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The Killing Jar A wonderful read that sits in both the tradition of Welsh and Kelman yet anticipates such fictions as Rowling's 2012 novel The Casual Vacancy It's depiction of chav existence is merged with the aspirational societies which has underpinned the refiguration of class in Britain since the late 1970sIt follows Kez for just over a decade of her life and the social turbulence that is her childhood Made to sell drugs to local school children Kez is sent to a youth offenders organisation; her mother abandons her and little brother Jon; and latterly she becomes involved in the murder of an outreach worker and a police officer While on the one hand The Killing Jar outlines the difficulty writers of class fiction now face they must it seems depict the ostensibly gritty and appalling realities of working class existence Yet on the other hand the novel highlights the cultural politics of Britain in the early twenty first century Asking uestions such as 'what can the working class be today?' the novel subtly points towards the difficulties of contemporary Britain for the working class we must be either disgusting or we must sell out and capitulate to ideas of aspiration eschewing our class backgrounds The novel I think moves between these two points It is static and unfixed flitting between popular ideas of what working class writing should be as well as pointing out the ways in which contemporary politics has constructed the working class in it's contempt for it With it's string voice and wonderful employment of Nottingham dialect it is a thoroughly brilliant novel A must read for anyone interested in working class writing today I won't rate this book as I wrote it myself so might be a little bit biased However since you are allowed to review your own book on Goodreads I thought I'd say a few words I started this book in the middle of my MA studies at Nottingham Trent University I'd lived away from my home city for about a decade and just moved back It made me see the city in a new light; as both an insider and an outsider which was really uite strange A writing exercise where we were asked to draw a map inspired the basis of the book I drew a map of the little Close cul de sac where I used to live as a child and a picture of butterfly If you've read the book you'll know just how significant those two pictures turned out to be A couple of links you might find interestingAn interview with James Walker in Left Lion magazine And the chapter of an online graphic novel where I revisit some of the characters from The Killing Jar Wow Addictive intended reading This is a gripping story about addiction to drugs live as an addict and a dealer And about escape Impressive This is the most outstanding book I've read in a long time I give it 6 out of 5 A stunning piece of work so as it's a first novel Obviously a gifted and intelligent writerThe story is terrible in the truest sense Original in Nottingham accent from page 1 to the end the story is steeped in authenticity horrific as it is The events steer inevitably towards a crescendo of fearHaving said that I recommend it as mandatory reading for this day and age that we live in The poverty driven drug culture is everywhereThis story was a gift for me in many ways as I've been around the edges of such cultures in Australia and know the destruction I've heard many of the same stories If anyone thinks that this stuff is over the top and doesn't happen think again It's out thereThis novel helped me to better understand the impact of growing up in a dysfunctional culture and the inability the unwillingness even to reach for something better the difficulty in extracting oneself from the only life known from the only love known and how that life that ignorance and that 'love' create a set of prison bars Within this environment the person descends into a hell of the culture's creationThe writing style is highly engaging and holds integrity throughoutWhilst the ending of the story was unexpected I also read into the ending that there were various optional endings that happen every day in this cultural settingand we know what they are This book says why they are Absolutely brilliant bleak as hell but worth it At last an English female writer with a real edge This stunning darkly disturbing novel gripped me from the opening page with its strong voice and its fully realised world I was changed by reading it I can't stop thinking about it and if this is not the mark of a great book I don't know what is 40I liked this book at lot It was hard hitting disturbing in a horrible society but had uplifting tones to itKerri Anne is a girl who grows up in a drug fueled society where drugs affected every facet of her life from the earliest age Drugs rape violence and murder are the norm Kerrie Anne is abused by the environment and also inflicts abuse on others Aspects of her though have merit and we see the good emerge from the evilInitially I struggled reading this book because of the collouial language For example the word owt had a different meaning depending on the context Mid way through the book however I realised that the language made me slow down and in slowing I understood the environment better It also intensified the feeling that this society was so alien to our everyday environmentIt would be easy to dispel the plot because it is so sordid that it should be ignored but we know that societies like this actually exist Persisting with it enables the reader to get a view of the life drug addicts lead and the feeling that good can emerge from itI felt that drug Ecstasy was portrayed as a less evil drug than others to the point of being OK Eventually though all drugs were presented as being destructiveIt's not an easy read in style or subject but is well worth the effortMy rating criteria is50 Amazing45 I loved it40 I liked it a lot35 I Liked it30 It was OK25 Just20 I wouldn't bother15 I didn't like it much10 I disliked it Once you've read far enough into this book not to notice that it's written Irish like you won't be able to put it down In fact I was even wondering whether Kerrie Ann or Kez actually lived and had this extremely tragic life Fortunately the cover insert tells you that Monaghan is a college graduate ie not someone that's high on E and living with a junkie for a boyfriend which in a pupae is what this book is about Because of the symbolism of a killing jar though there is much to this storyDescribing life on the estate as a killing jar could not be apt Here are special people beautiful ones that could spread their wings and fly anytime Unfortunately the foundations are covered in a chemical heroine in the case of Kez's mam and boyfriend Mark At first the effects of the drug are not all that visible but as time goes by signs of their addiction cannot be hidden They come to look like the skeletal suffocated moths Kez accidentally discovers at her neighbour's house Once the chemical is in your system nothing really matters any except your next shot Fortunately Kez promises herself never to do brown because she'd seen what it did to her mother for one thing neither Kez nor her brother knew who their fathers were When things become virtually unbearable under Mark's roof she makes an important decision A decision that leaves Mark staring at her through the glass desperately tapping at it through the fumes of chemical mouthing I love you But it's too late and Kez had learnt the hard way that love can only be euated to a white powder for a junkieWith hindsight it's possible to see that the book was written by an outsider In fact she could well have been investigating crime at its roots just the way Duggie was and he got killed for it If you read carefully as well you will notice that the accent skipped a paragraph or so near the end That doesn't however reduce the drama and spellbinding uality of the book This story is gritty painfully realistic sad uncompromising and hard hittingIt is the story of Kerrie Ann Hill a young girl forced to survive in a world dominated by drugs from the day she was bornIt is set on a housing estate in Nottingham England She lives with her mother and brother to start with and she tells her tale shedding and adding people as we go alongThis is written in the voice of Kerrie Ann so if you struggle with local dialects you may not like this one but I personally think it adds to the authenticity of the storyI love this style of writing and found the book incredibly absorbing In her stunning debut Nicola Monaghan lays bare the gritty underbelly of life in Nottingham England Very early on Kerrie Ann begins to dream of the world beyond the rough council estate where she lives Her father is nowhere to be found her mother is a junkie and she is left to care for her little brother Clever brave and frighteningly independent Kerrie Ann has an unbreakable will to survive She befriends her eccentric elderly neighbor who teaches her about butterflies the and life outside of her tough neighborhood But even as Kerrie Ann dreams of a better life she becomes further entangled in the cycles of violence and drugs that rule the estate Brilliant brutal and tender The Killing Jar introduces a brave new voice in fiction Nicola Monaghan's devastating prose tells an unforgettable story of violence love and hope

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