The Tracker Hive Academy Jade Storm Tracker #2 Kindle

The Tracker Hive Academy Jade Storm Tracker #2 The presence of approaching death always leaves you in a contemplating space Reliving those exact moments pushes me to find the very culprit who changed my life It also makes sitting in a classroom a pain in the ass Having survived my first year at Tracker Hive Academy I'm left with wondering what's next for me the eight elements Junior Tracker with no professional filter We have to face the culprit who is clearly out to get me but there has to be to this especially with certain allies involved Things only get complicated when my sexy Troubled Four start having imbalance problems making it difficult for the rest of the world to know who is who except me of course My Shadow only wants to add to the chaos by attacking the very students we’re attempting to protect My life is definitely a shit storm and when Alaric himself goes missing during an assignment all bets are off I am a ueen in my element and won't be told how to get what belongs to me With Zeke Zion Zackery and Zeus on my side there's nothing I need to fear and with Calvin as our joker card We're a dangerous threat together and this Hive goes by one thing Breaking all the rules Game On Really short readI enjoyed book one so much but book 2 was really short and felt like a novella It was suppose to be year 2 but most of the book was still about the end of first year with the last chapter jumping forward 6 months It was very rushed and pretty confusing I did find a good portion of this book to be entertaining but I don't think it did much to progress the story I will check out book 3 and hope it's a little better Shadow Jade is AwesomeWe pick up with Jade recovering from the events of book one While she is healing we get to learn all sorts of secrets with her guys which make the story open for anything really She starts to be better just in time for the semester to start Day one starts with a bang I must say but after some trial and error that manage a short time of almost normalcy We even get a Christmas that was fantastic Leads to an explosive finale that makes we want the next book now A fantastic addition to Jade's story and I am still in love with Shadow Jade I totally loved it so I give it 55 stars Disappointing to say the leastFirst off I hate leaving negative reviews I absolutely loved the first book in this series This one not so much The editing is terrible This one feels totally incomplete Out of the very short 10 chapters she recovering for 9 of them and it is all dialog about her safety There is absolutely no progression in storyline except the very last sentence no relationship building no world building there is no mention of the academy so this can't be considered year two at all It felt rushed yet so slow at the same time After the first 9 chapters that happen over maybe a few weeks it suddenly jumps 6 months and the book ends at 90% I really hope the author puts some time and effort into the next book The series has such good potential If the next book falls as flat as this one did I will not be continuing to read this author which is truly a shame Na I was truly excited for this book but I honestly found it very “Blah” 57% in nothing had happened77% in still nothing I just got so bored There was no plot Almost 80% of the book was a conversation that happened in the hospital Why spend so much time building a world in book one and then turn away all your readers in book two? Unbelievably disappointing Jade is back with Zachary Zeke Zion and Zeus Oh and we can't forget shadow jade kill kill kill probably my favorite of the bunch I know this book is short but it is needed to understand about the characters And that cliffhanger I think Avery's nickname should be cliffhanger ueen The Tracker Hive Academy Semester Two is the continuation of Avery Song’s Tracker Academy series that tells Jade Storm’s story The author has taken the time to re write the original story and has given readers of what we have come to expect and hope for with her stories While I found the first write a decent enough story I have to say that the rewrite itself is exceptional The Tracker Hive Academy Semester Two picks up where Semester One ended and progresses from there but this time we get a lot We get the character development that we were looking for and we get the surprise twists that we were hoping for along with a couple steamy situations between Jade and a couple of her guys In this book as in the previous we are given hints about a couple characters that there is than meets the eye with them and boy does the author go and blow things out of the water in that case Get ready for some shocking revelations that will literally pull you all the way into the story and not let you up until the very end I love the surprises the most but I really appreciate the character development and backstories that we get with this book It’s not often to get than one backstory at a time but we get at least three with this book and not once does it bog the storyline down I have to say that I really think that the author has found herself and her stride again because this bookstoryline is practically flawless I couldn’t put this book down and simply wanted to devour it My only complaint concerning the characters is their juvenile behavior at times I get that technically they are still classifiable as teens but I kind of want some of the immaturity to decrease I will say that in the beginning the over the top jealousy was annoying but as the story progresses I’m thankful that the author gradually tones it down because it tends to grate on the nerves when the guys are wanting to be brats every five seconds simply because they feel than a little insecure I like that this story brings to light flaws in the characters and shows them a reflection of themselves to help them improve themselves because I was disappointed in how uickly Jade’s demeanor towards Calvin changes when he changes as well For me it felt like she was being shallow but to an extent she acknowledges this which while it doesn’t make it better or okay shows growthIf you read this book before the re write and were disappointed then I highly encourage you to grab the new version and give it another shot I’m willing to bet that you’ll be than pleased with the additions that the author has put into this book and how far it has come compared to the original version I am rating this book 45 out of 5 stars I’m nit picking a bit in my review but trust methis book is really good and there was little I could complain about Prepare for a crazy cliffhanger ending I’m most emphatically looking forward to the next book coming next month Needs time with an editor and a spellcheckThe storyline of book one pulled me in so I was super excited for book 2 especially since I only had a few days to wait after the first book I think she should have waited longer to release this in order to do some serious editing and proofreadingThere are numerous times when words are together without a space between Words with letters out of order adn? Really? My phone auto corrects that one Sentences where words aren't there I've been known to overlook proofreading errors and still love a story butAlmost the entire book the first 79% consists of the characters talking about about the bad bad guy we met at the end of book 1 in the immediate aftermath of the end of that book The conversation was cute and all but then it abruptly fast forwards 6 months for one chapter before the cliffhanger ending Then it's all promos for other booksI am a fan of the concept of this world but there was just not enough in this to be a standalone book It Either should have been part of book 1 or fleshed out further Nothing happenedNothing happened in this book No character development no plot development no additional information at all Basically all it said was Jade did nothing but recover the boys did nothing but snipe at each other and the other characters did nothing but stand around and say they know nothing This book was a complete waste of time both in terms of reading it and the writer's time in writing it Also it was annoying the way the conversations went with the boys Chapters were wasted as the exact conversation was repeated over and over again just for a different perspective I mean the exact words over and over It feels like the writer has run out of steam and has no idea of where the story is going maybe it's writters block I hope she gets out of her funk soon otherwise it's not worth continuing

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