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  1. Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!} says:

    Where did my angst ridden always kicking ass Gaia go She lost a fight because she wanted to kiss him

  2. Erin Erin says:

    I really do like these books and they're definitely fast paced and easy reads Unfortunately there are a fair number of glaring editing problems one character asked how she was going to solve her own murder since the wrong name was mistakenly interjected into her dialogue and the dynamic between Gaia and Will is so immediately hot and cold it's like an induction burner being turned on and off It's disjointed and lacks reason so that part of the story really doesn't hold much interest for me Overall the uantico experience and the team dynamics are an interesting world to dive into and it's nice to have a main character who isn't afraid to recognize faults in herself and start to work on them It is frustrating however when she just ignores what she knows and clearly states is the better option to run off and get into trouble but I suppose it's just that kind of story

  3. J.Elle J.Elle says:

    The main character in these books has some strange physiological flaw that doesn't allow her to feel fear and she is worried that people will find out and think she a freak She is training to be an FBI agent Would it be the end of the world if her partners KNEW? I don't think so Sorry I can't buy into her worry Also this book went NOWHERE I read the whole thing and the storyplot had not moved one inch from beginning to end If you read the first book and somehow enjoyed it I recommend skipping this book entirely and going straight to #3 Don't be worried that the mystery will get solved or even that they will uncovered ONE clue THEY WON'T I wasted a good two hours on this book and that made me mad

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I really like the character of Gaia but with this installment of her story I didn't like her as much I thought her loveinfatuation with Will was of a distraction than a love match for Gaia in my opinion I liked Live Bait but I felt like it was a band aid book to fill in some holes for what will be happening next While that's important for the story line I really missed the real Gaia

  5. Kendra Kendra says:

    Now the second book was BY FAR BETTER I liked the way this one played out and how her character really developed and is actually showing her mature I love the way they have made each character very individual and different But I REALLY hope that Gaia goes back to New York for Ed and all her friends I think it's just stupid that she just leaves and never goes back but in a way I guess I understand because if everybody could just pack up and move they would

  6. Deborah Deborah says:

    This book continues straight from where the last book finished This book is just as great as the first book the only problem I have with it was it was too short and I know have to wait 2 3weeks for the next book to come over from America I was glad to see that though she maybe fearless she isn't heartless as shown through her interactions with Will and Catherine

  7. The Third Place A Teen Library The Third Place A Teen Library says:

    F PAS ffbi bk 2

  8. Bcoghill Coghill Bcoghill Coghill says:

    Inter library loan thank you

  9. Sara Sara says:

    For me Live Bait just barely garnered two stars It started out all right but I started losing patience towards the middle and found the end completely ludicrous

  10. Kirsten Everett Kirsten Everett says:

    I liked this book and would recommend it to girls who like reading who did it novels combined with a pinch of romance

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Live Bait The greatest weapon against a serial killer A girl with no fearThere’s been a murder And it isn’t part of some FBI training exercise Late one night in the middle of a rainstorm Gaia and her roommate stumbled upon an actual killing Since they were the only ones to glimpse the perp headuarters has granted Gaia and Catherine temporary FBI badges to solve the case Way to hit the ground runningBut the investigation is not like a TV show It’s gruesome It’s frustrating It’s realWhen the killer strikes again they realize this isn’t a one shot deal either Gaia tries to piece together some clues but there’s no real lead to go on And without a profile the next victim could be anyone Anyone at all