Who Needs Mistletoe? Harleuin Blaze #438 PDF ✓

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Who Needs Mistletoe? Harleuin Blaze #438 Pilot Sophie Madigan practically drools when her last minute client walks in on Christmas Eve Wealthy Trey Shelton III has bedroom eyes a wicked grin and a body to die for Sophie can't think of any Christmas gift she'd enjoy until they're forced to make a crash landingFinding himself on a deserted Pacific island isn't exactly the Christmas Eve Trey had in mind At least until he and Sophie leave their inhibitions—and their clothes—behindIt should have been nothing than a holiday fling— island style Too bad nobody told either of them I like Kate Hoffman but this book did not really work it was all too fast for my liking I never connected with either character I did not get to know them Just okay Two beautiful people crash landed on Pacific island embark on a passionate affair and as soon as they are rescued realize they love each otherHo hum