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The Legacy of Chernobyl On the morning of April 26 1986 a Soviet nuclear plant at Chernobyl near Kiev exploded pouring radioactivity into the environment and setting off the worst disaster in the history of nuclear energy Now a former Soviet scientist gives a comprehensive account of the catastrophe

8 thoughts on “The Legacy of Chernobyl

  1. Gregg Sapp Gregg Sapp says:

    The upcoming 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster on April 26 2011 as well as the current concern regarding the damage at the Fukushima Dai ichi nuclear power complex in Japan compelled me to go back to read this book At the time that it was written in 1989 it was the first book by a Russian insider on the subject A geneticist Medvedev was already a famous scientific muckraker having exposed a long secret nuclear accident in the Ural Mountains Although we now know much about Chernobyl this book was one of the first insider's looks into what happened and what it all meant For on books about the Chernobyl disaster see my review at

  2. Ryan Henderson Ryan Henderson says:

    The biggest problem that I had with this book was that it was really dry Medvedev clearly knows his stuff but it was easy to get lost in the facts and figures Still it was an interesting look into the Chernobyl disaster and its effects Overall a good read for those interested in the science behind Chernobyl

  3. Alexandria Alexandria says:

    This is a TECHNICAL book It is not for anyone looking for a human perspective to the tragedy of Chernobyl However I found it extremely pleasant to read and learned plenty about the effects of radiation on the environment

  4. Garry Garry says:


  5. Harry Harry says:

    It's as dense as a radionuclide Not a bad thing but there's no way I could read than a few chapters Great for scientific information for Chernobyl related essays

  6. Janos Honkonen Janos Honkonen says:

    This book is very technical very dry and full of figures and this is a good thing If you want a very insightful and in depth view to what happened in Chernobyl in 1986 the background and aftermath of the disaster and its effects in Ukraine Soviet Union and around the world this is a book well worth reading The Legacy of Chernobyl was published in 1990 so the information is a little bit dated in some respects Nevertheless I can highly recommend this book for those readers who want well researched facts and figures instead of an entertaining yarn

  7. Christian Eggers Christian Eggers says:

    I really liked the book but I was looking for something contemporary and I was fooled by the Kindle publication date 2012 vs the actual publication date 1992 I think Still a very nice recount of the Chernobyl meltdown and a good primer on nuclear energy Sometimes I felt that the author had an axe to grind with the Soviet Union but given the time in which this was written and the poor way they handled the accident I guess I can understand that

  8. Daniel Gaddy Daniel Gaddy says:

    I didn't really finish it It was pretty good just really technical Don't judge me

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