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Millions of Cats While I did enjoy the story the narrative itself I did not find the accompanying illustrations of Wanda Gág's Millions of Cats all that visually appealing I have never really liked black and white illustrations all that much and the many many cats together kind of remind me of masses of lemmings rodents or locusts faceless swarms of animals with no personalities or individual features the only personable cat in my opinion is the little kitten left at the end all the others are just a big mass of catdomNow after having read some of the negative and critical reviews from GR friends regarding Millions of Cats I was actually at first rather reluctant to read it as I assumed that it would describe in detail the cats eating each other and fighting amongst themselves However as others have indeed previously stated the violence or rather the implied and supposed violence as we only have the assumption of the old couple that the cats might have eaten each other happens off screen and thus is not ever really visible or even described And further because there is an element of disbelief present the old man brings home not just too many cats but millions of them this probably renders the author's Wanda Gág's presented text much less problematic for children who often seem able to accept the often grotesue violence in fairy and folk tales simply because it is unbelievable or just too overly exaggeratedFor me Millions of Cats is not only an entertaining and intriguing story albeit one with illustrations that I personally do not find all that aesthetically attractive but also presents a cautionary tale about human responsibility or to the point the lack of human responsibility It was the old man's responsibility to find one cat to bring home but he brought home millions And later when it becomes obvious that there are simply too many cats the old couple again does not face their responsibility or accountability; they simply force the cats to fight it out amongst themselves Further the fact that the original hill the old man sees is literally covered with domestic feral cats might also be seen as a lack of pan human responsibility to both domesticated animals including pets and the environment in general humans abandoning domestic cats in the wild and not realising or caring that there are likely not enough natural spaces available for all of them that the feral cats will also need to eat and drink and that the cats' presence will obviously also affect the environment their surroundings I know that many people regard Millions of Cats as an allegory against vanity but I think that it could and really should also be interpreted as an allegory against irresponsibility and perhaps even with justification than this story being a cautionary tale against vanity You might even say that Wanda Gág's Milliosn of Cats could easily present one of the first picture books one of the first books for younger children to somewhat promote environmental responsibility by showing that we cannot simply allow domestic animals to overrun nature Oh dear I thought I was going to absolutely adore this story based on the charming illustrations and the idea of a man who sets out to bring home a kitty for his wife only to find that every cat he sees is just too cute to pass up so he brings home millions of cats HoweverSPOILERI thought the end was uite dreadful Yes even if this is a tale of the evils of vanity it was a bit too much for all but one of the cats to eat one another up because each wanted to be the most beautiful and therefore the one chosen to be kept by the farmer's wife since she deemed only one could live with them Eeek I'm too much a cat lover to approve no matter how adorable the sketches of the remaining kitten might be The oldest American Picture Book still in print Obviously it is about catsHappy birthday Wanda GagI was a little disturbed by this book as a kid I mean all the cats end up eating each other but there is a happy ending for the one little ugly kitty she only needed some love and milk to become beautiful A classic Read it again and marvel at the simplicity of the story and the uniue lithography Surprising I was not expecting this story at all I like Edward Gorey and this has some dark wicked humor in it I thought the ending was funny a joke I know people don't like jokes at the expense of the lives of animals but it was still a jokeThis book was published in 1928 the Roaring 20s It is a time of prosperity and excess The whole country is going boom I don't know if Wanda meant it this way and I don't know if she foresaw the future but it works as an allegory for the times it was published There were millions of cat which could be the prosperity of the people and stock market What if the cats represent money There will millions and trillions and they ate up all the resources Then they all disappeared until there was only one little scraggly kitten left that needed lots of love to nurse back to health The stock market vanished and prosperity vanish I keep thinking this I'm sure it's not meant this way but as the reader this is my interpretation Wanda's art is black and white drawings I'm sure color was extremely expensive back then and used scarcely The pictures are uant and I like the font the story is told in Wanda was uite an author and I enjoyed this funny little book It does have a dark twist at the endThe kids were surprised by the end too When the cats started to fight their eyes got real big and the little guy asked what's going to happen Their heart strings were tugged when the answer came and the little guy gave a short Ha at the conclusion It's a different kind of story and this was a Newbery honor book Creepy children's story about an old couple who long for a cat When the old man finds the valley of cats he cannot choose the prettiest so he brings all million of them home Where they ultimately eat each other And the old idiots live happily ever after WTF? I really enjoyed this story about a couple who feel the need to share their lovely house with a special someone When the old man goes off in search of a cat he finds than he bargained for and as the title suggests he comes home with than the one kittyview spoiler when they end up with too many cats to look after the cats begin to fight and it is presumed that they have all eaten each other you don't see this and it is obviously a nonsensical story so I didn't find this sad or distressing but just silly and amusing and in keeping with the humour of the book The ending is nice and they find their perfect feline friend hide spoiler For lack of a cat an old man and an old woman were very sad The tale of the cat pun intentionalOnce upon a time there was a very old man and a very old woman They lived in a nice clean house which had flowers all around it except where the door was But they couldn’t be happy because they were so very lonely“If only we had a cat” sighed the very old woman“A cat?” asked the very old man Yes a sweet little fluffy cat” said the very old womanI will get you a cat my dear” said the very old man If one cat is good then millions must be marvelousHe walked a long long time and at last he came to a hill which was uite covered with cats You can have too much of a good thing but is it possible to have too many cats?He went back over the sunny hills and down through the cool valleys to show all his pretty kittens to the very old woman It was very funny to see those hundreds and thousands and millions and billions and trillions of cats following him It is left up to the reader to find the moral of this classic storyEnjoy I’m shocked I really liked this book I read it only because it’s a selection of the Newbery book club for the Children's Books group and I’m not participating until they get to 1953 or so mostly because of reading time considerations; I do like the idea of reading every single Newberry and Newberry honor book but this was an unusual Newbery selection a short picture bookI’ve been reading others’ comments and thought that I’d be repulsed by this book; I am not a fan of the macabreHowever the illustrations and layout and general appearance was terrific The repetitive line is a wonderfully fun read aloud and I actually thought the story was sweet especially the end and the beginning I was an easily scared kid but even all those cats eating each other presumably I don’t think would have highly disturbed me; I would have focused on the surviving kitty growing wonderful every dayWhat a weird book thoughI don’t remember this from my childhood but there is a very real possibility I was exposed to it thenAh I just saw another reviewer of this book a Goodreads friend recommends it for Readers Who Enjoyed The Book of Bunny Suicides” and I think those books are hilarious and I know that I can have a very bizarre sense of humor Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman who were very lonely They decided to get a cat but when the old man went out searching he found not one cat but millions and billions and trillions of cats Unable to decide which one would be the best pet he brought them all home How the old couple came to have just one cat to call their own is a classic tale that has been loved for generations Winner of a Newbery Honor this collector's edition—featuring a heavy interior stock spot gloss and embossing on the cover and a thread sewn binding—will bring this beloved tale to a whole new generation of readers Hundreds of cats Thousands of cats Millions and billions and trillions of catsThis was a childhood favorite for me so I couldn't be thrilled that my own children love it now PS The cats do eventually view spoilereat each other up hide spoiler

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