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Timothy Mean and the Time Machine * READERS FAVORITE BEST SCIFi \ FANTASY CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD*With Timothy Mean’s amazing imagination and time machine, anything and anywhere is possible! Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates, gets daring with dragons, and even teases a TRex!“It’s Monday Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?With Timothy Mean, every day is a rhyme in time! [Read] ➵ Longbow Girl ➲ Linda Davies – 9facts.co.uk anything and anywhere is possible! Join Timothy on a magical rhyming adventure as he skips through time and pranks with pirates [Download] ✤ On His Naughty List ➸ Jessica Jarman – 9facts.co.uk gets daring with dragons ❴PDF❵ ✓ Fire Colour One Author Jenny Valentine – 9facts.co.uk and even teases a TRex!“It’s Monday Hip hip hooray! Where shall we travel in time today?With Timothy Mean ➷ [Reading] ➹ Invisible Wounds By Kay Douglas ➬ – 9facts.co.uk every day is a rhyme in time! First, I want to thank William A.E Ford for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review Timothy Mean and the Time Machine by William A.E Ford was a very creative, adventure fun filled, and sometimes even comical read Many children and us big kids at heart would really get a kick out of all the places Timothy goes in his time machine Marcelo Simonetti blew me away with his incredible illustrations and graphics in this book Each picture was so incredibly detailed and lifelike Marcelo is an incredible artist Children will love these pictures as it will draw theminto the story One of my favorite parts of the book was when he goes back in time when his parents were kids at school and plays pranks on them Thinking like a young kid I would think that would be funny There was one formatting issue that I had an issue with I read this book on my Kindle as I usually do The graphics were black, white and grey The lettering was in some instances black and white Some pages the wording was in white with the background being light grey Those few pages were a little difficult to read I am sure the print form does not have this issue. Timothy Mean and the Time Machine is everything a children's book should be. It is bright, beautifully illustrated and lots of fun.A week in the life of Timothy Mean, it is a story told in rhyme Every day Timothy goes on a wonderful adventure, using a Time Machine he built with boxes and glue in his basement. Dragons, Vikings, Pirates and free icecream , even Robots make an appearance Timothy's wonderful imagination works up a storm. The accompanying pictures are amazing and really capture Timothy's escapades I have no doubt that every child will enjoy this tale, and be slightly envious of what Timothy gets up to. Timothy Mean and the Time Machine reminded me very much of  Mr Ben, and I think this book would be a fabulous TV show in the same sort of format. A wonderful imaginative book for children of all ages.  Timothy Mean is bored He's imaginative and wants to find something to do So, he finds a cardboard box, some glue and crafting supplies and builds a time machine Every day of the week he uses his time machine to zoom off to a fun place in history From pulling dinosaur tails to playing pranks on astronauts, there is nothing Timothy Mean can't do with a vivid imagination! This is such a cute book for young kids! The rhyming story of Timothy Mean and the colorful, fun illustrations would make this a perfect book for beginning readers to read themselves or have read to them Timothy has some pretty awesome adventures using his time machine I can see this story being used in an elementary or home school classroom setting for group or supplemental reading, with related art and writing projects If you could build a time machine and pop back to have some fun, where would you go? What would you do? I imagine a group of kindergartners or first graders could make some pretty awesome time machines, too! Cute story! Engaging, colorful illustrations! And an adventure for each day of the week! Great book! Full stars from this former home school teacher, Mom and Oma! Fun read! **I voluntarily read a review copy of this book by William A E Ford All opinions expressed are entirely my own.** Full review post (available from May 22nd, 2019): be honest, I'm not very fond of this cover, but the illustration inside was way better! That was actually stunning It was almost even better than the story/verse. Talking about the story: it's a fun and dynamic story about a mischievous little boy who's got a huge fantasy and his hobby is traveling through times I have to admit I was not totally convinced by this time travel thing: there were very fantasy elements in the different places he went to (like an actual dragon), so I'd rather say it was a journey on the wings of his own fantasy, and not really time travel It's implied, I give it that, though It's probably only a matter of slight confusion because I'm an adult and not the target audience (which would be preschoolers, I think) I'm also not sure if I would be okay with my kid learning the false fact that it's completely possible to pull down an astronaut's trousers in space without any serious consequence but embarrassment I know they're just kids, and it's fantasy I know many other things (like time travel itself) is not possible But it just bothered methan it should've for some reason Otherwise, I really liked the adventures little Timothy had.I loved to read the verses, they were just as fun and dynamic as the story itself I didn't have a kid around me, yet I felt a need to say the text out loud (Which would look rather silly without a kid, so I resisted the urge) There were a couple of times when the rhymes stumbled a bit, but it wasn't very bothering.All in all, this is a fun children's book which I think would be very enjoyable for 45 yearolds I'm sure they'd have fun saying together the rhymes and discovering all the little details in the beautiful pictures. This was such a fun and whimsical read! I’ve been wanting to try MG for a while now and as my first foray in to the genre, this book did not disappoint Ford’s lyrical narrative features adventure, time travel and historical events that captured my attention and had me wishing I could time travel too! What really made this an exceptional read were the graphics They would fit right in with a Pixar movie and quite frankly, I would adore watching this!Pros:This story was so adorable! It was full of the curious wonder associated with childhood and brought me back to a simpler time when learning was the purpose of our day.The imagination of Timothy was endearing His excitement at historical marvels and events was captivating and I found myself eager to see where he would travel to next.The really enjoyed reading the couplet rhyming in this story It’s exactly what I remember reading about these books when I was younger.I absolutely adored the graphics in this story! They really painted a beautiful picture of the time period Timothy had travelled to The bold colours completely captured my attention and at times I had to remind myself to read the story first before just staring at them!Cons:The writing in this story was occasionally hard to read with the bold colours in the background I think the story would have hadbalance had there been a blank page with black writing on it It would be simple, easier to follow (especially for the targeted age group) and would create a better balance of white space to the corresponding image.Arc provided by author in exchange for an honest review.WINNER OF READERS FAVOURITE SCIFi FANTASY CHILDREN’S BOOK AWARD 2019. Reading this to my two preschool girls, I was interested to see what they thought about this book This was a unique experience for them, seeing as it was their first book they have read on screen However, they appeared to enjoy the experience and see the adventures of Timothy Mean.There are many things that I look for in books that I read to my children I do like a book with a good rhyme scheme and Ford has got it right in this picture book However, what would have been better was if the stanzas had been broken up into about four line verses This helps with reading to children because, as many of you may know, you are constantly being distracted and having to manage other things; keeping the stanzas short helps with parenting and multitasking I also think that, when my girls are old enough, it the breaks in text could assist with learning to read However, this is just a speculation as my girls have not yet reached this milestone.The pictures were incredibly detailed in this book and complemented the story being told I think they were too old for my children and this matched their attention to the story itself Whilst there are some fantastic historic references, this book would be suited toReception/Year 1 children to show the different time periods and assist with learning As such, my children took this story on a face value about a naughty boy who was very mischievous with his time machine.Whilst the subject matter was a bit old for preschoolers, I was disappointed that Timothy Mean lived too closely to his name I like stories with a moral or a lesson for children to learn from and in this offering from Ford, Mean is portrayed as being able to escape punishment for all of the chaos he causes Yes, it can be considered as harmless, innocent fun, but I do worry what subliminal message is being sent out to little readers I would have been comforted if the main character had not been called 'Mean' and that there were consequences to his actions Instead, the boy is presented as just having a wild imagination with a sudden ending, not suggesting to readers that it is important to be kind and caring to others.I think it is this lack of moral message that made this read so disappointing to me I did change a couple of the words because I did not want my children to parrot these and as I read it to them, I found myself discussing Timothy Mean's character with them and how naughty he was being This, I think, is a reflection that this book is not intended for young readers and that older children would be able to recognise his actions as mere pranks However, showing readers a kinder, caring side, even to an older reader, would make this characterappealing.This was an alright read but it didn't capture my imagination The time periods were surprising and whilst the pictures were incredibly detailed, this was a little too dark in its moral message An older reader may appreciate itbut, as a parent to young girls, I won't be reading it to them again.I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. his children book truly has a very catchy story telling approach that will keep kids jonesing on This is a perfect bedtime book to any kid below the age of 8 which is not only entertaining but also boosts the kids imaginations The whole writing is so cute that I read it a coupletimes just for the fun of it and I'm 24! The pictures are visually appealing and but I felt that it was slightly advanced for a children's book However, it is very relevant and to the point.Timothy Mean is not at all mean but a naughty little boy with an amazing imaginative power Each day of the week, he travels back in time using the time machine he built with a cardboard With the press of a red button he visits various past set ups only to end up doing notorious things and returning home quickly.He goes to the moon, to the dinosaur era and so manyand does a little mischief just before heading back home each day and tells his parents about his little adventure and get praised for the same.This book is an entertaining, amusing and catchy read that beautifully encapsulates the amusement of a kid It is a great example to teach kids and show them how imagination is a powerful tool This is an amazing story with a great message and I would like to see kids perform a play on this. I received a physical copy from the author, in exchange for a honest review!This was such a fun childrens picture book, following main character Timothy Mean as he builds a time machine and every day, he ventures into a different time period such as 1969 (first man on the moon) and the Viking era The story was easy to follow, text clear to read and I loved the illustrations I will be passing on my copy to my second cousin who is 2 and would really enjoy a fun, quick and educational read! Plus, there's dragons in this and that is one of my favourite things to read about. The book was certainly a display of author's imagination as he plotted his main character Timothy right in the middle of things.Bored of the same sword, Timothy used his brain to build a time machine And lo and behold, on each day of the week, he flew to a different land I loved the way he traveled to varied lands of the dinosaurs, then to the moon, into the future where there were robots, and into the past when his parents were kids Some of the artwork looked quite attractive Then came my nigglesTimothy was quite naughty and some of his acts felt mean Though all his adventures were in his mind through his active imagination, it felt he needed to know they were still naughty acts I would not read it to my kids unless I knew that they could understand the difference between right and wrong, reality and imagination I would caution the parents to read the book first and decide if it is apt for their kids.The concept was great, the art work colorful, the words rhymed well So my love for the book would be based on these three points Recommended age 8 years or so

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