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Call Her Mine Check out all of my reviews at HER MINE Harmony Pointe Book One by Melissa Foster is a new friends to lovers contemporary romance with a secret baby too I have never been disappointed in a romance written by this author and this book was no exceptionBen Dalton is an extremely successful businessman but when it comes to his love life he just never seems to get the timing right to get the girl he loves It seems he has loved his sisters’ friend Aurelia forever but the planner in him has never found just the right time to tell her Just as Ben decides to make the big move Aurelia beats him to the punch by literally moving to the next townAurelia Stark has decided to turn the page and start a new chapter in her life She has moved to Harmony Pointe to open her new bookstore “Once Upon a Time” She has a great apartment above the store and she is hopefully just far enough away to avoid constantly running into her commitment phobic unreuited love and best friend BenAurelia cannot believe she gave in and spent the night as “friends” at Ben’s once again As she goes to leave she opens the door and finds a baby on the porch The attached note says it is Ben’s baby Aurelia is there for Ben though neither knows the first thing about the care of babies What follows is a journey into nighttime feedings lack of sleep learning laughter and love I am once again in love with a Melissa Foster romance Ben Aurelia and baby Bea feel like than just characters in a book I feel as if I should be able to meet them in Harmony Pointe The laughter tears fears and love are all realistically portrayed in the dialogue and each characters actions Ben is uber sexy and lovable The perfect mix of take charge business man and lover mixed with the vulnerable best friend and new dad Aurelia works to open her dream bookstore even as she helps Ben She deals with everything thrown at her and learns that it is not a bad thing to ask for help when she needs it The love between Ben Aurelia and Bea is beautiful to read As in all of Ms Foster’s romances the sex scenes are sexy hot and explicit Keep some tissues handy for the ending; it is emotionalI absolutely loved this romance and highly recommend it uick and easy best friends to loversCute best friends to lovers with a secret baby trope as well Baby is left at the door and then it’s chaos and romance from that point on It’s pretty good uick and easy Ben and Aurelia have loved each other for years they just didn't know it Stuck in unreuited love limbo Aurelia decides to jump on the chance to start over new town new place new business venture new life Right? Ben doesn't want to lose his best friend the only woman he's ever loved so he finds excuses to get her to stay What happens when the biggest reason of all literally finds its way to his door?I always know when I read a book from Melissa Foster that the story will be epic and she did not let me down Call Her Mine had easy to love characters a spicy coming together moment little to no drama warm family and friends interactions and so much love that I just wanted to hug and sueeze the book in my hands forever I felt for Ben and his situation Trying to distance himself from Aurelia and the hopelessness he felt in getting his happily ever after he tended to get involved in one night stands No muss no fuss At least that's what he thought until one such encounter created a blessing that not only taught him about a different type of love but brought him the woman he always wanted I admired Aurelia for her strength in standing by his side I felt conflicted because on one hand it was hurtful that he had created a life with someone else But on the other he was wholly devoted to her and building a life and future with herWhile this was most definitely a friends to lovers romance and there were plenty of romantic and swoon worthy moments to be found it was also about the baby and how these two characters had to change and adapt for this huge change in their lives Neither of them were prepared to welcome a baby especially since they were just starting to navigate their way through new coupledom But I feel like the author pulled off this complicated story with her usual finesse and it was impossible to not fall in love with everyone and their moments I loved having this visit with the Daltons seriously aren't they just the best family? and I'm looking forward to of these people Will Fletcher ever find his match? What about Piper? And with the amount of times I've seen Jared Stone does he have a story? I'm staying tunedBlog | FB | Twitter | IG | Tumblr | Pinterest | BookBub I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis is the first installment for the Harmony Pointe series and you will recognize some characters from the Sugar Lake series and if you are a fan this story will not disappointBen and Aurelia have been best friends since they were teenagers and their feelings had grown but they never acted on them as each assumed the other would not feel the same way Their feelings are tested when Ben discovers a baby on his doorstep with a note affirming that he is the father He has no idea how to raise a baby and he solicits Aurelia's help They soon realize as they care for the baby that they need to tell each other how they truly feel and take a leap To their surprise the feeling is mutual Their relationship flourishes and then they are tested again when an unexpected visitor arrivesI won't give away any spoilers but I can say that this was an easy breezy fun read and it put a smile on my face They have been best friends having feelings for each other but of course they have been with other people not to ruin their friendship She goes on a date he goes and has sex with a nameless woman ClichéYears pass and one day someone drops a baby at his door step and he needs his bestie's help to find the baby mamaAwesome how romantic And she goes all mushy watching him with this baby and of course helps him to go through all these women he had sex with Atta girl you seem to deserve this crappy guy I hate friends to lovers trope because it's always the same thing They pine for each other but they hide their feelings because their friendship is always important than their feelings So stay as friends idiots why bother later? If you really love someone you can't go and date others No matter what you want to be with that person no matter what the risks are you take those risks Otherwise don't talk about love at all not to me at leastHere is a very helpful review What a fun sexy sometimes angsty to the point of tears wildly romantic friends to lovers story Ben and Aurelia have been friends forever They both want than friendship but neither knows how the other feels Ben has wanted to make his move but the timing has always been off Now Aurelia has moved to another town and is ready to “start over” and it’s driving him insane When a baby is left at his front door she steps in to help and he’s using the unlucky timing to his advantageAurelia has a hard time facing the fact that Ben has a baby by another woman a one night stand who he doesn’t even know her last name But as she helps him with Baby B she finds herself falling in love with the baby girl and opening herself up to a possibility of with Ben Even if I had a bit of a problem with Ben using other women to get through not having Aurelia I loved everything else about him His reactions to the baby and then his poppa bear protective instincts were hilarious and sweet Add in a naked chest and a sweet baby girl on that chest and my ovaries were exploding I’m not sure I’ve ever read a better single dad hero than Ben He was completely swoon worthy and when he and Aurelia finally have their talk he became that hero that melts hearts everywhere Aurelia claimed my heart as well when she accepted that sweet innocent baby and was able to let Ben’s past go However she did have some adjustments to make not realizing she was dealing with the same issues every new mother must go through Secondary characters were awesome in helping her and Ben both learn to adapt This is a relatively low angst read until near the end when things take a very emotional turn I found myself choking back tears my heart wrecked If you enjoy stories with a plethora of friends and family this one is definitely one to pick up The epilogue is just a uick look into the future but satisfying This would have been a solid five star read had Ben not made past decisions that he made – but that’s totally my own preference and not being aware of it going into the book made it harder to deal with Overall this is a fun flirty family and friend filled story with tons of swoony dadbaby girl moments and plenty of laughter and sexy times I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Montlake Romance All thoughts and opinions are my ownDual POVSafe view spoilerH slept with ow when he knew h was on a date with om – he couldn’t remember some of the women’s names that he had been with; h had one one night stand while in college but otherwise only with someone she was in a relationship with – I can only recall her being in one such relationship but that could be incorrect; the mother of H’s baby does cause some drama but it is soon dealt with and never comes between hH; no om drama hide spoiler I received an eArc version of Call Her Mine by Melissa Foster via Netgalley When I discovered that it was accessible through Kindle Unlimited to read and listen I decided on taking the audio route Hence my review is geared towards the audio versionBen Dalton and Aurelia Stark first came on my radar when they were introduced in the Sugar Lake series Since then I have been waiting patiently for their storyCall Her Mine is a friend to lovers’ story Ben and Aurelia have been besties for most of their lives Their feelings for each other went beyond friendship but fear and misunderstandings prevented them from expressing how they felt about each other Aurelia entered relationships which would go nowhere while Ben went the route of one night stands However their lives got shook up when one of Ben’s one night stands left a baby on his front stepI have to admit I found the story adorable and heart warming I loved how Ben stepped up to the plate to take care of the precious bundle of joy without knowing for sure if he was her father His actions proved that he was capable of redemptionI lift my hat to Aurelia Few women would have stuck around after discovering that the man you have been crushing on has a child with another woman Instead of running she stood by him through it all It proved that her feelings were the real dealThe story had a wonderful blend of humour and romance The story was drama free which is usually the case with Melissa’s stories However she had me tearing up near to the end I did not expect that scene and it almost wrecked meCall Her Mine focused heavily on family and friendships which is typical of Melissa’s work Reading her books make me wish I had that family connectionNarrationThis was my first time listening to Isabelle Ruther I thought she did an ok job I could not get on board with her male voices but she did an excellent job with those of the females Her pacing and tone were good and I loved how she brought out the emotions of the female charactersConclusionRecommendationAnother great series starter from Ms Foster and I would recommend to fans of contemporary romance I’ve heard such good things about Melissa Foster’s books so I was excited to read Call Her Mine Two of my favorite tropes—friends to lovers and single dad—in one book Unfortunately Ben is also a billionaire—my least favorite trope But that’s okay—two out of three isn’t bad right? I certainly won’t say this book is bad but it didn’t work for me Aurelia and Ben are both intelligent successful billionaire people who have been best friends and secretly in love with each other for ages Well it’s a secret to Ben and Aurelia everyone else in their lives knows exactly how they feel about each other Which brings us to my biggest issue with this story—lack of communication and misunderstandings For me this is just a contrived obstacle and I like it even less than I do billionaires Add in their complete cluelessness and ineptitude with the baby left on Ben’s doorstep as well as their insistence that only they can take care of Baby B 247 even though Ben is a billionaire working on the biggest deal of his career and Aurelia is in the process of opening a bookstore and I just had no patience for them They were cute with the baby and both fell hard and fast for her but I didn’t understand why they didn’t ask for help or read a book As a plot device to create an issueobstacle for them it just didn’t work for me Aurelia was raised in a bookstore worked in a bookstore and was opening her own bookstore—why not consult a baby book? There are also other children in the family so I had a hard time believing they were this clueless I had a few other issues with the book mostly small details that didn’t make sense or ring true Half of their small town knows about the baby but Ben is keeping her a secret from his parents While I thought they made some uestionable choices I liked both Ben and Aurelia well enough to hope they would get their act together and confess their love for each other Unfortunately doing so lead to some of the most cringe worthy sex talk I’ve ever read I had to stop reading the sexy passages because Ben’s sexy talk was anything but sexy This is the first book in a spin off series so fans of that series and Ms Foster’s other books may enjoy seeing these characters finally get their book that’s my impression they’ve been secondary characters in other books but I could be wrong but it didn’t work for meReview copy provided for a voluntary review He she baby bottle and Baby BA twist on the trope of a handsome but slightly wild single man with a homely best friend ready to come to his rescue when a baby girl arrives on his doorstep in a basket with a note Mostly the book follows the trope although a few things are differentFirst of all I wouldn't call Ben Dalton a playboy Yes he is a successful read rich businessman but it all came from a ridiculous amount of hard work and sound planning I loved the way Ben's father commented on his personality Oh Ben You've spent your entire life strategizing You did it as a kid in every endeavour from baseball to freaking Halloween I remember you mapping out the streets figuring out the uickest routes to cover the most houses and make sure you didn't miss the ones that gave out the best candy Ben has been in love with his best friend Aurelia for years fearing he has been friendzoned secretly taking dancing lessons and hoping that when the right moment arrives he'll make his move An old adage says you are what you do with your free time Aurelia spends all her free time with Ben listening to him wathcing movies cooking for him going to parties with him spending nights on his sofa and the list goes on Are you surprised their friends and relatives have been treating them as an old married couple? Aurelia decides to buy a book store and move to a town nearby and Ben is finally ready to profess his undying love whenBaby B makes her appearance in a basket in front of Ben's luxurious bachelor padThe trope wants you to keep guessing if the baby is his or not his The story isn't usually about the baby but about how the playboy in uestion becomes an adorably cute and clueless Dad which totally makes the girl swoon 'Call her mine' is about insta parenthood rather than the two besties finally taking their relationship to the next level Ben's tirade on why there are never any changing tables in men's bathrooms is hilarious and shows perfectly well how seriously he's taken to the task of becoming the best father possible What about Relsy?well she kind of disappears from everybody's focus exhausted by midnight feedings and working on opening her new business Luckily Ben's parents and sisters are only willing to give the brand new parents a hand while Ben is busy trying to locate the irresponsible motherThis light hearted fun book is essentially family focused despite a few very hot and steamy romantic scenes I might have enjoyed it if it were slightly shorter The ending was a bit melodramatic but ultimately you do want a happy ever after for Baby Bea and this one brought everything to conclusionThis was my first book by this author and now that I have met the Daltons brood I would like to read the previous books about Ben's sisters as well as any future ones in the Harmony Pointe series Am I right in guessing that one of them will be about a sexy single doctor? Only Melissa Foster and time can answer but I'll be looking forward to whatever she writes35 starsThank you to NetGalley and Montlake romance for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion Two besties and a baby make for an instafamily and a surprising romance in a delightful series by Melissa Foster the New York Times bestselling author of the Sugar Lake novelsBen Dalton has always been honest except where his heart is concerned He’s been in love with his best friend—saucy smart mouthed Aurelia Stark—forever But Ben’s a planner and timing has never been on his side When he finally decides to make his move Aurelia beats him to the punch with a move of her own—to a different townAurelia loves her new life in the charming town of Harmony Pointe She has a great apartment and her very own bookstore and best of all the sinfully hot commitment phobic friend she’s crushed on for years is no longer just around the corner Maybe she’ll finally be able to leave her unreuited love behind and move onBut when a baby is left on Ben’s front porch—a baby that is presumably his—Aurelia is there for him Neither one knows the first thing about babies but how hard can it be Ben and Aurelia are catapulted into a world of love laughter and tracking down the baby mama and it might even add up to a very happily ever after just not one either of them expects

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