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Tooth for Tooth What Would YOU Do What Would You Do If You Got Away With Murder Would You Stop There Could You Susie And Roy Thought That They Committed The Perfect CrimeTheir Planning Was Meticulous Their Execution Was Flawless But, There Is Always A Loose End, Isn T There Always A Singing BoneNow, While Enemies Multiply And Suspicions Abound, Their Perfect World Begins To CrumbleThe Hunters Have Become The Hunted THIS BLISTERINGLY RELENTLESS SEQUEL TO HIS DEBUT SHOCKER, EYE FOR EYE, JK FRANKO TAKES READERS ON A BREATHTAKING JOURNEY OF CAT AND MOUSE !!> EPUB ❂ Classic Essential Vegetables ✽ Author Family Circle – 9facts.co.uk There Is Always A Loose End ➾ The Murder Exchange Download ➹ Author Simon Kernick – 9facts.co.uk Isn T There Always A Singing BoneNow [Ebook] ↠ The Isis Covenant (Jamie Saintclaire, Author James Douglas – 9facts.co.uk While Enemies Multiply And Suspicions Abound [Reading] ➶ The Excalibur Codex (Jamie Saintclaire, ➬ James Douglas – 9facts.co.uk Their Perfect World Begins To CrumbleThe Hunters Have Become The Hunted THIS BLISTERINGLY RELENTLESS SEQUEL TO HIS DEBUT SHOCKER [Epub] ↠ The Cold War Author David Miller – 9facts.co.uk EYE FOR EYE Epub ➟ The Soul of Leadership Author Deepak Chopra – 9facts.co.uk JK FRANKO TAKES READERS ON A BREATHTAKING JOURNEY OF CAT AND MOUSE

About the Author: J.K. Franko

J.K Franko was born and raised in Texas at a time when what he really wanted to do in life writing and film were not considered legitimate jobs His Cuban American parents believed there were only three acceptable career paths for a male child doctor, lawyer, and architect After a disastrous first year of college pre Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy not acceptable , then he went to law school salvaging the family name.Franko was on law journal His work was cited by courts, and he was recognized on the National Law Journal s Worth Reading list which for law is the equivalent to a top review in the New York Times.While moving up the big law firm ladder, Franko also published a non fiction book and a number of articles.After ten years as a lawyer, he decided that law and family life weren t compatible He decided to go back to school where he got an MBA, and later pursued a PhD, crossing the line from well educated to over educated around the turn of the century.He left law for corporate America, with long stints working in Europe and Asia It was his wife who pushed him to write novels And, after thousands of hours writing, and seven or eight literary miscarriages over the course of eighteen years, he completed his first book, finally launching his career as a writer of fiction.Ironically, although he started writing fiction before any of his three children were born, they were all old enough to see and remember their father s first book launch.J.K Franko now lives with his wife and children in South Florida with their four dogs and one cat.

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    Tooth for Tooth follows the characters from the first book in the series among the aftermath of the decisions made Told with the same intensity as Eye for Eye, the reader follows Susie and Roy as someone attempts to exact revenge on them New characters are introduced as old characters are developed This series is incredibly well conceptualized Seemingly unrelated plot lines are weaved togethe

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    The law of talion lex talionis requires punishment of an injury by inflicting a similar injury on the offender, an injury similar in kind and degree An eye for an eye, a fracture for a fracture, a tooth for a tooth Old Testament justice, but just how literally would most people take it to mean The book begins with a prologue that dates back many years to the abuse of a child Just how this fits into t

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    Well, can I say I m impressed again With this second book in the series I can definitely say there was no sopho slump here Picking up where the first book Eye for Eye ended, this one continues the story but adds the perspectives POV of a fewcharacters that were introduced in the first book All the main characters from the first book are there, at least for a while, and the devilish goodness continues to capt

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    Readers really should read book one first This is my fault as I did not read book one first I thought I could just jump into this series Sometimes you can and other times, the series is meant to be read in chronological order as is the case of this book.I say that because this book felt very character driven Therefore, because I had not read the prior novel, I did not have all of the background history between all o

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    Well, I wasn t expecting that, was my reaction several times through much of the four hundred pages of Tooth for Tooth.There s no such thing as a perfect murder, and the karmic consequences of actions kick in doors like an L.A SWAT team What began in book 1 as vigilante justice retribution has flipped to survival of the fittest or craftiest, in this case as two of the four bad actors don t make it to the end of book 2.The a

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    Another page turning read from J.K Franko I read the first book Eye for Eye when it came out and absolutely loved it it s a rare joy to find an author who has mastered both the art of writing suspense and also how to interweave some of the pressing issues of our time The writing style has plenty of details to immerse you in the world the author builds and to keep you invested in the characters without going overboard and becoming t

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    Tooth for Tooth is a fantastic follow up to Eye for Eye, bringing back the intoxicating voice and intrigue of the first book in the Talion series.This is one of those books that builds piece by piece, so it s almost difficult to review without offering spoilers, but what I love about this book beyond the writing and intrigue is that it takes an unusual vantage in the way it tackles a suspense series There are so many great series out there

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    What I liked most about Tooth for Tooth was the deepening of characters whom we met in Eye for Eye and who actually haveto do with the story than I originally thought Several seemingly separate acts have brought characters together and encouraged them to become closer,tenacious,entrenched in the greater story of revenge The reader is still challenged to determine what s right and wrong, or to what degree something is right, wrong, forgivable, or d

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    If you re looking for a complex, intelligent crime thriller, set aside a few hours to read Tooth for Tooth.This is one of the most intricate, well thought out and executed crime novels I ve ever read The story is thought provoking, realistic, and demands your full attention The writing is detailed without being excessive Franko gives us the perfect balance of information and action Tooth for Tooth is the second book in the Talion trilogy I recommend start

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    I was looking forward to reading this after reading Eye for Eye last year It is not necessary to read the first book to enjoy this one, but I advise you start there, to enjoy the story properly.Susie and Roy are back, still coping with the death of their daughter, but now with added stress of being involved in some way in a number of murders As time moves on they truly believe that they have committed the perfect murder However as the body count rises so do the s

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