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The Invitation A new sexy standalone from #1 New York Times Bestseller Vi KeelandThe first time I met Hudson Rothschild was at a wedding I’d received an unexpected invitation to one of the swankiest venues in the cityHudson was a groomsman and uite possibly the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on He asked me to dance and our chemistry was off the chartsI knew it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with him considering the wedding I was at But our connection was intense and I was having a great timeThough the fun came to a screeching halt when Hudson figured out I wasn’t who I’d said I was You see that unexpected invitation I received Well it hadn’t actually been addressed to me—it was sent to my ex roommate who’d bounced a check for two months’ rent and moved out in the middle of the night I figured she owed me an expensive night out but I guess technically I was crashing the weddingOnce caught I couldn’t get out of there fast enough As I bolted for the door I might’ve plucked a few bottles of expensive champagne off the tables I passed all while the gorgeous angry groomsman was hot on my tailOutside I jumped into a taxi My heart ricocheted against my ribs as we drove down the block—but at least I’d escaped unscathedOr so I thoughtUntil I realized I’d left my cell phone behind at the tableTake one guess who found itThis is the crazy story of how Hudson Rothschild and I met But trust me it’s only the tip of the iceberg

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  1. Vi Keeland Vi Keeland says:

    THE INVITATION is coming January 18th 2021Pre orders available nowApple Books ➜ ➜ available nowApple Books ➜ ➜

  2. Lien Lien says:

    Since when does Nick Bateman do covers for romance books 🤔 never saw him on one before but hey I'm not complaining he's HOT 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog Pavlina Read more sleep less blog says:

    I need it ❤️❤️

  4. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    November 20 2020 Really Who Could Fault MeAfter Having My Ex RoommateStiff Me On Two Months RentWith A Check That BouncedAnd Then Leave Like A Thief In The NightI Thought This Unexpected Wedding InvitationWas A Sign Telling MeI Deserved BetterSo Here I AmStanding In The CenterOf The Most La De Da VenuesIn This Sparkingly CityWhich Puts Me In Front OfThe Hudson RothschildYes The Man Who OozesCharm Was Stunning To The Point Of Panty Melting And He Asked MeYes Me To DanceOh That Pinging You Are HearingThat Is Our Chemistry Bouncing Off The WallsIt Was All Fun And GamesConnecting Intensely UntilHe Realized I Wasn'tThe Correct Wedding InviteeYes Skank Ex RoommateWas Who He Was SupposedTo Be Dancing WithSo I Made HasteRemembering To Grab Champagne Bottles As I Ran Out The DoorBut My Getaway Was Not PerfectBlinded By The Hudson Rothchild SpellI Left My Damn Cell Phone BehindLike A Demented CinderellaAnd You Know Who Found ItThis Crazy Tale Is Only The BeginningOf All The Chaos That Came My Way Due ToThe Invitation January 18th 2021 The InvitationhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowFor Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  5. Lynsey A Lynsey A says:

    Doth mine eyes deceive me or is that Nick Bateman as the cover model S W O O N He is so scrumptious Like seriously hot Gah I'll read this for the cover alone Cause damn He is so hot

  6. Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri says:

     Every time I start a new book by Vi Keeland it feels like I’m unwrapping a holiday gift from my favorite person Reading this book was one of those ocassions  I would have finished The Invitation in one sitting if I didn’t have a bout of vertigo kick in while I was reading it My husband asked me how I was still reading while feeling dizzy I went on to explain that my head was spinning from not being able to finish this book Vertigo be dammed The Invitation was unputdownable and total Kindle Crack  I want to scream from the rooftops about this book The Invitation is a perfect example of why I love reading romance books and getting caught up in all of the heartfelt feels and sexy fun  I couldn’t get enough of Hudson and Stella Their combustible chemistry and fun banter made this book a page turner Hudson is swoon worthy I rarely say any character is since I’m not a swooner But Hudson is definitely worthy  If The Invitation wasn't releasing on January 18 2021 this book would be on my Best of 2020 Romance Book List Well at least I got a head start on my 2021 list  Bravo Vi you knocked it out of the park ADD TO GOODREADS  Release Alert  or text BOOKS to 77948 US onlyPRE ORDER LINKSApple Books  

  7. Luna Sol Luna Sol says:

    I’ve been invited and what a journey it was As always I anticipate Vi Keeland’s new book like a child waiting for Christmas morning for their most awaited gift The Invitation was another page turner full of banter sexiness flirting uniueness and all the feels It was also very funny and I just could not put this book down I kept getting and intrigued about everything that was taking place It was extraordinary to see how everything was solved and turned into one of the most epic epilogues I’ve ever read Hudson and Stella captivated me and I loved their chemistry and passion from these two so much that when I read the ending I was so happy but sad because I did not want to let them go Another winner from this amazing author Releases January 18 2021

  8. Natasha Madison Natasha Madison says:

    Hands down one of my favorite books of all time OF ALL TIMEI'M OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK AND HAVE READ IT EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE I GOT ITVi Keeland at her best as she gives us a uniue love story that I read in one sitting My heart was full the smile on my face said it all Stella and Hudson are forever in my heart

  9. ariam (villain fucker) ariam (villain fucker) says:

    UM nobody look at me certified hater who said i'd stay away from these books putting this on my list

  10. Penelope Ward Penelope Ward says:

    OMG Just wait til you meet Hudson and Stella and immerse yourself in this sexy funny and uniue story One of my top favorites from Vithreaded together so masterfully Unputdownable until the very end

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