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Moonstruck Crossbreed #7; Mageriverse #21 Originally posted at I'll start off by saying that this wasn't my favorite book in this series The reason behind it is a totally subjective personal annoyance for me which is kids even worse annoying kids That's it The writing and the overall pacing of the story were amazing Would I have liked a little Christian and Raven witty banter? Sure but I'm happy with what I got either wayOn a positive note we got to know much about Niko It shined a spotlight on the problems his past has brought up in past books in the series It was fascinating to see who he is today and what people in his past think of him as Too bad that story finished at a mother of all cliffhanger view spoilerStart Of SpoilerI also adored getting a glimpse into Claude's past I'm looking forward to getting to know about everyone's individual stories and struggles It was so exciting having Switch finally be a part of Keystone while still not being part of Keystone if that makes senseEnd Of Spoiler hide spoiler I really like this series the best thing I did was start it via audible Nicole Poole does such a fantastic job bringing Dannika Dark’s characters to life Love it 45 stars Keystone is tasked with moving precious cargo and part of the team will remain at the compound giving us two action packed threads that will leave you sitting on edge laughing weeping and wanting to kick some mercenary arseI read the synopsis after listening and man it’s vaguewhich I think it a good thing but since I try not to mention anything not mentioned there it leaves me feeling tongue tied I love going into the audiobooks blind Dark is an auto buy for me I’ve listened to all her books and devour as soon as they uploadRave Christian Blue Sheppard Claude and Viktor are transporting the precious cargo They will encounter local yokels dangerous beasts in the woods and will need to use their wits to complete the mission I loved seeing Raven and Christian together His love for her undoes me swoons Raven is embracing and learn her vampire side Something strange happens to her Mage light and oh man do I need answersWe learned some interesting things about one of the Keystone members sitting around a campfire It was a touching story about family and breed upbringing It added depth to an already intriguing character and brought me closer to them Secondary characters some old and some new added interest and kept things interestingGem Wyatt Nicco and Hunter Sheppard’s son along with his new guardian and teacher are at the compound One will be kidnapped and the events that unfold will blow your mind I laughed at the back and forth between Wyatt and the new teacher I wept cried help my breath and sat stunned over the suspenseful thread here Holy mageballsApart of me wishes that Dark had broken the threads into two books The stories were there If only to prolong my time with the Crossbreeds series I am not sure how many books Dark intends but I know I am not eager for the series to end On the other hand I wonder if the second thread would have worked if the team was all together Ugh I love these characters and cannot wait to see what happens next This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer Back on form After two very frustrating instalments of back and forth with Raven and Christian I’m happy to report this latest release includes no relationship drama Back to action packed jobs for keystones members and we get POVs from characters we haven’t heard from yet I loved hearing their stories and it brought life back into this series after listening to Ravens internal struggle for too long Every character is so well developed they carry their own story without breaking a sweat Christian is a walking horn dog which I’m not gonna lie totally made this book for me He’s defiantly top 5 book boyfriend material The flirty banter between him and Raven was set at maximum bants the whole way through and I love them both even for it I didn’t know it was possible but turns out it is The only little annoyances I had were a certain person behaving so stupidly I wanted to scream no spoilers so can’t reveal who and the worst picture at the back so far The artwork at the end is one of my favourite things about this series and this time it was a letdownI’m trying to be cryptic but if you’ve read this then you’ll know No one wants to see your face there Another exceptional addition to the crossbreed series Theres alot I could say about this book but I wont Alot of you reading this review probably have not read the previous books so start reading and catch up All you need to know is the book is great its apart of a series and since I've been reading from the beginning you will know its excellent Enjoy Source Tantor AudioMoonstruck finds the majority of the Keystone group on a road trip transporting three human teens to safety Why would they bother with humans? These teens are potentials which are humans with a birthmark in the shape of a spade They live in secret because potentials can become any breed If the humans sleep with a breed they will become the same breed of their sexual partner Some breeds would use that to their advantageThe smaller group who stays behind at the Keystone compound has their own issues Gem goes missing and the smaller group works to find her Niko’s past is back again to cause chaosRaven and Chrisitan continue to get to know each other and their chemistry is still smoking hot Moonstruck has two plot lines going on and both are dangerous and fun to follow While Moonstruck doesn’t end on a cliffhanger there is a plot point that will need to be followed up in the next installment There is also some buried issues I see popping up in future installments I have some ideas and can’t wait to see if I’m rightI’m a total fangirl when it comes to the narration work done by Nicole Poole Poole is the reason Dark is an audio only author for me She masterly voices all the characters from the female to the male She makes each character sound different and she keeps the same voice for each character for every book I look forward to the next audiobook in the Crossbreed series Anytime I can lose myself in a book by Dannika Dark is a win for me Moonstruck was certainly a home run this time Raven Black is back along with her lover Christian Poe and they are smack in the middle of a dangerous and very exciting adventure Raven and Christian are the delight here as they have been from the beginning of this amazing paranormal seriesMoonstruck is the seventh of Dark's Crossbreed series and I can honestly say that it is still going strong with each new installment Here again as with the last one I think this is one of my favorites of the series there are so many of this series I can say that about howeverRaven and her motley crew of cohorts are embroiled in a mess that was so top secret that they as the participants weren't even in on the secret until they are well on their way to a top secret destination Not all members of Keystonethe name of the group that employs themhave been able to come this time Also on the trip are Shepherda relicsensor Claude a chita Viktor a wolf and the head of Keystone Niko a mage and Blue a falcon Each brings a different skill or gift to the table and they need it because they have very precious cargo to deliver Left back at home in the city of Cognito are Gem a mage Wyatt a gravewalker and Switch a wolf and Hunter Shepherd's little boy Instead of there just being one main story going on there's another crisis back at Keystone which just made the story even suspensefulEven though there's been seven books now we are still learning characters back stories and that's always a welcome addition This time around we also revisit breed details first mentioned in Dark's Seven series I like how all of her books center around the same world building without being part of the same series necessarily Occasionally we see a glimpse of something from a previous book and I always enjoy that as well This one even had a reference to someone from Dark's Mageri series still my favorite of all of the series That's saying something as I have loved all the books in all the seriesOver and above the wonderful world building is Dark's characters You never come away from her books trying to remember who is who since they are all so well realized and all make an impression right down to the housekeeper that doesn't speak English at Keystone Perhaps the best fleshed out are Raven and Christian Raven is young as far as immortality goes is both a vampire and mage and started out at Keystone as a woman with a bit of a chip on her shoulder Now though she has shown herself to be warm and even witty at times with a pretty big heart She has really grown so much throughout the series She's still a monster killer but one that loves the people in her life Which brings me to Christian First met in the Mageri series you either loved him or were ambivalent towards him He wasn't my favorite I admit Now after all this time I love this Irish vampire His love for Raven has opened himself up the worldand to us in ways that he hadn't been until he met her Their romance has been fraught with danger at times and was also forbidden as well but now they are happy and I so enjoyed that immensely Of course I have other favorites as well Gem and Niko in particularRead these for the romance the paranormal features the adventure or the suspense but just read these if you are able You won't be sorry Me? I'm just going to be hanging out waiting for the next one Recommended to adult paranormal romanceurban fantasy or even romantic suspense fans Amazing story as alwaysFYI These books are wonderful on audio with a 5 starmy ratingnarrator in Nichole Poole I'll be buying mine soonOriginally posted on Delighted Reader I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewMoonstruck by Dannika Dark was a highly anticipated book for me I love this world the characters and the narration of the audioMoonstruck has the Keystone crew separated The few that are left at home are dealing with one crisis while the rest that are on the mission delivering precious cargo dealing with a different set of problems Neither group can distract themselves by thinking too hard about what is going on with the others Due to the split we get the first person view from Raven when we are with her team while we get a third person when we are dealing with the problems at home For a group of people such as those recruited to Keystone we see the characters have all developed ties to each other Not romantic ties such as Raven Christian's but they all feel like family to each other This makes the split difficult One advantage to the split is that the action is pretty continuous and exciting If we aren't in the middle of some emergency with one group we are with the other I was filled with non stop anxiety for our charactersOf course one major point attraction to this series is Raven Christian's relationship I love how they relate to each other with their banter back and forth Also their hot attraction to each other just seems so realistic They have common sense about appropriate times but have little things that show the other they understand and have their backs The two are amazing togetherIt is also interesting seeing how the wolves and Crush are being integrated into the Keystone world The wolf picked as Hunter's nanny is perfect Nothing will be getting to that kid I'm really surprised at how much Victor is letting the rules of Keystone get bent here and there I wonder how far he will let the alliance with Crush's wolves goAs you can see there was a LOT going on in Moonstruck Then to add to the utter enjoyment of this book was Nicole Poole's narration I have adored this narrator's work with Dannika Dark's series and she does not disappoint with Moonstruck I love her voice for Raven and how she maintains the accents for Victor and Christian The other characters are very distinctive as well and Poole makes it seem as if you are listening to a full cast I loved every minute of itI hated to see this book end and am excited to see where we go from here What kind of case we are going to get next and what kind of character issues we'll have to deal with Evil forces are at play in this spellbinding continuation of the USA Today bestselling Crossbreed series Transporting goods is part of the job but when Keystone accepts the daunting task of moving precious cargo the team splits up Raven has orders to follow but Christian’s seductive ways draw out her violent soul Their journey is dangerous their enemies ruthless and one misstep could prove fatal When one team member mysteriously vanishes the rest must choose between cutting their losses in the face of chaos or seeing it through to the bitter end Will Keystone have the fortitude to complete the mission or will they fall like dominoes United they stand divided they fall I absolutely LOVE the characters and the whole Keystone world Each time I read the next installment in this series it is like reuniting with much beloved friends Ms Dark has embued every single character with a uniue personality that holds both strengths and weaknesses so human yet so immortalWhile I enjoy catching up the characters every single time my enjoyment of the individual books is not always as consistent Some books are amazing Others like this one not so much Luckily there wasn’t anything necessarily bad to complain about It is justaverage shrugs There are two completely different storylines running concurrently throughout this book One with Raven Christian Claude Blue Shepherd and Victor one with Gem Wyatt and Niko Neither intersected with the other at all Also Gem’s storyline was annoying As smart as she is supposed to be some of her actions were stupid beyond believability Thus the three stars AWESOME characters and world but this specific storyline just didn’t have that “can’t put down” uality It had so much potential but didn’t uite measure up to what could have been greatness

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