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Yaraana Gay Writing from India From Ashok Row Kavi's autobiographical piece on growing up in Bombay to Vikram Seth's etched account of a controversial relationship in The Golden gate the stories poems plays and prose extracts in this collection cover a range of literary styles and themes

10 thoughts on “Yaraana Gay Writing from India

  1. Vishikh Vishikh says:

    An anthology with diverse range of stories from every walk of life Most of the writers are from the Indian subcontinent as are the settings of the stories I wouldn't say I liked all the pieces in this anthology but some of the stories and poems are deep and evocative Some are merely rambling discursive and some others incoherent My interest in this book stemmed from the fact that this is a collection of gay writing and this alone caused me to enjoy each of the pieces in this book

  2. Amarnath Amarnath says:

    Contemporary stories about homosexual relationships it felt good reading it after Chocolate And Other Writings on Male male Desire was refreshing

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