Environmental Interpretation A Practical Guide for People

Environmental Interpretation A Practical Guide for People With Big Ideas and Small Budgets Environmental Interpretation is the first truly applied treatment of environmental communication written specifically for people with big ideas and small budgets Drawing on 20 years experience and the successes of his colleagues worldwide Sam Ham presents an unusually diverse collection of low cost communication techniues that really workMore than 200 illustrations photos and technical insets provide simple instructions for designing and implementing effective education programs in forests parks protected areas zoos botanical gardens extension and community programs and in all kinds of agriculture and natural resource management programsAside from its step by step how to approach what sets this volume apart is its solid theoretical foundation Readers learn not only how to communicate their ideas forcefully but why the methods work Some 20 case studies carefully selected from throughout the Western Hemisphere stimulate the imagination and show how others have successfully applied what this book is aboutWritten for beginners and experts alike the book represents a valuable resource for anyone faced with the need to communicate about the environment yet constrained by lack of money and experience

6 thoughts on “Environmental Interpretation A Practical Guide for People With Big Ideas and Small Budgets

  1. Tim Merriman Tim Merriman says:

    This is a great book in the field of heritage interpretation that really put thematic approaches into practice by making the process very accessible It has been used in hundreds of classes as textbooks throughout the US and Latin America

  2. Marta Marta says:

    I picked this up because of my Masters and I don't regret it at all It was the only thing that helped me get a handle on what on my project should be how I should write it and organize it If anybody is doing any sort of work in the interpretative area or scientific signage area I would recommend this book as an introduction It's also full of sources and recommended reading in both English and Spanish which is great For anybody who wants to start in interpretation and thematic interpretation it's a mustIt's not perfect It is dated in 2019 particularly in the sections about technology tapes recordings but it can still be helpful even there Old technologies are surprisingly resilient I haven't touched transparency projections since grade school but when lacking resources I know they're still a very good medium It's also not the most in depth book It's a good introduction to concepts and it guides you through your project very how to but for concepts and beyond you're probably better off finding other books

  3. Sacha Sacha says:

    A classic Not sure why no one told me to read this when I first became an interpretive ranger

  4. Ceren Özcan Ceren Özcan says:

    Sade bir dil ile konuyu anlaşılabilir şekilde özetlemiş Sam Ham

  5. Lee Hutchinson Lee Hutchinson says:

    Ham's principles still hold true today and for anyone with little or no experience of heritage interpretation this book will be a revelation It demonstrates how capital costs can be kept to a minimum with engaging low cost displays It's a myth that effective interpretation reuires high cost components read this book and you'll find out why

  6. Dolly Dolly says:

    Great book for any interpreter guide teacher docent etc

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