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Where the Chill Waits This is one of my favorite books I thought this did deep woods horror as well as anything I've ever read I'm a big fan of this kind of horror novel especially when it's done correctly Martindale nails the slow pace needed to get you to the sort of insane climax of the story without losing you along the way Creepy and really fun to read It's out of print so I had to track down a beat up used paperback copy of this online to read it but it was worth the effort I was originally led to this book when I went to in search of Crooked Tree a movie adaption of which will soon be filming near my home A review of the book mentioned this one and following the link provided even reviews about how frightening this novel was The reviews alone had me purchasing this novel over Crooked Tree immediatelyI was not disappointedThere is a reasonable amount of build up in the beginning some foreshadowing and mood setting that keeps the book from getting to a banging start However it is well worth the waitLike the old movie Jaws this movie all about atmosphere speculation things that happen either out of the reader's view or realm of understandingand the pay off is every bit as fantastic as that first much awaited glimpse of the shark in JawsThe characters are well thought out Even the heroes of the novel have faults that keep them from being one dimensional You can find something to relate to in the lead characters with ease and better yetsomething familiar about the secondary characters as well This alone will keep you interested through the beginning of the novel until the real action startsI also did not see where this book was going I thought I did but about half way through Martindale took it some place new I always appreciate a twist I don't see coming since I feel like so many novels these days end up following a simple formula that we've all come to expect when readingMy other favorite part about this particular book was Martindale's style He is not overly verbose or descriptive but just descriptive enough to paint a picture in your mind's eye with ease Reading this book for me at least was also like watching it unfold in my imagination like a movie Why no one has adapted this book into a feature film is beyond meIn short would I recommend this book Absolutely It's not a rock em sock em romp full of violence and screams but it is a 'chilling' tale with a frightening storyline and its own fair share of horror before the awesome climax I loved it and I fully intend to seek out Martindale's other three books when I can This would be 35 stars if we could do half stars on here Its better than just okay but it isn't uite great Martindale is a gifted writer and I'm a little bummed that this is the 4th and final book I've read of his Its unfortunate that he didn't write as he is leagues better than many authors who hopped on the horror boom in the 80s then disappeared after the horror bust of the mid 90s This book has a great first act with Martindale giving us a very juicy backwoods horror setup The writing is highly effective and creepy it gets under your skin The second act or the middle of the book kind of surprised me With that fantastic setup I thought we were in for a long dark journey into the deepest darkest woods with maybe light at the end of the tunnel at the end of the book Instead we have kind of a mini climax halfway through then a lengthy regrouping section then finally the big finale I thought the book suffered a bit in the regrouping phase It kind of loses momentum and then tries to build it back up again The finale is good and made for an overall satisfying read So beyond a few things with its structure and pace that I didn't particularly enjoy this was overall a good read I think I enjoyed both Demon Dance and especially Nightblood uite a bit than this one Mr Martindale come out of retirement You're a good writer and I'd love to read stuff by you I read this some time ago and it is one of my favorites A young up and coming executive is pressured into going on a hunting trip with his wealthy egotistical boss along with other execs They are flown deep into the wilderness and it soon becomes apparent the entire affair is some power trip and test of their manliness After much hardship and infighting they lose their way and stumble into the territory of a Wendigo; a berserker demon from American Indian lore A clever plot and expertly done with an insane creature rampage climax that had me talking out loud Holy crap as I turned the pages A uniue survival piece dealing with Indian mythology corporate greed and readjusting to daily routines I love how the author clearly researched the Thunder Bay area to paint a vibrant and immense setting of the Canadian wilderness T Chris Martindale doesn't disappoint I first read his book Night blood and followed it with this book A suspenseful novel with an array of characters that were so very well written Each chapter just builds into uneasiness It also had an uncommon villain that I don't find in a lot of horror novels It actually made me wary of the woods too Very well written I'll probably read it again Is this author still out there I can only find four novels Skyrim The Chill The Unofficial Elder Scrolls The Chill is the jail for Winterhold located on an island north northeast of the College of Winterhold and northeast of Septimus Signus's Outpost across the sea If you are arrested by a Winterhold guard and sent to jail you will be imprisoned here The location of The Chill is not marked on the map; conseuently it cannot be selected as a destination for fast travel Where the Chill Waits Martindale T Chris Where the Chill Waits Martindale T Chris on com FREE shipping on ualifying offers Where the Chill Waits Traduction chill Dictionnaire anglais franais Larousse chill Traduction Anglais Franais Retrouvez la traduction de chill mais galement la conjugaison de chill sa prononciation la traduction des principaux termes composeacutes; partir de chill chill chill chill Dictionnaire dfinitions traduction sectionexpression conjugaison Chill definition of chill by The Free Dictionary chill chĭl n A moderate but penetrating coldness A sensation of coldness often accompanied by shivering and pallor of the skin A checking or dampening of enthusiasm spirit or joy bad news that put a chill on the celebration A sudden numbing fear or dread adj Moderately cold; chilly a chill wind Not warm and friendly The New Electric Sound – The Chills Lyrics | Genius The Chills Lyrics She wasueen She had lipstick on the ends of her magazine It was like James Dean with all his ties When she fell into his car on a Friday night Talk down and let it go Chills Causes Treatments and Complications The term “chills” refers to a feeling of being cold without an apparent cause You get this feeling when your muscles repeatedly expand and contract and the vessels in your skin constrict The Chills The Chills are a New Zealand rock band formed in Dunedin in Learn about their latest music and tour information The Chills Pink Frost Official Music Video Directed by Steve Young Written by Martin Phillipps appears on The Chills 'Kaleidoscope World' FNECD O The Chills – Wikipedia The Chills sind eine neuseelndische Indie Rock Band und ein typischer Vertreter des Dunedin Sounds Geschichte The Chills wurden im Oktober in Dunedin Neuseeland gegrndet Grndungsmitglieder waren Martin Phillipps Gitarre Gesang The Big Chill IMDb Directed by Lawrence Kasdan With Tom Berenger Glenn Close Jeff Goldblum William Hurt A group of seven former college friends gather for a week end reunion at a South Carolina vacation home after the funeral of another of their college friends The Chill | Elder Scrolls | Fandom The Chills — Wikipdia The Chills est un groupe d' indie pop no zlandais originaire de Dunedin Il s'agit essentiellement du projet du chanteur compositeur Martin Phillipps seul membre prsent dans le groupe en permanence depuis sa formation Le groupe a son actif cin albums Il fait partie des groupes fruemment associs au Dunedin sound The Chill by Scott Carson Goodreads The Chill is a well written spooky town mystery novel I really enjoyed the author's writing style and the dynamics behind each of the characters My only issue is that this book is seriously too long and at points I felt bored because of it's pacing If you enjoy slower paced atmospheric settings this book would be enjoyable My attention span is too short for that I do think folks Where the Chill Waits Martindale T Chris Where the Chill Waits Martindale T Chris on com FREE shipping on ualifying offers Where the Chill Waits com The Chill A Novel The Chill refers to the Chilewaukee Reservoir in upstate New York A reservoir created to serve the needs of NYC’s vast population and it hides within its depths a town that was sacrificed to make way for the reservoir and dam and that enough just gives me the creeps chill English French Dictionary WordReferencecom chill out vi phrasal phrasal verb intransitive Verb with adverbs or prepositions having special meaning and not taking direct object for example make up reconcile After they fought they made up informal relax se dtendre⇒ se relaxer⇒ v pron verbe pronominal verbe ui s'utilise avec le pronom rflchi se ui s'accorde avec le sujet Ex se regarder Je me Chill Official Path of Exile Wiki Chill's effect is capped at % reduced action speed Chill's minimum effect is %; 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