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Three's Company A uestion of Trust by JessDee Gabriel fulfills every one of Madelines sexual fantasies Until he introduces her to his best friend Connor Suddenly Maddies horizons are expending in a whole new direction that breaks all the rulesNice and Naughty by Jayne RylonAlexa limits her adrenaline rushes to boardroom negotiationsuntil she indulges in a high octane encounter on the hood of her sports car Justin is supposed to be just a refreshing summer affair but he's called for the kind of backup that shifts the odds in loves favorWicked Garden by Lorelei JamesBilly ran out on Eden the night of prom Now he's back and she's hoping a fling will finally untangle him from her past She hadn't counted on his wicked side or the return of old lover Jon to appeal so strongly to her dark hidden desires

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  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    This was a pretty good menage anthology if you're looking for some light in plot heavy in get your motor running erotica because there were parts of this book that were definitely steamin' hot Of course you will have to be able to suspend disbelief because for the most part the characters in these stories fall in love at warp speed sometimes after a single encounter so leave your thinking cap at the door relax and go with the flow and I guarantee you'll be entertainedIn Wicked Garden by Lorelei James Native American Eden LaCroix is the director of the Spearfish SD city Community Center Eden's job has become her whole life but the existence of the aging center is in jeopardy and therefore so is Eden's job An engineering consultant is called in to asess the viability of saving the building and lo and behold the consultant is none other than Eden's lost love of 10 years ago Billy Buchanan 32 year old Billy ran out on Eden 10 years ago on her prom night as she was about to surrender her virginity and even though he's made a financial success of himself he's never forgotten Eden Billy's at a crossroads in life does he want to continue to live the high life in Chicago complete with all the outward trappings of success or does he want a slower lifestyle complete with a marriage and family? Billy's tired of being alone and he knows that the spark is still there between him and Eden but can he get Eden to trust him again? Eden's never stopped loving Billy either but she's afraid if she gives her heart to him he'll leave her again If she keeps it casual between them there's no way she'll get hurt Will one night of passion with Billy and her rock star 'friend with benefits' Jon White Feather be the impetus for a committed relationship with Billy?No uestion that the love scenes were white hot in this one but I didn't feel all that connected to either lead Maybe with a bit plot and character development I would have felt differently Strangely enough I was most interested in Eden's friend Native American rock star Jon White Feather I think this guy's got a story to tell and I hope one day Lorelei James will tell it 3 12 stars On a side note longtime readers of LJ will get a surprise when a couple of characters from her first book Dirty Deeds pop up briefly in this storyIn A uestion of Trust by Jess Dee curvy Maddie is having the best sex of her life with handsome new boyfriend physical therapist Gabe Maddie has a thing for men who make her feel dainty and big ripped Gabe with the bulging biceps and huge chest makes her feel as petite as a doll They have physical attraction in spades and go at it like gangbusters in the bedroom but there might be something missing Gabe's not much of a talker unless it's nasty bedroom talkin' and when Maddie meets Gabe's visiting best friend Connor she finds out what she's been missing Yes Connor is not her physical ideal with his swimmer's build and long blond hair but when they talk they connect and although Maddie doesn't want to do anything to wreck her relationship with Gabe she can't help but be charmed by Connor Connor has it baaad for Maddie too and although he and Gabe have shared their women in the past with no problems something tells him that if Gabe shares Maddie with him he could be in big trouble The falling in love kind of trouble Well of course Gabe suggests a threesome gets Maddie to agree to it and of course Connor can't resist temptation But after one wildly passionate night everything changes and relationships and friendships are threatened Will Connor come between Gabe and Maddie? Or are Maddie and Connor destined to be together?Whew this one was a scorcher There were some moments in this one just have some ice ready There wasn't all that much to the story but somehow it managed to be sweet and sexy and nasty at the same time and I liked it and I liked all the characters 4 12 starsAnd finally Nice and Naughty by Jayne Rylon which certainly started out with a bang The heroine Alexa has a steamy sexual tryst with a leather chaps wearing motorcyclist named Justin on the hood of her sports car after she beats him in a race on a deserted country road I'm talking very steamy out in public sex with a stranger Of course she's horrified at her actions takes off before he can even get her name and doesn't meet up with him until 2 weeks later at a very important business meeting with eccentric millionaire entrepreneur J Winston Possible spoilers ahead OMG J Winston is Justin but why does he act like he doesn't recognize her? That's because J stands for Jason who is Justin's identical twin Ohhhhh Well what do you know they straighten out the whole mess Jason finds himself attracted to Alexa too which is no problem since Jason and Justin have shared women in the pastand wouldn't Alexa be just perfect for the brothers to share? She has a love for fast cars and fixes them in her spare time which matches up perfectly with the carefree mechanical wizard Justin and she has a savvy business mind which appeals to the orderly brainy Jason And what do you know all her life Alexa's tried to reconcile her need for stability with her craving for spontaneity Looks like the sexy twins could meet her every needNow if they could just solve this little business problem they have with the person who's trying to put the kibosh on their invention that will eliminate the country's reliance on oil and petroleum products then they could get down to the business of making Alexa theirs The brothers come up against some bad guys their lives are threatened a time or two why don't they hire bodyguards? and they take Alexa with them to hide out while they work on the invention's design Of course this is the perfect time to propose a menage and they get right down to it and Alexa makes the perfect filling for their 'twin sandwich' Things look like they're heading for a HEA for the threesome until an error in judgment puts Alexa's life in danger and one of the twins feels undeserving of her love Will Alexa pull through and reunite the happy trio? Now what do you think?Well there were a few holes in this plot but I tried not to think about it too much and just enjoy and I was kind of thrown with how uickly the brothers were able to fall in love I guess one time on the hood of a car will do it to youand there was sort of a plot besides the sexual shenanigansand that opening scene with the leather chaps was rather hotso I have to give the author some credit with the amount of pages she had to work with and give this one 3 12 stars Not a bad anthology as antholgies goa little uneven in some spots but if you're looking for a little fantasy read this one will fill the bill nicely 4 starsWarning This book contains explicit language and sex including oral and anal some light bondage use of a sex toy some exhibitionism and voyeurism and mfm menage Not for the faint of heart

  2. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    I had a difficult time deciding how to rate Three's Company This book is a Samhain Publishing erotic anthology in trade paperback with stories from three authors While all three stories deal with menage each depicts a different situation and gave me a different 'feel' All three stories DO have graphic descriptions of oral anal and vaginal sex sometimes all at the same time AND some light BDSM bondage spankings etc so if these things bother youDon't read this book As far as a rating goes I decided to rate each story separately and then average the rating for the overall bookso thereFirst up is Lorelei James with Wicked Garden Billy and Eden were childhood friends and then a bit But on Eden's prom night Billy ran out on her at a very 'delicate' moment A few years have passed and Billy's back in town working on a consulting job whose ultimate decision could end up costing Eden HER job The fire between them is still there and it doesn't take long for Billy to make up his hasty exit So what happens when Eden's OTHER 'friend with benefits' hits town? Three stars and 105 pages Very hot but I didn't feel much emotion to go with the sexNext is A uestion of Trust by Jess Dee Gabe is Madeline's dream man and the best lover she's ever had When his best friend Connor visits both Gabriel and Connor let Madeline know that they would love to love hertogether Madeline's always thought of herself as a one man woman and Gabriel is that man isn't he? Three and a half stars and 85 pages Still very hot yet I was intrigued by Dee's realistic depiction of a situation that I could see really happening in such a relationship Jayne Rylon rounds out the trio with Nice and Naughty During a carefree afternoon country drive Alexa races a motorcycle She ends up having sex with the stranger on the side of the road and can't uite believe she acutally did that Now two weeks later she arrives at a job interview and the jerk acts like he can't remember her Can anybody say twins? Four stars and 92 pages Even with the brother ick factor this story had suspense hot sex and emotional impactat least for meSo overall unless my math is REALLY bad I give the Three's Company anthology three and a half starsand I'll round it up for the smoking hot sex throughout

  3. Sharon Sharon says:

    HOLY HOT Okay this book is steamy steamy hot hot hot They are short stories so the plot is uick and has to move fast in each of the three but man they are good and sexy with delicious men All scenarios are one women two men I read it in a day because I was so drawn to the hunky men and sexy scenes Yes they fall in love super fast and it has some unbelievable emotions tied in there but those of you who read romance novels won't be surprised It's fun and the characters are pretty likable for some hot lovin

  4. Mollie *scoutrmom* Mollie *scoutrmom* says:

    Nice but not impressive collection of three novellas about mfm sexHot hot hot good sex scenes in stories that are only OK Two of the heroines are too stupid to live even though their risky behaviors didn't end up costing them this is fiction after all

  5. Rosalía Rosalía says:

    A woman sandwiched between two healthy hunky heterosexual mean comprise all three of the stories in Three's Company MFM Interesting that a book of threesomes has three stories Two of the stories were okay enjoyable once I could figure out who was thinking or feeling or speaking The awkward point of view was just that Awkward Who is the protagonist? Is it one of the guys? Is it the woman? Reading the first couple stories is frustrating because I need to repeatedly reread a page to decipher the source of an emotion or a discussion Even so the stories themselves are enjoyableThe final story rescues the book of novellas Hot clever well written and very very erotic come to mind a great finish to an otherwise mediocre book

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Three stories in one book My rating was an average rating between all three storiesWicked Garden by Lorelei James I thought it was Ok Eden reunites with her old high school flame Billy during a business meeting She's also been seeing Jon as a friend with benefits A uestion of Trust by Jess Dee I thought this was the best story of the three The dialogue was interestingNice and Naughty by Jayne Rylon I couldn't follow this one at all I was slightly distracted by some personal issues when I tried to read this but I still felt the plot was very confusing

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    My favorite by far is the story of Alexa and the brothers An excellent if far fetched story They were all really good actually but that one is my favorite And Gabriel's book just came out as a seuel to Connor Madison's book I'm hoping to get it soon

  8. Summer Summer says:

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  9. Marie Marie says:

    Great book Love all of her LJ's stuff1

  10. Angel Padillo Angel Padillo says:

    All three of the story's were interesting I picked this up for the story by Lorelei James but I enjoyed the other 2 as well and look forward to explore the other authors work

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