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Shut Up and Kiss Me Lowe Carter and Faith Williams could not be different Lowe comes from money very old money Faith scrapes by living paycheck to paycheck sending what little she has left to her mother and little sister Lowe is just starting her obligatory two week visit with her parents when she collides literally and figuratively with the beautiful Faith What better way to spend two weeks of hell than in the company of a hot sexy woman The only problem is that employees like Faith are forbidden to fraternize with residents and their guests Join Lowe and Faith as they sail on The Escape the world’s largest private residence on the water

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  1. Joc Joc says:

    It’s taken me ages but it’s finally dawned on me that Cannon’s books invariably focus on the characters getting to know each other doing the flirtatious dance trying to figure out who will lead up until the point where they recognise their desire to be together or at least give it a try Her books are about the beginnings and not the relationship So I was expecting a sudden ending with no epilogue but that said this wasn’t one of the better story lines for meLowe Carter is joining her ridiculously wealthy parents for a holiday in their residential apartment on an exclusive ship Faith Williams is part of the crew and has been for eight years There are rules preventing staff fraternising with the guests so it doesn’t help when they bump into each other and experience an uncanny attractionIt’s written in first person with alternating points of view and while that normally doesn’t bother me there were times when I had to flip backwards to see who was talking I uite liked both Faith and Lowe but they didn’t have nearly enough dialogue or interactions for me to fully believe they got each other What I mean by that it is I knew what Faith’s background and values were and I knew what Lowe’s values were from their inner monologues but they didn’t really communicate it to each other on page It left me feeling that they didn’t really know each otherA couple of other things bothered me like Lowe saying that her parents would pride good manners and breeding above all else but spent half her time apologising for their manners Maybe that’s the complexity of human nature I like books set on ships because it is a defined space forcing the characters to get to know each other but some parts felt a little too much like a travel guide In the end it’s a fairly easy read with a little pushing and pulling Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

  2. Bethany Bethany says:

    I love the way that Julie Cannon builds up a romance in her novels This one was no exception with most of this book centering on the flirtation and build up between MCs with no uick payoff Personally I love the buildup but this one struck me as a bit odd in places Let me try to explainFirst off novels in first person bother me unless they're perfectly done I hate it when the characters don't have such different voices that it's obvious who's head we're in This one left me flipping backwards in a few spots to figure out who was speaking It's not too bad but just a small irk for meI liked both MCs with Lowe as the rich girl never worried about money entitled but doesn't act like it and Faith who's a servant I enjoyed their interactions but it felt like it was all in their heads instead of out in the open as dialogue For example they would feel the chemistry internally and since we're in first person we're aware of their feelings but neither of them really talked to the other very much in the novel It was all internal monologue and neither one of them really communicated with the other for the majority of the novel The big sex scene is really the only time that honest communication seemed to have occurred and we really only heard about it after the fact All of that to say that it left me a bit bewildered why they would want to run off and end up together in the end I'm still not all that sure they even really know each otherThis is an easy read with a good dramatic factor thrown in but wasn't super deep I read it in one sitting in just a few hours and while it was good there wasn't much in here to make it exceptional If you're a fan of flirty build up or a fan of cruise ships travel themed romances I think you'll like this one 35 starsMany thanks to Bold Strokes Books for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review

  3. Rosi Rosi says:

    This is an ok romance but too slow paced and redundant in the reasons for hesitancyFaith is an employe in the luxury ship in wich Lowe is embarued to visit her parents who live in said ship traveling all over the world Lowe parents and sister are the kind of rich people that believes they are above the rest of mortals especially the less fortunate and those who need to work for living Lowe herself is not like that so her annual visit is always forced and unwanted but she does it anyway if only just out of respect Faith on the other hand sends all the money she can save to her mum and sister in need of that She has a very strong sense of family ties and she hopes one day to create her ownLowe is in no rush to this kind of commitment fun and uncomplicated is her style But then Faith makes her reconsider thisAll uite interesting and promising but pretty lost in the excess of should or shouldn't by both main charactersThe duplicity of POV is sometimes confusing there are chapters with several changes of narrator although it helps to understand some MC decisions and actions thoughCertainly this author has better stories I enjoyed very much some of her first books but her latest don't let me fully satisfied This one should have an epilogue please An advanced reading copy has been sent to me by the publisher Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review

  4. Heinerway Heinerway says:

    The book started with a bang Lowe visiting her very wealthy parents living in a very luxurious residential cruise ship and meeting there Faith an employee at said ship Ah there you are instaloveI must say that I'm not a fan of instalove And further the I read the less I enjoyed the storyAt the end it was a bland book

  5. Carrie Carrie says:

    A hot and cold romance that left me wanting Lowe is the daughter of wealthy parents She has ventured away from that lifestyle by moving to Phoenix and opening her own business Once a year she visits her parents and sister on the Escape A large ship that her parents live on Faith is a cute blonde British staff member on their boat Lowe and Faith fatefully run into each other and there is an instant attraction Lowe decides she is going to try and have a vacation fling with her Somewhere between dinners coffees and excursions things become a bit involved What I liked about this book was that it was a very slow build up but every encounter felt entertaining Normally I don't like a lot of description around activities that characters do in books But I really enjoyed the excursions It seemed like the author had either done these things before or did good research because I felt like I was taking part in them The dialogue was good and believable But on that note the dialogue was frustrating This is very much based on miscommunication or the lack thereof Faith is so hot and cold until the very end that I wondered how Lowe could put up with it The POV kept changing without any type of indicator of who's head we are in It was confusing and took a bit of time to figure it out each time it switchedI was also left wanting The book mentions several things that never get a story or are not resolved So I wondered what was the point in mentioning some things if they weren't going to pan out to be important The end was satisfying but abrupt There were major uestions that were not answered Overall this was a good read I'd recommend it for those who like will theywon't they slow build romancesI received an ARC through Netgalley from Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

  6. Natasha Natasha says:

    I received an arc via netgalley in exchange for a free and honest reviewdnf 11%I'm going to keep this brief I found Lowe to be so damn obnoxious I physically could not read it I hate reading obnoxious characters and Lowe was the worst She goes on and on and on and on about being humble when it comes to having money every thought in regards to her family was his superiority complex The only way I can take rich characters who are different or whatever is if they donate to charity or something She seemed so spend most of the time complaining about being rich which got annoying immediately There's was also this judgmental tone about her sister having a therapist on speed dial as if smart phones have speed dial? which didn't sit well with me at all

  7. Det. Nidhi Det. Nidhi says:

    I don't know where to go with this review The book started off pretty well with character introductions and all Most of the characters were black and white There was no in between I don't know if I would have liked that in other books but it worked fine hereNow I don't know if the author intentionally spent so much time introducing the characters and then the whole romance plot was brought it It wasn't exactly a slow burn romance like feelings jumped in out of nowhere atleast for Faith The book was pretty slow till the 45% mark but then things went a lot faster after that It was all well till the end which I again felt to be really abrupt I guess I'll have to read books by the author to get used to her This book is decent enough to pass time and I'd totally recommend it if you're a travel nut

  8. Betty Betty says:

    Shut Up and Kiss Me is a slow burn contemporary romance by Julie Cannon It involves two characters from opposite social standings as well as wealth status who meet on a ship the world’s largest private residence on the water Faith works on the ship and Lowe is visiting her parents who own one of the larger residences on the ship The story is mainly about the two of them meeting and slowing coming togetherI’m afraid I had a hard time with this book The story is written in the first person but the POV changes between the two characters often sometimes in the middle of a chapter It became rather confusing sometimes trying to keep up with who was talking I never connected with the characters and actually did not like Lowe very much at all While I occasionally felt some sparks between the two main characters it was rather sporadic throughout the story I also did not like the ending of the story It was too abrupt We needed to see at the endThere is a lot of witty and sometimes rather snarky humor especially in the dialogue and thoughts of the characters that I found amusing The different settings the characters visited were also well described This is an OK read for those who like stories that have a truly slow burn and change settings oftenI received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review Rainbow Reflections

  9. MJS MJS says:

    ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This isn’t one of Cannon’s best It features MCs Faith who is working on an exclusive residents cruise ship and Lowe whose parents live on the ship and who is taking a yearly holiday with them They POV switches between both MCs so unlike pure first person this does help with understanding both MCs perspectives Both characters are nice enough but I felt they lacked chemistry While the do spend a fair bit of time together they’ve still only known each for other less than a month before achieving their HEA which I found hard to swallow There’s also a lot of ‘we shouldn’t do this’ and family disapproval and that got old All in all I just didn’t buy into the relationship and found Lowe’s family and any scene that involved them trying The resolution is also very rushed Cannon has better books I suggest trying one of them instead

  10. Heath Heath says:

    I liked the way that this book started and liked both MC Unfortunately my feelings started to change about halfway through Lowe's mom and sister were a bit stereotypical and super annoying It didn't feel like Lowe and Faith actually spent much time alone getting to know each other They were mostly with other guests Eyeing each other over dinner doesn't count The changes in whose POV we were reading was confusing There were times I was a half page in and just figured out who I was reading The ending was disappointing I just assumed that there would be an epilogue In this story I think it's important to see how they end up working out all of the difficulties of being together There's no discussion of how they're going to deal with the fact that they live in two very different locations This book was ok but not a favorite of mine by the author A copy was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley

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