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Seduce the Darkness SHE HAS A BODY MADE FOR TEMPTATIONAND A KISS TO DIE FORThe war between otherworlders and humans changed Earth beyond recognition It also saved Bride McKells's life Before the gorgeous vampire was a target for every fanatic with a stake and a crucifix Now she's free to roam the streets and desperate to find others of her kind One man claims to have the answers she seeks Devyn King of the Targons is a warrior and a womanizer and he makes no secret of how much he wants Bride and how dangerous he could be to her in every wayAn avid collector of women Devyn easily seduces human and otherworlder alike Until now Not only does Bride resist him but she leaves Devyn feeling something entirely newa bone deep need bordering on obsession Her blood is the key to curing a vicious alien disease but helping Bride uncover her origins will compel her to choose between electrifying passion and a destiny that could tear her from Devyn's side forever

About the Author: Gena Showalter

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over seventy books including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld series the Gods of War series the White Rabbit Chronicles and the Forest of Good and Evil series She writes sizzling paranormal romance heartwarming contemporary romance and unputdownable young adult novels and lives in Oklahoma City with her family an

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  1. Naomi Naomi says:

    When will Gena stop? SEDUCE THE DARKNESS was mind blowingly awesome I love the ALIEN HUNTRESS series I've read the first three books but never got around to read the other three and now I'm wondering why? Seriously? This book was everything I love and Gena is such an amazing writer her characters her descriptions her books are never boring and this one was hot Yes yes yes Gena I love youDevyn is the King of the Targons he sometimes works with AIR alien investigation and removal and he's a womanizer He slept with 80% of the female population No joke What he wants he gets Simple as that Bride is a vampire she was born a vampire the only problem is she doesn't know any other bloodsuckers She's confused about everything because she doesn't truly understand herself She wants answers and not just about her kind She's looking for her friend a little girl she took care of in the past her only family One day she smells her she goes looking for her and stumbles upon Devyn Literally Bride wants answers about her friend and Devyn is intrigued by her She's beautiful AND she resists his charms But Devyn doesn't want to give Bride the answers she desperately wants so Bride finds a way to bargain with him by kidnapping Nolan an alien that escaped AIR and that AIR wants back because the guy has a deadly disease anyone who has sex with him or comes in contact with his blood dies a horrible deathI absolutely loved Devyn One of my favorite hero ever He's arrogant sarcastic funny but he's also a warrior fiercely loyal and just plain nice Oh and he's a panty melter did I mention that? I loved everything about him especially his friendship with Dallas Gena does bromance like no one elseBride is pretty awesome herself She's a tough cookie she doesn't have any friends but she manages She just wants to understand what she is exactly why every time she drinks blood she throws up why why why I loved how tough she was and yet vulnerable I loved that she understood Devyn better than anyone else I loved her dedication to her childhood friend I loved everything about herDevyn and Bride together? Well it was perfect They were just perfect for each other They fit Devyn is a manwhore he doesn't have time for love and Bride is so used to hide what she is from other people that she never had time for a real relationship either but they made it work I mean Gena is a genius I loved how at first it was all about Devyn seducing her and wanting to fuck her and Bride trying to resist him and just be done with him It wasn't insta love at all Gena developed their relationship very well it never felt rushed or too much their love for each other came naturally I loved the easy banter between them like I said they just fit They balanced each other out I seriously fell in love with this couple You'reyou You make me hot you make me laugh and you make me angry You look at me with those emerald eyes and all I want to see is happiness inside them You confuse me you arouse me you make me want to be better The secondary characters were as good We see a bit of the other couples from the previous books but also Dallas my favorite little semi human Like I said I absolutely adored his friendship with Devyn So cute You're scary you know that? Dallas said with uiet affection I know It's hardly fair to others that I'm a triple threat Pretty and talentedThat's only two moronI thought it'd be rude to mention my cock And then Hector and McKell Oh yes I am hooked I can't wait to read their books and to learn about them I loved both of them but especially McKellI mean sexy mysterious vampire warrior?? Sign me in You would never have to wonder about my affections McKell said keeping pace at Bride's other side Since I began my search for you I have given myself to no one The storyline was so great I love romance and I absolutely need it in a book but a good plot is important and Gena is a master at combining the two and making the perfect book I couldn't put the book down I needed to know what was going to happen next There was a lot going on and yet it was all well structured and I was not once lost or confusedSEDUCE THE DARKNESS was an amazing book and it left me wanting to read the next one right away and that's exactly what I am going to do

  2. Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    This review was posted at Under The CoversI LOVED THIS BOOK What can I say I love Devyn's character He's sexy he's sweet he's funny he's hot he's self centered and he thinks he's God's gift to women And I've been waiting for his book since he showed up in this series in book 2 I really enjoyed this story so far my favorite in the series but they get better with each book I definetely recommend the Alien Huntress series to everyone The alien angle is done perfectly and it's a great and different take on paranormal romance Devyn is actually paired with Bride a vampire living on the surface who doesn't know any other vampires and has much to learn about her own culture and world She's actually pretty likeable and kick ass She's had to basically survive on her own with only one friend her shapeshifter friend AleahaBride has been having problems feeding or keeping blood down In her search for Aleaha she finds Devyn And for the love of everything that's holy he cannot understand why she doesn't fall at his feet drooling and wanting him But the attraction is there from the first momentDevyn will come to teach her many things about her race as well as risking his own life to take her underground to find out who she really isI loved the part where Bride goes into McKell's room and Devyn ends up following her and having sex all the while Devyn knowing that McKell can hear them Mean so mean LOLI also thought it was soooo cute the friendship and bond that has developed between Devyn and Dallas They are BFFs And Devyn is loyal to his BFFsFavorite uote I'm very good at math Example Devyn plus Bride minus clothes plus a hard flat surface multiplied by roaming hands euals greatest pleasure ever When shall we begin? This is a must read And I can't wait to read about the vampire world in the next book Also I can't wait to read Dallas's book it all sounded VERY interesting in this one and he's been one of my favorite characters from the beginning

  3. Catherine Catherine says:

    Seduce The Darkness is book 4 in the Alien Huntress series This time we get to see what makes the flirtatious AIR agent Devyn tick I haven't read all the books in the series but I did read the last one Savor Me Slowly so I'm pretty up to speed on the world I think they stand on their own pretty well but you'll probably enjoy it if you have the back story Bride McKells has been a vampire for many years She's never met any of her kind and lives in fear of being hunted for what she is She can't remember anything of her childhood and doesn't know where she came from or who she is She only knew her name because it was tattooed on her arm Unfortunately she had to learn the ropes herself and anyone she fed from died until she finally learned how to control herself Recently Bride has been having a problem feeding She can't seem to keep the blood down and is slowly getting weaker and weaker While roaming the streets one night she catches a scent from her past She has been searching for the owner of this scent for years and can't resist tracking it downUnfortunately for Bride the scent leads her to Devyn Devyn is shocked to learn that she's not interested in him at all and is only concerned with who he has been around that might make him smell like her lost friend Devyn refuses to tell her anything about who he has been with and even though he knows about vampires he refuses to answer her uestions about them Their first meet leads to a battle of wills between them They soon begin to plot against each other but neither can resist the attraction between themI liked the tension between Bride and Devyn They both want each other but they both fought it Devyn fought the lust less than Bride but he fought the caring Even though Devyn started out arrogant I liked the humor in his character I loved that after he and Bride were together it was him who kept pushing for closeness even though he'd get panicky when he thought about it I also liked Bride's confidence Sure she could be vulnerable and insecure at times but overall she was a very confident person I thought her personality strengths complimented Devyn's weaknesses nicely I really liked how she thought Devyn was insane when he tried to show her 'respect' in his own way I also liked that she still stayed paranoid and ready to run even after Devyn was with herOverall a great book The only thing that was a letdown was the end It seemed like it went by really fast after the big fight It wasn't bad just disappointing I guess I was just expecting something there

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Originally posted at The Book Nympho    SEDUCE THE DARKNESS is my favorite in Gena Showalter's Alien Huntress series And it's mostly do in part to the hero Devyn He's a total man whore and full of himself Devyn is both sexy and fun He had a repressived childhood where sex and the body was thought of as dirty and vile But Devyn has escaped that life and he is making up for lost time with the ladies He loves to collect women of different species and has a rule to not screw the same species twice Until he meets BrideBride is a vampire living alone and in hiding She's lived long enough to know that she can't let people know what she is are they would hunt and kill her Bride has never met another vampire and knows little to nothing about them Then she meets DevynDevyn is intrigued by Bride She's sexy and his charms and looks has no hold on her Even though he's already bedded vampire he can't stop thinking about Bride She has him feeling things he has never felt beforeBride and Devyn use each other to get things they want and they find themselves falling hard for each other Their journey to a HEA is sexy and snarked filled I loved every minute of itJustine Eyre does a fantastic job with the narration of the Alien Huntress series She has a super sexy voice that works well with romance stories She nails both the female and male voices Eyre is outstanding with accents Her voice for Devyn was soon worthy

  5. Karissa Karissa says:

    This is the fourth book in the Alien Huntress series by Gena Showalter While I thought the first two books in this series were okay; I really didn't like the third book all that much Unfortunately this book followed the third book as far as how much I liked it I did really like her first book in the Extraordinary girl series Playing with FireBride is a vampire who lives on the Earth's surface She has never met another of her kind and has for some reason started getting sick when she drinks blood Devyn we have met in previous books; he is the womanizing Targon that tried to buy Eden in the second book They meet when Bride recognizes the scent of her old friend on Devyn Things get dangerous when Bride takes the disease invested Nolan from Devyn to piss Devyn off Now Devyn has to find where Bride is hiding Nolan before Nolan's ueen arrives from her home planet Someone is also trying to kill Bride and she doesn't know whyThe plot in general was pretty thin in this book I don't mind reading books a bit heavy on the romance but I do like some substantial plot The plot basically focused around Nolan and trying to get him to tell where and when his ueen would land; in an effort to stop the virus that Nolan is carrying from wiping out all of Earth There wasn't much to it Most of the book focuses on Bride trying to piss off Devyn and Devyn trying to get into Bride's pants It was also a bit weird that there are all of these alien races on Earth and suddenly Showalter has to throw a vampire in there I mean where did that come from? Was she worried about missing the current everyone loves vampires trend in books?Bride was very immature for a ages old vampire Mostly she came off as a brat and was not likable at all Devyn is an admitted womanizer and most of the time was a jerk I think Devyn's character was supposed to add some humor to the book; mostly though he was just irritating Devyn's sense of humor reminds of a hormone ridden teenage boy and really wasn't all that funny I was actually looking forward to reading about Devyn but his back story ended up not being all that interestingShowalter's story between Devyn and Bride mimicked the storyline of the previous books Feisty girl meets arrogant alpha male Male wants girl girl resists Girl can't resist any male gets her then realizes he can't live without her Boring This could have been forgiven if there was tension between the characters or decent sex scenes Unfortunately Devyn and Bride didn't seem to have much chemistry and the sex scenes were uncreative and boringIn addition to all of the above the scanty plotline about the ueen arriving is left wide open If I had to hedge my bets I would say the next book in the series is about Dallas falling for the alien ueenbut that is just a guess on my part I guess I will never know because I don't plan on continuing to read this series I don't like any of the characters and the world building as well as the plot is thin at best There are better books out there for romancesci fiparanormal I would suggest Sunny's Monere' series for those interested in steamy scenes with paranormal races

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    Seduce the Darkness4 Stars mainly for the romanceAbandoned as a child Bride McKell has survived on Earth by using her wits As a vampire Bride needs blood to survive and is desperate to learn about her race When she encounters Devyn King of the Targons he promises to be both a source of information and irritation Devyn a notorious womanizer is used to getting his own way with the fairer sex but Bride pushes every button he never knew he even had As Devyn and Bride grow closer an unexpected threat surfaces to tear them apart forever Bride and Devyn’s love hate relationship is one of the sweetest and most endearing in the series It is impossible not to enjoy their snarky repartee and having Devyn succumb to a female’s spell when he has vowed never to do so is exceedingly entertaining the bigger they are the harder they fallUnfortunately the plot is one of the weaker elements The pacing of the first 23s is on the slow side and the final third is exciting but lacks foundation and development The Schon storyline is progressing but gets relatively little page time and is ultimately unrelated to the major plot points at the endAll in all worth reading for the romance and the characters but adds little to the overall story arc of the series

  7. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    45 StarsDevyn King of the Targons is a worthy fighter and has a sexual appetite like none other After one encounter with a woman he is done and moves on to the next None resist his charm except for Bride Bride is a vampire in search of her lost friend and information about her kind Devyn has the answers she needs and he will use it as leverage to get what he desires Bride When you first meet Devyn in Enslave Me Sweetly he comes of as a womanizing conceded man who will do anything to get what he wants All of which is true but in Seduce the Darkness you see another side of him He is fiercely loyal to his friends and is true to his word Bride brings out a possessiveness in him that was very sexy Devyn doesn't change who he is but just becomes an even better character Bride is a vampire and earliest memory she has is of her walking the streets of New Chicago alone She has never met another like her Devyn says he has met other vampires and knows where the friend she has been looking for is Bride will do whatever she must to get the information from this frustrating yet gorgeous man Bride is smart strong beautiful savvy and is hot for Devyn She assumes he will move on to another moments after they have sex but when he doesn't it surprises her Both of them are unsure of how to react to their confusing feelings for each other I loved reading as they come to terms with their love and thought the ending fit perfectly for their relationship In Seduce The Darkness there is a deadly alien disease which started in earlier books and Bride's blood just may be the cure they need But that is just the beginning of things to come The originator of the disease is on her way to earth and she is very powerful The Alien Investigation and Removal until or AIR have their hands full and things look like they will only be getting worse Seduce the Darkness is part of Gena Showalter's Alien Huntress series It has all the same components as the previous books; romance danger kick ass heroines alpha males all with a cop twist Just in this book everything is taken up another notch Stephanie G

  8. ☆Eiko ☆Eiko says:

    Having just made a very bad review about an author I absolutely loved and how I found myself wanting to read this book again due to the similarities in characters I found myself enjoying this a million times This is by far my favourite of the Alien Huntress books my second favourite is the first one of course and I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE BLOODY THING ABOUT IT We have the playboy hero with a cheery attitude but a dark past that has made him vow against marriage again Then we also have the heroine with a dark past of her own where she doesn't know her name or what she is but she has extraordinary powers that she develops through the years Anyway I'm terrible at synopsis so I'll just put what I loved about this bookI loved how Devlyn was shown as a flamboyant self centred person but was actually scary at times was an excellent killer and was also thoughtful These seem to be a contrast and it also made him aloof and unreachable I honestly thought he would get over the heroine but there was always something that kept him on his toes that she had or whenever she was concerned Bride was also surprisingly enjoyable to read about She didn't let anyone get the best of her she did play a bit hard to get and I secretly love that about romance novels where the hero has to go the extra mile to win the heroine overand in this case it was executed perfectly She didn't give herself over all willy nilly and she kicked arse for sure I have yet to find a paranormal romance book on par with this one and I've re read this whenever I find myself in a reading stump

  9. PepperP0t PepperP0t says:

    475stars actuallyLoved this couple Decadent Devyn of Targonia was as delightful during his star turn as he has been in his previous supporting roles as he manipulates Bride McKells to do his lascivious bidding in exchange for information Bride who's earliest memory is of her draining a good Samaritan in a dirty New Chicago alley is desperate for that information She wants and needs to find out about vampires since all she has learned about vampirism has been learned from paranormal romance novels and she needs to find her only friend who she was separated from a decade earlier She is certain Devyn can help her and will pay any price When Devyn is reluctant to help Bride without adding her as another conuest she takes something he very much values to use as a bargaining chip which brings cameos from the rest of the team Bride Devyn were so well suited and the chemistry so perfect that their verbal sparring teasing and machinations made the pages fly by uicklyThere were laugh out loud moments Devyn's conuests discussing his prowess even when there was tension the slavers preparing to capture and take Otherworlders to auction from these two uite a bit was done to push the overall arc and while other characters had meaty parts to play this was definitely about the courtship dance of Devyn and Bride As with other books for this series its better if you read in order but you wouldn't be lost if you did not However if this is your first taste of Devyn you may not feel the same way about him as I do This is definitely my favorite installment of the series

  10. Netanella Netanella says:

    Enjoyable sci fi romance with some truly memorable laugh out loud moments primarily brought on by the super sized egos of the Hero Devyn King of the Targons and the heroine Bride McKells a vampire orphan living unrecognized amongst humans Devyn is admittedly a man ho whose arrogance is approximately the size of Texas but his sense of humor is also super sized which makes him likeable as a romantic lead Bride is a good match for him and the sizzle and banter between the two of them as they come together is fun to watchThis book however is not as good as the earlier ones in the series The Schon alien ueen parasite plot is not really progressed AIR agent Dallas continues to act moronically about his new found powers And I'm still at a loss at to why Mia Snow is promoted to lead AIR particularly since she exhibits some fundamental flaws in leadership ability Although the HEA at the end is always good the route that Showalter selects to get there view spoilerwhere Bride is suddenly revealed to have god like powers and saves the day and everyone in it and then gets only some of her powers suppressed so she can deal with the mere mortals again hide spoiler

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