Bedroom Bully Kindle Ò Paperback

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Bedroom Bully I have read every book by this author and have enjoyed them all throughly So much to the point of buying everything she has ever put out without uestion But this this was not up to par in plot I'm not one to uestion the creative flow of an author but the lack of plausibility in this storyline did not keep me captivated The twist and turns of the drama that surrounds the lead characters should infuse fantasy but there should always be some reality mixed in; this didn't do it for me The ending was no cliffhanger but it left me with my mouth wide open and pulling my hair It was written in a mere few pages that I felt was rushed There was so much going on and I just didn't feel the ending summed it up very wellI'd still give this author another try but where is she? Would love to know what else she has in the works This book was good; very unrealistic yet an entertaining and wild ride I didn't like the ending at all I would likely categorize this as a slightly similiar version of the movie Set It Off in book form What I loved most were hot juicy sex scenes I refer back to this book often for ideas wink wink An alleged cop killer is on the loose in Audra's neighborhood After spending the majority of her night at a local bar due to police having her neighborhood on lock down Audra makes it home After retrieving her belongings from her car Audra heads for the safety of her home only to have Dean Tyson the Turnpike Killer force himself in her homeAudra is beyond speechless at her situation She is hoping that her sex partner shows up rescue her After being in close uarters for two days the relationship between Audra and Dean changes They have consensual sex For me this is where the book took a turn for the worst The plot became unbelievable Audra went from being a hostage to an accompliceI can't see becoming romatically linked with someone who is holding you hostage after two days Really?? Audra's mom is critically injured in a car accident She is in ICU and it doesn't look like she will make it After sitting at the hospital for one day she goes home and goes on the run with Dean Another unbelievable moment Nothing would have stopped a rational thinking person to abandon their mom to live their life on the runI understand that this was a work of fiction but it was way over the top for me I understand Dean's actions and why he did what he did but everything that happened after that was like a bad dream for this reader It did have some hot sex scenes 25 This was a very good read Even though the ending was sad I'm wondering if there will b a part 2 I really liked this book this book It was sometimg different frm my usual hood novel Excellent read I'm not gonna lie this book really had me in my feelings especially the ending I enjoyed the drama the romance between the two characters and the fast pace of it all It definitely held my interest and left me wanting Good job As Audra Lopez watches news reports about the infamous Turnpike Cop Killer at her favorite after work spot the last thing she expects is to find the wanted man waiting at her house like an old familiar lover Shaken with fright when he nudges a gun to her body and demands protection Audra has no clue how deeply the murderer's rough tender touches will penetrate the hardened layers of her heartDean Casey can't believe he's on the run after shooting two cops But he never dreamed that his young daughter would be molested either a crushing reality that pushed the hardworking father to the brink of insanity With the entire city of Miami on the hunt for him Dean must figure out a way to save his daughter before vanishing from her life forever To complicate matters his hostage is a sexy thick beauty whose attraction to him is impossible to ignoreOvercome with the thrill of their forbidden lust and imprisoned in the walls of her home Audra and Dean lose themselves in an addictive erotic haze until sudden tragedies and shocking twists force them to escape Miami As the fugitives set sail on the tranuil Caribbean Sea their treacherous journey will once and for all test the limitless bounds of their passion Very good book I hope there is a seueldidn't like the way it ended I really enjoyed this bookIt was really different that most of your average booksI think the way they met made it suspensefulI would love to hear how life after was for them A page turnerThis is my second time reading this book I don't normally go back and read a book I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around 9 years ago What started as a hostile situation turned into true love and romance Kudos Trista 👏👏

  • Paperback
  • 263 pages
  • Bedroom Bully
  • Trista Russell
  • English
  • 11 September 2015
  • 9781416553922