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Shadow Sands (Kate Marshall #2) The internationally bestselling author of Nine Elms and The Girl in the Ice is back with a nailbiting new Kate Marshall case, a woman with a dark secret and a powerful sense of justiceWhen Kate Marshall finds the bloated body of a young man floating in the Shadow Sands reservoir, the authorities label it a tragic accidentBut the details don't add up: why was the victim there, in the middle of the night? If he was such a strong swimmer, how did he drown?Kate is certain there is to this case than meets the eye As she and her research assistant Tristan Harper dig deeper, they discover a bloody trail that points towards an active serial killer hiding in plain sight People have been silently disappearing for years, and when another woman is taken, Kate and Tristan have a matter of days to save her from meeting the same fate ❮Reading❯ ➵ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas ➭ Author Paul W. Zitzewitz – a woman with a dark secret and a powerful sense of justiceWhen Kate Marshall finds the bloated body of a young man floating in the Shadow Sands reservoir ❮Read❯ ➵ The Beautiful Disruption ➸ Author G.G. Renee Hill – the authorities label it a tragic accidentBut the details don't add up: why was the victim there ➶ [Read] ➲ Games Rednecks Play By Jeff Foxworthy ➾ – in the middle of the night? If he was such a strong swimmer [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Magic Cottage Author James Herbert – how did he drown?Kate is certain there is to this case than meets the eye As she and her research assistant Tristan Harper dig deeper ➽ [Lireing] ➿ Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Primer (Addison-Wesley Professional Ruby Series) 1, Sandi Metz, eBook - Par Sandi Metz ➲ – they discover a bloody trail that points towards an active serial killer hiding in plain sight People have been silently disappearing for years [Epub] ➚ Eski Yunanca - Türkçe Sözlük Author Güler Çelgin – and when another woman is taken ✅ Dont Leave Me Alone pdf ✈ Author GG – Kate and Tristan have a matter of days to save her from meeting the same fate A damaged body floating deep in a reservoir, strange disappearances on foggy nights, a wealthy local family fiercely protective of its privacy and hints of a police cover up in a range of investigations these are the elements of Robert Bryndza’s second Kate Marshall mystery A visiting academic from Italy, a young woman called Magdalena, disappears while investigating local legends and mysteries Kate and her assistant, Tristan, pick away at these threads and discover an unnerving conspiracy while the young woman’s life hangs in the balance.I thought this had a bitrealism than the first book in the series and it was certainly an engaging mystery The tension was palpable throughout We also got a lotinsight into Tristan’s character and Kate’s relationship with her son getscomplicated I enjoyed this story a lot and will be keen to see where the author takes the series next. My thanks to Thomas Mercer, Robert Bryndza and Netgalley.My only regret is that I waited so long to read it! I like this series! Book Reviewed on www.whisperingstories.comExPolice Detective turned University Lecturer and Private Detective Kate Marshall is back in the second instalment of her thriller series.This time a young man’s body has been found by Kate whilst she was diving in the Shadow Sands reservoir with her son Jake The police rule it as an accidental drowning but the boy’s mother is sure there isto it and asks Kate to investigate.Her investigation, with her young colleague Tristan, takes them on a frightening path, one that might just put their lives in danger They are also looking for a missing lecturer from the university whose disappearance may just have something to do with the case they are working on.I first came across Kate Marshall at the start of the year in Robert Bryndza’s book ‘Nine Elms‘ The book was so dark and terrifying in places and yet I couldn’t put it down, so when I heard Kate was back I just had to continue her story.Whilst this book can be read as a standalone I do personally think that you miss out on Kate’s backstory and the hard relationship she has with her parents and her son, who her parents have custody of You also miss out on a great story.This time Kate reluctantly helps out the mother of a boy found dead in the reservoir, he was a champion swimmer and there was no way that he just drowned She is convinced that his friend killed him and wants Kate to help She feels sorry for the woman and also a little guilty at being the person who found his body Under pressure from herself she agrees but what started as a simple case turns fardeadly and sinister.Again I was captivated by the plot which just kept on giving The main part of the story is Kate and Tristan trying to piece together what is happening in a place called Ashdean, where the Shadow Sands reservoir is There are also sections from the missing lecturer Magdalena and her capture You do get to understand that her kidnapping is related to the case Kate is working on and to a local family who owns much of the area but I hadn’t worked out who the person was by the time it was revealed, which doesn’t happen often.Shadow Sands had me glued to the pages, I didn’t want to put in down once I had begun In fact, I read it in just two sittings as I needed to know what was going on and who the culprit was I now can’t want to delve back into Kate’s world and see what new cases come her way. We've got a heavyduty suitcase here bursting at the seams with the weight of its contents So let's unpack all the vital articles that make this one a surefire winner.If you've had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, Nine Elms, then you've been introduced to Kate Marshall Bryndza likes his characters complicated and so do we Case in point, Kate had been a detective constable for the Metropolitan Police back in 1995 She was a dedicated officer until she stepped over the line and had a relationship with her superior, Pete Conway I'll let you read the details about ol' Pete Kate left the force pregnant and later took to the bottle for comfort Her parents fought and won custody of her son, Jake.Fast forward to 2012 and Kate has a handle on her life and works as a lecturer in Criminology at Ashdean University Her assistant, Tristan Harper, has a steeltrap mind and sidelines with Kate as an investigator I commend Bryndza for deepening Tristan's character and widening his presence in this one Bryndza swings the storyline over to a mother/son outing Both Kate and Jake have gained their diving licenses They've chosen to dive in a reservoir near a hydroelectric plant where a small village is now under water There in the midst of an old church steeple hangs the body of a young man Nothing prepares them for a devastating shock like this It is this uncanny discovery that will set the stage for the rest of the book Kate and Tristan will take it upon themselves to find out what happened to this young man The story becomescompounded when a young professor from the university goes missing Are the two connected?Robert Bryndza even tops off his own superb writing in this latest edition in Shadow Sands Hence, that ol' suitcase crammed with good stuff that you can't ever leave out We're treated tolayers in the Kate/Tristan duo and abumpy, rolled up relationship between Kate and her son Bryndza creates scenes that boggle the mind Without droppin' a sock out of that suitcase, Bryndza has us living vicariously through that missing professor Yowzers! Big boys and big girls can legitimately be scared of the dark..with good reason..with poppin' terror You've got to lift the lid on that see for yourselves what is, indeed, inside.I received a copy of Shadow Sands through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer Publishers and to the talented Robert Bryndza for the opportunity. Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review Expected publication date: November 3, 2020Private detective Kate Marshall is scuba diving with her son when they come across the bloated body of a young man Kate immerses herself into the investigation around young Simon’s death, and when it is ruled accidental, the police immediately drop the case However, Kate is hired by the young man’s mother to find evidence that the death was not accidental, so Kate and her partner, Tristan, delve into Simon’s past, and pursue their own investigative paths Kate and Tristan discover that similar deaths have occurred in Shadow Sands, the stretch of land near the dam where the bodies were discovered When people who are related to the case start dying, Kate realizes that someone has a secret to keep even if they have to kill to keep it I am a big Robery Bryndza fan and even though I have not read the first Kate Marshall novel in this series (“Nine Elms”), I instantly took the chance to enjoy this one Kate Marshall is not unlike Erika Foster, Bryndza’s crime fighting character from his other novels (which I have read….each and every one), in that she is brazen, broken but exceptionally spunky and independent She is trying to rebuild a relationship with her teenage son, Jake, and move on from the mistakes she made in her past I was fascinated with Kate’s relationship with her former bossturned serial killer Peter, and I am evenintrigued to read “Nine Elms” now However, it was not necessary to read the first novel to follow along, as “Shadow Sands” was enough of a gripping and entertaining crime drama on its own Bryndza narrates the story from Kate’s perspective, yes, but we also get snippets from Magdalena, the young woman our suspect kidnaps and assaults This, of course, adds to the intrigue and mystery but also delves a little bit into the mind of a serial rapist and murderer, which of course is right up my alley Bryndza delivers another stellar police procedural, and I enjoyed every twisting, turning minute. Robert Bryndza follows his first Kate Marshall detective novel with probably an even better sequel Shadow Sands.Kate and her son discover a body of a young male while they are diving in Shadow Sands reservoir in Devon The local police conclude his death was an accident but Kate thinks otherwise as the young man was an aspiring Olympian swimmer When his grieving mother hires Kate to investigate his death, Kate and her assistant Tristan don't hesitate to take the case but they start to quickly realise the waters of Shadows Sands hidesecrets than meet the eye.  While the first book gave us an insight into the Kate's past, in this second installment we get to know her assistant Tristan a bit better who himself personally gets tangled in the Shadow Sands mystery Dark, twisty, set in beautiful Devon, I don't think many readers will struggle to get sucked into this novel.As much as I miss Erika Foster and would love to readof her crime investigation stories, I'm progressively growing fond of Kate Marshall too and look forward to the next book.Many thanks to the publisher for my review copy in exchange for an honest review. Shadow Sands, the second novel in Byrndza's Kate Marshall amateur sleuth series, is a fast paced exciting serial killer read sure to have wide appeal because of its readability and accessibility Marshall is not quite an amateur She's a former police detective whose lover was her superior and turned out to be a crazed serial killer Now, recovering from years of alcohol abuse and emotional turmoil, Marshall is a mother and a university lecturer But, she gets involved in murder cases like any amateur does, stumbling over a body while diving with her 16yearold son in the reservoir and, despite appearances, doesn't accept that it's an accidental drowning There are a lot of spoilers with regards to Bryndza's earlier novel, Nine Elms So, probably best to read that one first As noted, it's one of those cases where it feels an amateur sleuth and her trusty assistant Tristan are in over their heads, but it was still an easy enjoyable read.Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review. Robert Bryndza's follow up to Nine Elms, his crime series featuring exMet Detective Constable, Kate Marshall, is a dark, intense and fast paced number Kate has a traumatic past, damaged by a relationship with serial killer, Peter Conway, her exboss and DCI, that resulted in a pregnancy and the birth of a son, Jake, now 16 years old, whose growing up years were with her parents, awarded custody of him Kate went through some dark years, her demons driving her to drink, that meant she was in no position to look after Jake, although she has since cleaned up her act, spending time with Jake and attending AA meetings She is now a Ashdean criminology lecturer, returning to using her investigative skills as a part time PI, assisted by Tristan Harper.It's summer, Kate and Jake are diving in the manmade Shadow Sands reservoir with its drowned village, when they make the gruesome discovery in the water, the body of a young man with serious injuries The victim turns out to be 18 year old Simon Kendal, an Olympic level swimming hopeful, who had been camping with his 20 year old mate, Geraint Jones Simon's mother, Lyn, begs Kate to find out what really happened to him as the police and coroner have ruled his death as accidental, which she doesn't believe Kate and Tristan know there is something fishy at the alacrity with which the police moved to declare it an accident and further issues are raised with anomalies in the postmortem results that eventually push the police to view Simon's death as murder Tristan is horrified to find he is viewed as a suspect in the disappearance of Italian professor, Magdalena Rossi, who has been abducted Kate and Tristran find themselves in a harrowing and dangerous investigation that slowly begins to connect with Magdalena's abduction and a powerful local family determined to be obstructive.Bryndza develops Tristan's character wonderfully further here, living with his sister, unable to be open about who he is with her, too fearful of her rejection if he is truthful Kate isthan taken aback when Jake expresses a desire to meet his incarcerated serial killer of a father, she is deeply hurt, Conway never wanted Jake, and she comes perilously close to falling off the wagon, the demon drink an ever present temptation This is a riveting crime read, the parts with Magdalena's horrifying experiences with the killer are particularly hard to stomach, although her courage is a shining light This will undoubtedly appeal to many of Bryndza's existing fans and to those crime readers who have yet to discover this series Many thanks to the publisher for an ARC. Shadow Sands by Author Robert Bryndza is the second book in the Kate Marshall SeriesThis fast paced serial killer thriller is a very readable addition to a new series.Kate Marshall is a former police detective, and this story starts off with a body being found while she is diving in a reservoir with her teenage son.Kate Marshall and her assistant Tristan are likeable characters, and are well developed in the scriptThank you to NetGalley, Author Robert Bryndza, and the Publisher for my advanced copy to review

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