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  1. Mojca Mojca says:

    Harleuins are by rule rather short of course it depends on the imprint so it’s uite a feat to find a good story with a proper arc well developed characters and believable actions and reactionsUnfortunately this Blaze book has four short stories crammed into the space of one story and the plots suffered greatly Actually none of the four encounters had much of a plot Or interesting characters despite the males being all marine hunks Or gripping story lines Or good bedroom scenes which would be a small compensation for all the other lacksThe first two stories were a complete waste of time and effort to try to relate to anything the characters said did or lived through And I wanted to deck the heroinesThe third encounter also raised my boxing instinct Thanks to the heroine again but mostly because there was so much potential but so little space to develop anything And the mediocre ending without heads or tails also didn’t helpThe final story the hero of which was at the center of the main arc was the strongest of the bunch but still severely lacking in execution plot and interest holding The hh were a little developed the hero had depth than his three buddies combined and the heroine was a true breath of fresh air from her three nerves grating predecessorsIf the prologue and epilogue were any indications the fourth story – lengthened and strengthened – would’ve been uite a good read instead we got a great prologue promising us a bang of a story mediocre four novellas that could’ve been good PWP if the sex scenes were better and an epilogue that was too short and certainly didn’t accomplish anythingdisappointed sigh

  2. Dee Dee says:

    I liked the stories but they were just too short I really wanted to know what happened and how the couples got on and I really felt cheated that I didn't get thatHarleuin books are short anyway and having crammed 4 stories into the pages really didn't work for me

  3. Sally Sally says:

    A Few Good Men are four short stories about Marines who combat together and come home after a tour to different situations in their personal lives This sees them dealing with the long time away from home and coping with their loved ones when they try to get back to some normalityThis is a great way to start the Uniformly Hot series Each story is written well with likeable characters and it is super sexy How could it not with hot Marines? This was a uick enjoyable read and would have loved to have an epilogue that tied the stories together making sure that each marine got back safely from their last tourWill definitely be looking out for other stories written by Ms Carrington This was a pleasure to read

  4. Beate Beate says:

    Putting this book down as erotica is so very wrong The husband and wife duo under the name Tori Carrington wrote a heart wrenching romance book Other than people hooking up every now and then this book is very emotional A Few Good Men is a 4 part story about 4 Marines We get to know them each for a little bit as they come home and try to sort out their lives They all melt your heart and some you remember better than the others when the book is done It's not always all feel good but it's worth your time picking up this bookWhat's for sure is that I'll be looking up books by Tori Carrington

  5. Netanella Netanella says:

    3 12 starsThe Harleuin Blaze series is typically cayenne pepper hot on the smut scale but this book was emotional than most Husband and wife team Tori Carrington pen an angsty tale of 4 marines' stories as they come back stateside Although they're all from the same platoon they are all in different stages of their lives both professionally and romantically The stories are short and poignant and really leave the reader wanting to know Well done smooth writing recommended

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    A Few Good Men is a story split up into 4 stories each following a different marine In a story like this it is very easy to make the stories feel disconnected boring or uninteresting It was none of those things Tori Carrington did a fantastic job writing this novel In each of the 4 short stories it was easy to connect with the characters and be invested in their stories which is an incredible feat

  7. Marianne Marianne says:

    Four stories pack this book which means four sexy heroes and four women who can't help but love them I really liked this little anthology of men in uniform a great kick off for the Uniformly Hot series I hated to see some of these stories end

  8. MBR MBR says:

    Tori Carrington writes the HOTTEST blazes ever This is a collection of 3 short stories about men in uniform I liked the first story the most and wished it had been longer My review

  9. Andita Andita says:

    All the Men were hot I enjoyed learning about them but I wanted This was not meant to be but I can't help myself in wanting Thanks Tori for good stories I can't wait to read

  10. Brandy Brandy says:

    I'd give this one a 35 Enjoyable but because of the shortened format of having 4 individual stories I didn't feel like I knew how it ended for each of the 4 men

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