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Dead Ringer Ok for mystery suspense with an adoption undercurrent Serial killer is strangling womenSTORY BRIEFA serial killer is strangling women who look similar to Kendall a TV news anchorwoman Jacob is the homicide detective working the case He is attracted to Kendall but feels she is out of his league Nicole is a pregnant single woman who lives with Kendall The issues of adoption are an undercurrent Kendall was adopted and decides to learn about her past Nicole is deciding whether or not to give up her baby for adoption Kendall has been having nightmares and doesn’t know if they are memories or omensREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis was ok It was typical for mystery and suspense I had no major problems with it The weaknesses were I didn’t feel an emotional connection somehow There was almost no romantic relationship development I would have liked The story was mostly the solving of the mystery as opposed to Jacob and Kendall interacting with each other I also would have preferred a little interesting conversation or things that surprised or delighted meDATAStory length 380 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 2 Total number of sex scene pages 3 Setting current day Richmond Virginia area Copyright 2008 Genre mystery suspense with minimal romance Good suspense book Realistic creepy killer but I had him pegged fairly early on Enjoyed reading it Some NightmaresBeside each body he leaves a simple charm bearing a woman's name Ruth Martha Judith The victims were strangers to each other but they have been chosen with the utmost care Each bears a striking resemblance to Kendall Shaw a local anchorwomaneach brutally strangled by a madman whose obsession will never endDon't FadeIn front of the cameras Kendall is the picture of stylish confidence But at night she's haunted by nightmares in which she is young alone and filled with fear Are these memories or omens Despite warnings from Richmond Detective Jacob Warwick Kendall can't stop investigating the recent string of murders She knows she holds the key to catching an obsessed psychopath if he doesn't get to her firstWith DaylightThe deeper Kendall and Jacob dig into the victims' backgrounds the terrifying the discoveries For from the shadows of the past a legacy of evil has resurfaced Every murder every moment has been leading to Kendall And this time nothing will stop the killer making her his final victim Book source ARC My review is voluntary and honestKendall Shaw local Richmond reporter turned anchorwoman has spent the last year recovering after being in a serial killer’s sights Now there are women dying who resemble her and one of the detectives in charge of the investigation Jacob Warwick thinks she’s a target Again As Jacob and Kendall dig into the victims’ pasts at first there doesn’t appear to be a connection between them But Kendall’s sudden nightmares just might tell a different story Can they catch a killer before the killer catches Kendall?Told from several POVs this chilling story of a man with an obsession is a nail biter The writing is great and the murderer is evasive but I had a hard time with the characters Kendall and Jacob in particular I just couldn’t uite warm up to them Their character development also seems a bit lacking and the romance between them kinda sudden However the suspense build up with the killer is decent Even if this isn’t the greatest tale out there it’s enough to keep me turning the pages The police discover the body of a woman strangely wearing a charm decorated with a name that's not her own Soon another woman with similar facial structure and coloring is found dead Detective Jacob Warwick notices their resemblance to reporter Kendall Shaw who really gets under his skinAt the same time Kendall has her own concerns The Stranger the killer in I'M WATCHING YOU kidnapped and terrorized her and now she's having nightmares Oddly they aren't of her recent experience but of a little girl and baby hiding in a closet This renews her interest in her adoption Her parents never wanted to talk about it but now both of them are dead and she's curious about her ancestry Of course her curiosity is also encouraged by her roommate Nicole Piper's pregnancyNicole doesn't know whether she wants to keep her child or give it up for adoption She does know she doesn't want her creepy customer anywhere near her or the baby And that might not be the only creeper after her Burton knows how to keep multiple storylines with multiple shady characters in playShe also knows how to develop a relationship well Kendall and Jacob are both very independent career driven people With that in common it's hard for them to make connections It takes them awhile to take steps toward a relationship but it's satisfying when they do There are interesting side relationships going on as well Burton offers glimpses into the life of reunited couple Zach and Lindsey the hero and heroine of I'M WATCHING YOU They don't get screen time than necessary but they do get enough to show that their marriage has improvedIn addition Nicole begins a very sweet relationship with widowed policeman Ayden Well they don't actually begin a relationship but they clearly like each other Nicole deserves it after all she's gone through in this duology I believe this relationship is the focus of Burton's novella in the SILVER BELLS anthology which makes me want to pick it up I'm a sucker for cute sweet romances And a cute sweet romance is exactly what DEAD RINGER needs at pointsBurton doesn't shy away from dark material which is needed to make a romantic suspense suspenseful In the end I find the killer a bit overly capable Just how did he manage to find all his victims? For that matter why did they all live so close together? However she kept the story moving and I didn't begin to think about these uestions until the endIf you aren't into romantic suspense this likely won't be the book to convert you If you are it's a good one to pick up It's not too gory and it's there's plenty of lighter stuff to balance out the killers I enjoyed this romantic suspense with its complex plot I'm used to this style which switches among multiple characters stories I kept changing who I thought was the bad guy so was surprised at the end The romance was in the background still an overall good book Detective Jacob heads up a murder and the victim looks a lot like local news reporter Kendall Time taken to read 2 daysPublisher Penguin booksPages 416Blurb from GoodreadsBeside each body he leaves a simple charm bearing a woman's name Ruth Rachel Judith The victims were strangers to each other but they have been chosen with the utmost care Each bears a striking resemblance to Kendall Shaw a local anchorwoman each brutally strangled by a madman whose obsession will never endMy ReviewKendall Shaw is a reporter ruthless and does what it takes to get her story However being a survivor of a serial killer and a near death experience her outlook and approach has changed Jacob Warwick is a homicide detective linked to Kendall from the serial killer who almost killed her On opposite sides of the job they keep falling into each others paths with a mixture of emotions toward the other Women are dying a serial killer is on the loose They bear a striking resemblance to Kendall is it a coincidence or is Kendall at risk once again and how far will Warwick go to keep her safe?This is a great crime story the pace is fast and there are surprises and twists throughout the story If you have read the previous book you will recognize a few of the characters I read the previous book last year and I remembered a few things and characters which isn't like me It is a busy story lots of different things going on with the characters Kendall for example is dealing with her boss who is also her ex who has decided maybe they aren't over Kendall is having nightmares that are becoming freuent and she can't make head nor tales of it She has covered many murders yet something about this one is having a profound effect on herThere is attraction and sexual chemistry between some of the characters there is some sex within the book although not is reels of graphic content however it is worth noting it is in there Overall it kept my attention pulls you in from the prologue and keeps you guessing along the way as to why the killer is doing what he is doing and who is it 35 for me I would read this author again she has a good style and engages the reader uickly Reporter Kendall Shaw nearly died at the hands of a serial killer last summer Since returning to work she’s done her reporting from the safety of the anchor’s desk But when a young woman is found strangled by the James River Kendall feels compelled to cover the story She wants to prove that she can handle the tough stories – not only to herself but also to her demanding boss and former boyfriend BrettHomicide detective Jacob Warrington and his partner Zack Kier have little to go on at the murder scene The killer left no physical evidence and the only clue they have is a small gold charm engraved with the name ‘Ruth’When victims are discovered each with a gold charm of their own an unsettling pattern emerges Each victim was killed in the same manner and they all bear an uncanny resemblance to Kendall Shaw As Jacob tries to keep Kendall from becoming the next victim he finds himself fighting a growing attraction to herDoes the killer have his sights set on Kendall? And could a mystery from her past be the key to solving the crime?While I enjoyed Dead Ringer I felt two of the subplots should have been fully developed One promising subplot with Kendall’s boss Brett saw no real resolution Another subplot this time involving Kendall’s roommate Nicole and one of her photography clients was fleshed out but it didn’t feel believable to me However Dead Ringer offered up some great twists an interesting protagonist and a terrifying killer These three elements made it a difficult book to put down The first book by this author I read didn’t really convince me so I was pretty “nervous” as to how this one would pan out And I was pleasantly surprisedGood suspense wonderful tension also between characters great mystery good pacingI was satisfied with this reading experience Pity the heroine was a journalist though They always come across as vultures willing to do anything to get their story While I might admire the zeal in other circumstances murder isn’t one of thoseStill the strange connection Kendall felt with the victims helped in making her distance herself from her profession and humanize the victims for herGood story Well I really wouldn't describe it as riveting but it was a fast easy read for a gloomy rainy Saturday afternoon