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  1. Kay Kay says:

    3 Stars Eric Barnes grew up beside Cassidy Maxwell; and when they were kids he was like her big brother That changed when Cassidy turned 16 and Eric gave her her first real kiss Eric went off to Saunders patiently waiting for Cassidy to grow up And then Cassidy went to Saunders too They promised that on the day Cassidy graduated they would become engaged Only Cassidy didn't show up for her graduation and Eric was left standing waiting When he sought her out she was no where to be found Cassidy ran away to England to work for the US Ambassador Now ten years later Eric uses the excuse of helping Prof Harrison to travel to England to find her He still loves Cassidy and he wants than anything to understand why she leftCassidy's tortured by some horrible choices she made in her senior year So horrible that she just couldn't fact Eric then and has trouble facing him ten years later Eric had always been a black and white sort but time has shown him that there can be grey too And it's this maturity that allows Cassidy to finally confess and bring them back together

  2. Vampire-lk Vampire-lk says:

    AMAZING BOOK A true gift of an author to emerge the reader in their story that it stays with them daysmonthsyears from finishing the novel This review is coming later from when I read the book so can attest to its strength of story character depth love the story great points made of we can make bad choices but we are human so the ability of righting a wrong doing today what matters most don't put that off because tomorrow is not promised kinda concepts

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Secrets of a Good Girl Saunders sound off Where are they nowSaunders University keeps track of its notable alumniCassidy MaxwellAt Saunders Cassidy had it all brains beauty and the attention of every man on campus including the secret crush who was also a professor Now she's living the glamorous life in jolly old England as the US Ambassador's right hand woman We just wonder where she disappeared to at the end of senior yearEric BarnesWhen brilliant Eric Barnes left Saunders he didn't let a lost love get in the way of a successful career But he's never been able to fully shed the memory of the only woman who'd captured his heart Maybe it's time to travel across the world to rediscover her

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Secrets of a Good Girl
  • Jen Safrey
  • English
  • 14 March 2016
  • 9780373247196

About the Author: Jen Safrey

Jen was born in ueens New York and raised in Valley Stream New York a town that is a stone's throw from ueens but interestingly has neither a valley nor a stream It does have many delis and pizza jointsJen was a scrawny child for whom kickball was a daily gym class torment Some athletic ability was lurking under the surface however because by age 14 she had become a champion baton