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Slayer Beasts of Edgewood #1 A Reverse Harem Paranormal RomanceAfter the death of her parents sixteen year old Alivia Knight moves in with her aunt in the city of Edgewood She tries to build a new life for herself which includes getting to know Kayden Ryker Liam and Finn the hotties of the schoolBut after barely escaping an attack from a monster Alivia soon discovers she comes from a family of demon slayers and that she is next in line Her days are now filled with learning to wield a sword and a crossbow and hunting down the supernaturals that roam freely in the cityAnd the four hotties They’re supernaturals too A vampire a werewolf a dragon shifter and the last one is so dangerous that he must be killed immediately Actually it’s Alivia’s duty to slay them all But how can she when she starts developing strong feelings for all four of them Can the five of them change their destinies or are they doomed to live the life they were born into

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  1. Alaina Alaina says:

    Real rating 25 ALSO when can I get half stars?Was totally hoping for some Buffy vibes but didn't get that Slayer is about Alivia Knight It always has to deal with Kayden Ryker Liam and Finn Now I love reverse harem books but I just kind of had some high hopes for this book I don't know why I did but I still enjoyed this book Alivia was an okay character The name definitely threw me off every now and then but I also couldn't get invested in her either She was definitely a roller coaster of a character because she would go from likable to an annoying twat in2 seconds She was just very frustrating to read about Then there's the guys and eh They were okay not my favorite harem of guys Overall this book was definitely a headache I'm glad it's over and I probably wont dive into the next book UNLESS I have lots of wine available

  2. Jess Jess says:

    I wanted to love this I really did It read like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with a harem I was messaging my friends about Buffy getting to be with Angel and Riley and deciding is Spike would make the cut and who else would be i her group Would Zander have had the chance to be then a friend? So I read maybe a uarter of the sample and eagerly bought the book I have buyer's remorse To start off with you have Alivia moving across the country to live with her aunt resolved Tolstoy moping over the death of her parents and enjoy a fresh start Her parents have been dead for one day One Day Then Alivia gets to school two days after her parents are murdered where she immediately tells the first kid she see she has moved there because her parents were murdered and then two scenes later is refusing to say anything about herself in class because she doesn't want anyone to know she is there because her parents are murderedYou then spend the first half of the book with Alivia lamenting about how the four hottest guys in school would never want to talk to her be her friend date her as she proceeds to become friends with them Seriously repeatedly having a charter internally or externally whine that the guys would never like them isn't fun to read You can brush on a character being insecure have her see them and peg them as the popular guys who wouldn't give her the time of day a little hard to do here since they literally stop traffic to help her get to school lament once how she doesn't feel coolprettysmartintersting enough for them to give her the time of day and when they do start to give her the time of day have her uestion why by writing it off as them just being nice or have her be suspicious of their motives but just having her repeatedly says they would never like me every time she sees or thinks about the guys is weak writing I made it past the zero grieving period and the total lack of self confidence and enjoyed their first two outings together up until she got lost coming home from Chinese food She is lost because she doesn't have a phone but no explanation was given for why she didn't have one Her parents weren't poor so they couldn't get her one she wasn't with her parents when they were murdered so her phone was destroyed in the scuffle area code restricted cellphone plans haven't been a thing for almost two decades now and her line with her parents wouldn't have been shut off in the two freaking days they've been dead so why doesn't she have a phone? Rayne needed her phoneless to set up Alivia's first encounter with a thing that goes bump in the night but it was poorly executed Have her lose her phone at the beach Have it go dead because she went to school then the beach then the game then used it to find the Chinese place andndidnt have enough juice to get home Have her leave it on her bed when she changed into her suit All of those scenarios make sense and still get you to the alone and vulnerable at night with the big bad I uit the book at 50% so while there are mild spoilers ahead the book won't be ruined if you read everything below Speaking of the big bad things really go down hill uickly from here So a vampire tries to bite Alivia her Aunt shoots it with a crossbow brings Alivia inside and says surprise you are a slayer your mom was a slayer and wanted to spare you from this life but since I brought you Tolliver here the he'll mouth has opened up again and demons are spilling unto town and you could ignore your obligation to kill things but then innocent deaths would be on you Wow what a cy Aunt Hey it's my fault that demons are here and I'm forcing you both through my actions and guilt trip into the thing that killed my mom and your mom at a young age and will kill you but since I'm not the first born the obligation skips me but yeah you totally have to do it or you are a bad person And Alivia just accepts this with no push back She doesn't say Ummm this is crazy She doesn't run away She doesn't say looking never killed anything I grew up in NYC for God sakes I'm not cool with suddenly running around killling thing; I wouldn't even know how Nope Alivia thinks for half a second maybe I should run away and then says no it's my duty to save these people There is literally zero character or world building that would allow her to reasonably reach this conclusion She doesn't have the totally human friend she has made get attacked or the girl who was always nice to her in English and they chatted about their love for paranormal books get attacked and killed causing her to feel guilty and accept this path Nope she just instantly changes her world view and gets on board while her Aunt acts from this post on like Alivia always knew this day would come and didn't just have her world rocked by 1 her parent's murder a week ago 2 being attacked by a vampire 3 finding out she is a slayer and her mom was a slayer and slayer business is what got her parents murderedThe writing rapidly devolved from this point Oliva is sitting in her basement flipping through her book of demons and this scene happensTaking a deep breath I opened the book The first page was blank So were the second and the third I guess the author had done this on purpose in case the book fell into the wrong hands The reader would just give up and toss it away The fourth page had wordsI'm 100% on the same page as Alivia on this I can't tell you how many books I opened saw a blank page turned the page saw another blank page turned one page saw that that page was too blank and knew every page after that was 100% absolutely no doubts about it blank so I just tossed the book in the trash without flipping to a fourth page or keeping it to use as a journal Now I know authors were tricking me into not reading their secrets My whole life has been a lie Then we find out page five and every page after it are pictures of nameless demons They are nameless because there are so many of them they just couldn't possibly be named I knowmy encyclopedia of animals is the same way It's just pictures and lists of the animals diets prey habitat and predictors My friends and I will constantly be talking about that four legged hoofed thing with black and white stripes or the giant grey thing with large floppy ears and a really long nose that is scared of the tiny white thing with whiskers beady eyes and a tail that is always trying to take over the world We wish we had names to call them by but alas there are just too many of them to name so we save time by describing them Then Alivia asks Aunt Bea if she can wait one night before she starts slayer training you know be normal just a little longer to which Aunt Bea says nothing has to change And you know she is totally right Alivia's life is exactly the same as it was a few hours ago well you know except for the hunting and slaying of demonsSo the overly dramatic Alivia who sees demon slaying as a massive life change heads to school where she has now decided she cannot be friends with the four hot guys she has been obsessing over because she has to be a slayer by night This is even though there has been nothing in the story to reasonably give Alivia the belief hey this slaying stuff could be tricky to balance with friends and might get them hurt well unless you count all those seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the author watched but that doesn't exist in this universe or else Alivia would have said Ummm Aunt Bea are you alright? Did something happen on the job today because vampire slayer's aren't real Don't get me wrong Sara Michelle Gellar totally kicked butt and who didn't want Angel as a boyfriend but that isn't realAfter spending the school day ignoring the only friends she has ever had friends she wanted so badly she as a child asked her parents to take her to therapy because she recognized there was something wrong with her when she wasn't making friends like other children that's a pretty self ware child Alivia has a run in with a guy in the parking lot He calls her ice princess she slaps him he grabs her one of her guys shows up Chase the guy who grabs her continues to act like the other guy isn't even there and this cringe worthy exchange happensWhat do youbwant from me?I told you baby I want to melt your worldSorry I just threw up in my mouth a little rereadjng that I mean come on that is just first draft throwing the idea on the page level writing It's OK to use that as a starting point but that shouldn't be your finished product The final straw for me was this training scene right after school with everyone's favorite Aunt BeaPunch meI'm not punching youYou're not going to hurt me Did you forget I'm a cop I work out four times a week Show me what you've gotCan't I just practice on the dummy?You're not ready for the dummy yetYeah that makes sense OK first of all Aunt Bea just explained to Alivia that Alivia has to do the slaying not Aunt Bea because Alivia has super human strength and speed but yeah those four days a week that Aunt Beat works out make her invincible to super naturals other than the fact she already said it doesn't Then who starts training from scratch with hey throw a punch? I can't tell you how many books where the girl has fallen into the super natural world and has to learn how to fight I've sat through the explanation of not tucking your thumb because if you do you will break it because that a important and part of the development of the story and the character The details are important You are building the universe as an author you can't just skip or not pay attention to the little details And finally WTF is she starting with hitting a human??? Is this some special dummy that attacks back? Isn't the dummy the thing you learn on as you are learning how to hit and what the movements are???? This is like basic action section movie and book writing 101All of this happened in a span of 20 pages or less and I just couldn't any I really wanted to like this and I still think it could be good but it needs a lot development It needs continuity and story editing Rayne needs a bunch of beta readers who will help her work out the weak points like the ones above She needs to fix those week point and focused on building the world and the characters and yes that is going to take a lot of pages That happens when you have five main characters who will all need eual billing as the star She needs to sit back and say does that makes sense when she writes something Alivia is suppose to be a sopho in high school so she she be 15 buy she is driving she asked for a therapist years ago she doesn't have a cell phone she's never had any friends not even online gamer friends Football games are happening three times a week Deaths are immediately forgotten and pushed past If you want Alivia to be over her parents death or at least the immediate grief have her starting at school after her aunt took a leave of absence for the summer to spend time with Alivia in New York Have Aunt Bea looking to join a force in NYC but when she can't get a job she reluctantly brings Olivia back to Oregon hoping things will be OK Have her believe the demons will stay gone and sympathetic and remorseful when the Vampire appears and Alivia's world is turned upside down rather than giddy and frankly kind of creepy If I see that this is pulled and substantially reworked I will happily give it another shot but I just can't do it as written

  3. Runningrabbit Runningrabbit says:

    Great new YA seriesThis has a wonderful main character who discovers she’s special beyond her wildest dreams as she develops new relationships which define her life Let’s hope Danica Rayne comes out with the enxt book sooner rather than later

  4. Jeanny Jeanny says:

    2 imitation is a form of flattery stars This is a mixed bag it’s Buffy the vampire slayer with a prejudiced pushy Guardian I’m not sure if I’ll become a fan of the series but I will go on to book 2 bc I already own it

  5. Dena Dena says:

    Update I read this again and I must say that I really wanted to read it again to see if there was a change in my opinion I must say it was a slow read The second book I am hoping is faster pace since the ending in this one was fast pace and a cliffhanger I would give it a 3 so better than the 2 before1231 ReviewLackingThe story is weak and lacking anything substantial There are so many things wrong with it that it would take for ever to write down I will say that the characters are well developed its just a shame that there is no support in the story The girls parents did and she is sent away to an Aunt that tells her she is a slayer All through the book her Aunt bullied her and pushed her to be a slayer and I thought she was a jerk for that I just couldn't stand her at all and it was just like that through out the story I would not read this

  6. Avid Avid says:

    Beginning was intriguing but I spent most of this novel irritated and yelling at the characters and trying not to throw my phone across the room Characters are annoying and have very little development Readers are told the sky is red and that’s the end of the discussion There’s no revelation why the sky is red no uestioning of how it got that way or how long it’s been that way or whether it’s good or bad and if it can be changed We are meant to blindly swallow what is dished out And then there is NO PLOT What is the crisis that is resolved in this novel? Nothing is resolved There's just this long buildup of information that is again black and white with no explanation or true exposition and then a cliffhanger Nope Nothing makes me angrier I won’t be reading anything else from this author Also TONS of blatant editing errors See my progress notes for specifics

  7. Paranormal Kiss Paranormal Kiss says:

    DNF at 25% The concept of the story was good but the execution was lacking enough that I gave up on reading it I found certain plot points to be unrealistic For example Liam runs hot tempurature wise so much so that his touch is described as painfully hot If that was the case wouldn't he go out of his way to avoid touching people? That might even be a big enough issue to keep him from going to a regular school for fear of being discovered There were things that struck me as illogical or unrealistic that is just one example The grammar errors were noticable and I'm not an expert at grammar by any means so that's saying something Lastly the writing needs work It felt a bit stilted and didn't flow well

  8. Jessica *The Lovely Books* Jessica *The Lovely Books* says:

    Interesting concept but poorly executed

  9. Tiffiny Tiffiny says:

    It had potential but definitely didn’t reach said potential The grammar alone was bad enough but so was the lack of character development This book felt like this authors first thing she’s ever writtenlike kind of juvenile in the writing style The time frame in which everything happened was UICK Like excessively so Alivias ups and downs were confusing and the speed of which she got over everything including her parents death was astonishing The only thing I can say I was okay with was her harem It’s an okay harem I might read in hopes of seeing the author improve

  10. Missy Brown Missy Brown says:

    Promising start to this Rh readSlayer is a promising start to Ya Rh series They are all around 1617 years old This is a slow burn Rh which for this age I feel is appropriate We did leave off on a cliff hanger but I believe it sets up for the next book perfectly

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