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Wildfire Kelly Turnbull #3 First came People’s Republic then Indian Country Now Kelly Turnbull returns locked and loaded in Wildfire Blue America teeters on the edge of chaos and collapse but that’s not ex operator Kelly Turnbull’s problem any – until he is called out of retirement for a crucial job in Siberia that turns out to be a deadly trap Now Turnbull must go deep undercover inside the crumbling People’s Republic’s secret police force to stop a jihadi threat that could kill millions in both red and blue America Working alongside his sworn enemy he has to put his trust where he always has – in his instincts and his45 automatic as his bloody campaign of revenge takes him from Mexico City to Germany to the bowels of the urban jungle of the abandoned Pentagon where MAC 10 in hand Kelly Turnbull faces his deadliest enemy

About the Author: Kurt Schlichter

Kurt Schlichter is a trial lawyer and a retired Army infantry colonel with a degree from the Army War College who writes twice a week as a Senior Columnist for Townhallcom His new novel People's Republic is now availableKurt was personally recruited by Andrew Breitbart in 2009 to write for Big Hollywood He is often on the air as a news source an on screen commentator and as a guest on nat

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  1. Adam Yoshida Adam Yoshida says:

    A Great Addition to the Series“Wildfire” is an enjoying addition to the “People’s Republic” series taking us inside the People’s Republic and to Europe on an adventure that stands up well with other examples of the action thriller genre While the premise the dissolution of the United States and the establishment of a totalitarian dictatorship in part of its former territory can hardly be described as “fun” this book certainly is

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Great book terrible proofreading Great book as was the first two in the series but whoever proofread the book did a terrible job Noticed maybe one error in the first 23 of the book which was fine Then it was like they gave up on the end Multiple misspellings or complete wrong words Great story and writing but next time proofread the whole book

  3. Chuck Chuck says:

    Future ShockIf you are not reading Kurt Schichter the i don't really want to know you and your opinion on everything is worthless

  4. William Speers William Speers says:

    Good storyGood fun story for those who see the USA as deteriorating into two cultures heading towards becoming two nations with one being “progressive” and the other being conservative Lots of errors of grammar and diction The PC parody is entertaining; the simplistic straw man plot is a little thin

  5. Conrad Conrad says:

    A uick ‘fun’ read in these interesting times as we watch the unraveling of the Bill of Rights in Blue States under the guise of “protection” by power hungry Governors and other petty officials I did note as other have mentioned a number of typos that should have been picked up by an Editor or proofreader I look forward to reading ‘Collapse’ and seeing what becomes of the People’s Republic Hope the proofreading is better

  6. John Nevola John Nevola says:

    As much as I loved the first two books in this series and as much as I like the author and most of his writings this book just didn’t make it for me Schlichter invented a great backdrop to entertain and inform Americans about the dangers of the far left socialist philosophy by presenting an America split into two countries He creatively exploited this plot device in his first two novels So far so good I liked them both So what does he do in Wildfire? He sends his hero Kelly Turnbull to Siberia The People’s Republic and Germany in search of the inventor of a deathly pathogen before it can destroy humanity Turnbull even collaborates with his nemesis in the first two novels Martin Rios Parkinson All of a sudden I’m reading a cross between The Walking Dead and The Andromeda Strain In addition this was an extremely poorly edited work with whole paragraphs being repeated spurious sentences in random places and missing words The plot and the writing seemed rushed and somehow compromised I expected better from the author I believe his audience would rather see his speculation on the saga of the split America’s the economies state border issues military foreign relations especially with Mexico Canada Iran and NATO and the brewing rebellions in the people’s Republic And perhaps a path to reuniting the country?John E Nevola Author of The Last Jump and The Final FlagUS Army Veteran – SP5Military Writer's Society of America

  7. Howard Howard says:

    Pleasantly surprising The whole concept of the book was uniue Guesses like DeBlasio becoming President and other people we all know in high positions is novel Makes me happy that none of it came true Turnbull is a real no nonsense character that’s easy to root for I’ll be eagerly awaiting the fourth book “Crisis”

  8. Thomas Thomas says:

    LEFTISTS BEWARE THIS BOOK CONTAINS LETHAL DOSES OF MALE TOXICITYKurt Schlichter has come out with the third adventure in the Kelly Turnbull series and this one is just as much fun to read as the first twoFor those of you who are unacuainted with the series Schlichter has developed a what if scenario set slightly in the future where the current US splits into two countries due to the ever increasing inability of the Right and Left to have any kind of civil discourse The new USA is composed of the Red States with Dallas as the capital The People's Republic is composed of the East and West Coast along with the Northern Rust Belt states The Red States are a free market pro gun pro God nation and home of the Normals The People's Republic is a socialist utopia where all hate speech is outlawed and the government controls everything President De Blasio eventually moves the PR's capital from Washington to New York CityThe USA and the Peoples Republic are constantly engaged in low level warfare ranging from behind the lines guerrilla actions to full up clashes between ard and mechanized forcesKelly Turnbull is the Special Fores trained go to guy for the US government He is put into play for the toughest and most critical clandestine operations You the reader have the pleasure of joining him on rescue and sabotage operations behind enemy lines throughout the world So far he has raised and trained resistance groups in southern Indiana He has led search and destroy missions into Ira Siberia Munich and Washington Turnbull has even rescued a damsel in distress and the latest Silicon Valley encryption technology from the depths of Communist CaliforniaSchlichter does a great job of painting a picture of what might be if the present efforts of the Left to inflict chaos continue unabated The People's Republic is laughably believable given how far off the rails some far left wing zealots go There are just so many great passages and commentary included in this novel Below is a sampling with a few of my commentsSadly but not improbably Schlicther sees the Leftists turning Arlington National Cemetery into a landfill and the Pentagon into a public housing project aka a ghettoJeff Bezos does not escape the depredations of the socialists either in the ruins of the old Complex” The merchandise giant had opened an enormous new headuarters campus there just before the Split Not long afterwards the blue government could no longer contain its greed President Elizabeth Warren declared the company a “profit crime enterprise” and what assets that had not been relocated into the red at the corporation’s new headuarters in Atlanta were seized The company founder Jeff Bezos became a fugitive from the People’s Republic and he still resided in the Caribbean Island nation of Grenada which he bought in 2026A major anti gun advocate from California also finds a place in this speculative history then obscure Congressman from the San Francisco Bay Area named Eric Swalwell suggested for American citizens who insisted upon their rights At the time a nuclear strike on an unruly American city seemed extreme It turned out he was a visionary of petty tyranny Swalwell would go on to run the People’s Bureau of Investigation after the Split and he pioneered the building of the network of reeducation and reintegration camps that dotted the rural reaches of the People’s Republic They housed the social criminals such as gun owners and dedicated Christians and Jews who were not lucky enough to be executed The camps were heavy on reeducation mostly through labor fear and along with another hero of today's Democrat party People’s Republic’s first “Minister of Restorative Justice” Maxine WatersThere are also some great jabs at Political Correctness run amok She was holding a pot and wearing her waitress gear – they still called them “waitresses” in Texas Being home was always so much easier since you didn’t have to constantly navigate through the verbal minefields that surrounded every human interaction in the People’s Republic Just having a limited number of pronouns to worry about made life exponentially simplerThe jet made its final approach over the northern Virginia region south of the old capital – no one called it “Washington” any because the Father of the Former Country both owned slaves and had a penis and these disualified him from being remembered And “District of Columbia” was obviously a non starter So since all the suggested alternatives were likewise disualified the People’s Republic of North America government re named it “Capital City” Then it moved the capital to New York CityOn top of being an an exciting novel this is an insightful and well informed analysis of the inevitable arc of today's Progressive movement I found it to be one of those stories I just couldn't out down until I'd read it all the way throughI highly recommend this book to intelligent readers

  9. Brett T Brett T says:

    Kurt Schlichter is probably better known as a political commentator both in writing and on some television appearances After serving in the United States Army he took up the practice of law focusing on free speech issues and similar matters Friends with Andrew Breitbart he began writing for the latter's Big Hollywod site offering entertainment industry commentary from a conservative perspective Schlichter was blunt pugnacious and almost always utterly convinced his point of view was the right one useful ualities for one's lawyer even if not always as beneficial outside the courtroom Schlichter eventually moved on from Breitbart to Townhall continuing to broaden his focus to include other political and cultural matters The switch saw the uality of his commentary decline which is not the arc you'd expect from someone leaving a Breitbart site Reading any of his columns today reuires a glossary to match the people Schlichter dislikes with the adolescent insulting nickname he coins for them their plentifulness makes it clear where the majority of the thinking of any particular column was directedIn 2016 Schlichter turned his hand to adventure fiction with The People's Republic a novel set a few decades from now after what we call Red and Blue America have actually split into two different nations Coastal or Blue America becomes the People's Republic of America a land with a totalitarian regime enforcing the ultimate limits of politically correct progressive lunacy Gun loving freedom minded folks kept the name United States of America and they also kept their sanity about all of the hot button issues in today's headlines Two novels in this universe with the lead character of special forces operator Kelly Turnbull have followed The current is Wildfire in which Kelly has to infiltrate the PRA and work with his enemies to locate a terrorist group that wants to release a deadly virus code named Wildfire Infected people begin to act like zombies attacking anyone near them and only uick intervention with massive antivirals can save someone infected Kelly has survived one exposure to the virus so his former boss drags him out of retirement to hunt it downSchlichter lifts from a dozen sources to paste together his unsurprising story The relationship between Kelly and PRA agent Kristina Carter owes clumsy nods to the Sylvester StalloneSandra Bullock partnership in Demolition Man A scene in the abandoned Pentagon now home to different tribes of homeless draws on Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome The split US trope is an old one freuently done much much better as in Robert Ferrigno's 2006 2009 Assassin trilogyThere are some desultory chase scenes and dialogue in which Schlichter renders his view of modern progressivism with all the subtlety of a rhino on a rocket but most of the book is Kelly putting bullets into bad guys in repetitive gunfights Although Schlichter insists in his introduction that his vision of the two nations is a warning not a prediction the obvious glee he takes in showing the progressive PRA as a 100% failure makes that hard to believeIn interviews and elsewhere Schlichter has said the Kelly Turnbull books are meant to be seen as at least partly satirical and he claims that he writes some of the scenes as over the top in order to be funny How well does he succeed at humor? We can borrow an example of the Schlichter wit from his current columns about the presidential race in order to find out Among the derisive nicknames Schlichter gives the vast Democratic field is one for South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg an out gay man with a difficult to pronounce last name Schlichter calls him Pete Buttplug which tells you about all you need to know about the humor you'll find in Wildfire and the other Turnbull books should you make my mistake of reading oneOriginal available here

  10. Jack Jack says:

    Can’t wait for the seuelAs a subscriber to kindle Unlimited I hate like hell to pay for a book but KAS really nails it Great action witty repartee prophetic politics the series has been a non stop page turner Sadly as fun as his books are I’m afraid they accurately predict a dismal future At 71 I may dodge the bullet of the coming civil war but I don’t foresee a detente Born and bred a Texan from San Antonio I moved to California in the 60’s to go to college and follow a teen romance sadly long gone California was still part of the US then a little whacky but fun and happening for a fuzz faced college boy in love Alas that California is long gone I watched it crumble like a sand castle in a rising tide It truly is the People’s Republic now in the blue metro sectors I fled the deep blue SF Bay Area when I retired for the red part of the state like the rest of the country California is geographically mostly red but we are ruled over by the tyrants in the blue margins Arm up my friends we face a violent future unless we bend the knee to the socialist dictatorship in store for this sickly country Live free or die

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