me that's a commendable accomplishment This is a romantic mystery with the mystery taking the lead There are some steamy love scenes but the story is full of strong characters and good plot development I look for a good story that keeps my interest I want the characters to seem real so that when the book ends they are still vivid in my mind I like the ending to have a sense of closure even if I never read any seuels This book met all of those needs and I will look for other books by Carla Neggers Deputy US Marshall Juliet Longstreet knows Bobby Tatro will be gunning for her now that he is out of prison But she doesn't realize that what he's linked up with will involve her family and her colleagues A very convoluted plot dealing with revenge betrayal and vigilantes brings in Ethan Brooker a Special Forces man from earlier volumes who does side work for the President There was action but a few too many elements and hidden agendas A bit of time needed to be spent also relaying relationships from earlier volumes Not the best in the series Deputy US Marshal Juliet Longstreet is confronted with a number of problems in this book She has to find a new apartment as the owner of the sublet is coming back to town a very bad criminal who she caught and was in prison is now out and is looking to get even 17 year old her niece shows up unannounced and finds herself in a life and death situation and She has to confront her friend Ethan Brooker who always seems to attract trouble when ever he is around As you can see there is lots going on and the pace is uick and keeps you reading Although I enjoyed this book it felt that I dropped into the middle of a story This was the fourth book in a series and I had not read the first three There were many references to things that happened earlier in the series This was the first book I read that was written by Carla Neggers I thoroughly enjoyed this book It kept me so enthralled that I couldn't put it down I had to finish the last two chapters this morning

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Carla Neggers is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sharpe & Donovan series featuring Boston based FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan and the popular Swift River Valley series set in the small fictional New England town of Knights Bridge With many bestsellers to her credit Carla loves to write now as much as she did when she climbed a tree at age eleven with a pad and pen and s

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