Team Leadership in the Game Industry ePUB À Team

Team Leadership in the Game Industry Team Leadership in the Game Industry arms you with the information you need to face and meet the challenges of finding supporting and retaining a talented team of employees Specifically addressing the uniue needs of managers in the game industry this book recognizes a common issue game development teams consisting of talented specialists who lack interpersonal and leadership skills Filled with tips and advice from industry pros you'll learn how to solve problems such as selecting your team defining roles and identifying team leaders meeting deadlines and handling underperformers You'll examine classic leadership traits and take a look at specific team roles and their daily responsibilities Real world case studies illustrate solutions to each problem and hands on exercises will help you practice the techniues presented

2 thoughts on “Team Leadership in the Game Industry

  1. Steven Ramirez Steven Ramirez says:

    Interviews were useful Other stuff was or less what I already knew

  2. Aditia Dwiperdana Aditia Dwiperdana says:

    It's a good reference for any lead position in game development But it's just applicable for some big company not for a start up game development studio

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