The Duke's Boardroom Affair Silhouette Desire #1919 Epub

The Duke's Boardroom Affair Silhouette Desire #1919 How was Victoria Houghton supposed to work for Duke Charles Frederick Mead The gorgeous royal had never met a woman he couldn't seduce until now Victoria despised the duke and his family They had gained control of her family business in a hostile takeover then downgraded her to Charles's personal assistant Well there was very little she would personally assist Charles with She had to resist her burning attraction to himeven as he was kissing her into business meets pleasure submission The Royal Family took over Victoria Houghton's family business now The Royal Inn and although they provided her a top management position they are for the moment placing her as personal assistant to Duke Charles the one royal who thinks commitment is a dirty word and has dipped his wick in women than he can count On top of that he has a history of sleeping with his personal assistants But Victoria gives him a run for his money and puts him on the chase He's suddenly far interested in her than he expected and even once he gets her into his bed he isn't ready to give her up so soon But Victoria has a tendency to fall hard and she does with Charles But she fears he'll never love her backOkay so this might not have been so bad if Charles weren't who he was The first problem I have here is the premise The royal family actually wants to keep Victoria on as management because she's so talented but they put her in a personal assistant role first to see if they can trust her But they know that Charles sleeps with all his personal assistants and that he doesn't do commitment so how is this furthering their interests Charles goes through 1 2 personal assistants per month That's not a smart move would have been better to put her in another position somewhere else Second problem I had here was that Charles was a slimeball who objectified women and figured every one of them would sleep with him eventually Not to mention he brings it to the office where he's not only a Duke but also the boss expecting women to sleep with him So he's the poster boy for sexual harassment and the royal family hasn't done anything about this He hits on anything with tits and despite Victoria telling him no he keeps going But eventually she finds it cute rather than annoying as she initially did Which is of course why she decides to sleep with himwell she has a fight with her lying father and then decides to blow off stress by sleeping with him He has a token moment of honor when he realizes she's emotionally stressed and a bit buzzed on alcohol but what the hell he sleeps with her And then it's sex sex sex all day long at work Professionalism goes out the window Does this guy actually work But Victoria maintains that all they have is sex and not even friendship which Charles is surprised to find hurts him a bit He's also astonished that he hasn't gotten bored and moved onto hotter women But then Victoria admits she loves him and it's all over Until his former playboy cousin shows him how happy he is in marriage and suddenly Charles is thinking how happy Victoria made him So he goes to her house and drops the love bomb and she's so happy to marry him There's absolutely no uestion of trust or the fact that he's never had a relationship last beyond a month probably less than that and IMHO he'll be cheating on her in a matter of weeks I honestly do not see a good future for themhe'll be flirting at the office and ducking into hotel rooms with maids before too long He didn't really learn the lesson about love and commitment he just didn't want to lose the good thing he got I had read this one a few years ago but as it was part of this series I read againThis is my least favourite of the series so far and because of that I was skipping through it as fast as possible but because I remembered the story it didn't cause me any problems to do so I found it a little slow which is bad in that it is only a short read in the first placeI will stress that like a majority of Ms Celmer's works it is a good book and was well written but I just didn't connect to it as much as I had to the others so it is obviously a personal thing Ale že mu to trvalo

  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • The Duke's Boardroom Affair Silhouette Desire #1919
  • Michelle Celmer
  • English
  • 06 August 2016
  • 9780373769193

About the Author: Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer was born in Detroit Michigan USA where she grew up She wanted to be cosmetologist but after three months at cosmetology school she decided to left it She married at 19 and within five years had three kids She read voraciously and decided writing She signed up for a composition course at her local community college After various manuscripts her mother gave her Tell Me

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