Falco on the Loose Last Act in PalmyraTime to Depart A

Falco on the Loose Last Act in PalmyraTime to Depart A Dying Light in Corduba I uite liked these Falco PI stories especially the theatrical troupe one But by the end I think I've had my fill of Roman gangsta tales Maybe there is something to be said for the single volume rather than a complete packageToast Three of Lindsey Davis’s most entertaining novels featuring Roman sleuth Marcus Didius Falco in one volumeLast Act in Palmyra Falco takes up a new spying mission for the Emperor Vespasian to the untamed East With the Chief Spy Anacrites paying his fare Falco knows anything might go wrong and so his entanglement with a travelling theatre group and its fortunes comes as little surpriseTime to Depart Petronius Longus Falco’s oldest friend has finally named Balbinus one of Rome’s top criminals Under Roman law he is given “time to depart” into exile outside the Empire It is not long however before a new criminal ring moves into his territory and Falco and Petronius must investigateA Dying Light in Corduba AD 73 Rome When the Chief of Spies is left for dead there is no one except Falco to conduct the investigation Soon he is plunged into the fiercely competitive world of olive oil production and the political intrigue that goes with it

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