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On Borrowed Time This play made me laugh and cry internally of course I was reading it in the library I can only imagine how it must be on stage I'd love it The lead character Gramps was played in the film adaptation by Lionel Barry and I can't help but envision this play as acted out by him the Scrooge the Mr Potter the Grandpa of You Can't Take It With You Irascible Gramps is fighting death Mr Brink every step of the way to take care of his only grandson The ending was just so sad and bittersweet and it made me mist up If I were able to see this on stage I might up my grade to five stars The writing is so man I can't explain it I just I have to watch the movie now And apparently there's a book the whole thing is adapted from but I'm not sure I can emotionally violate my soul for the length of time needed to read itreading the play was enough A strange little play that I ended up liking very much What do you when you have the novel idea of trapping Death up a tree in an apple orchard? Why you write a book about it that gets adapted into a play and eventually a movie starring Lionel Barry Sir Cedric Hardwicke and Bob's Watson The film is a tearjerkerThe idea of immobilizing Death has immense philosophical implications The film hints at them but focuses on the 'heartwarming' relationship between five year old Pud and his Gramp The problem Pud's parents were recently deceased and Mr Brink had come to collect 85 year old Gramp who wasn't too willing to go I wanted to read the book to find out if the metaphysics of the situation were explored Alas they were not but LE Watkin does tell a less sentimental grittier story than does the film I'd say the book was short on metaphysics but not sparing of the economics of a small town regional response to the news that Death was eating apples Dark comedy where the family finally dies happily ever after While the play tackles a heavy topic and one might find it tragic that the most beloved characters die in such a shot span of time it's actually uite funny This introduction to dark comedy for my middle school students was a great selection; the kids loved it and allowed us to discuss a darker subject with a new perspectiveThe kids loved the film with Lionel Barry of course they know him as Drew's great grandfather I am so happy I found this on Alibris Read this play back in Junior High 40 years ago and have thought of it from time to time guess that makes it timeless Wonderful characters and speaks of love life and longing and while it is a 'comedy' the humor is not without sadness Death is inevitable I now look forward to finding the movie from many many moons ago on one of those cable networks or a used DVDif you can find this in a collection it is worth the read will give you one of those 'ahhhh' times Gramps is idolized by his young grandson Pud who models his every action after the old man But Gramps's salty expressions and rough behavior are frowned upon by both the strait laced Aunt Demetria and Granny so Aunt Demetria comes to live with them hoping she can steer the boy in the right direction Death in the form of Mr Brink comes to claim Gramps but is forcibly sent about his business Still he manages to take Granny instead and later returns for Gramps who outwits Brink by trapping him up an apple tree thus suspending Death throughout the universe Aunt Demetria who can't see Mr Brink in the tree tries to prove that Gramps is insane in order to get legal possession of Pud Matters come to a climax when one of the townspeople tries to take Gramps to an institution and is shot But the victim refuses to die and the others plead with Gramps to release Brink so that the world can resume its normal cycle At this moment Brink tricks Pud into climbing the tree and the boy falls fatally injuring himself In order not to be separated from Pud Gramps allows Brink to come down from the tree and willingly goes with him to the gates of Eternity where he is greeted by his beloved Granny scolding him as usual I had to read this for school it was okay but a little boring

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  • On Borrowed Time
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