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La giostra degli scambi La giornata comincia storta per Montalbano intervenuto per sedare una rissa sulla spiaggia di Marinella ha colpito l’uomo sbagliato e poi scambiato per uno degli aggressori viene fermato dai carabinieri Infine scopre che Adelina ha scambiato un galantuomo per ladro e gli ha sbattuto in testa una padellaApprodato finalmente in ufficio il commissario viene informato di un anomalo seuestro una ragazza è stata aggredita in una strada solitaria narcotizzata e rilasciata dopo ualche ora illesa La cosa si ripete dopo ualche giorno; uesta volta la vittima del seuestro lampo è la nipote di Enzo il proprietario della trattoria rifugio di Montalbano L’unico filo che lega i due seuestri è l’età delle due donne 30 anni e il lavoro in banca A uesta indagine si affianca uella per l’incendio doloso di un negozio di elettrodomestici il cui proprietario Marcello Di Carlo pare essersi volatilizzato fuga d’a dopo un soggiorno alle Canarie sparizione studiata per sottrarsi ai debitori o vendetta della mafia per pizzo non pagato La vicenda all’inizio sembra banale ma un terzo seuestro lampo ancora una volta una ragazza che lavora in un istituto di credito e il ritrovamento di un cadavere apre nuovi scenari Di chi è il corpo e dove è finita la fidanzata segreta di Di CarloSebbene il commissario si senta invecchiare forte delle sue intuizioni e del suo agire fuori dagli schemi vede giusto e superando la soluzione a portata di mano mai fidarsi delle apparenze giunge alla verità Grazie alla sua logica stringente ma soprattutto alla sua capacità uella sì che si avvale del peso degli anni di comprendere moventi e sentimenti

10 thoughts on “La giostra degli scambi

  1. Roman Clodia Roman Clodia says:

    Amazingly this series is still going strong at #23 in the series steeped in Sicilian atmosphere moody Montalbano continues to charm and amuse with his usual able sidekicks Catarella has less of a role than in some books but does manage to successfully mangle every name given to him and Adelina deals with a burglar without taking her eyes off the pasta Classiest of switch off reading

  2. Skip Skip says:

    Three female bank employees are flagged down to help a man working on his car; two are chloroformed but otherwise unharmed but the third is superficially slashed Are they related? Is this a vendetta against banks? Montalbano and his team start asking uestions as they always do and Catarella butchers everyone's names Mix in a nasty case of arson and the shop owner's disappearance after refusing to pay the Mafia's increased protection money Then for some spice add in a jilted lover and you have all ingredients for a classic Sicilian mystery by the master Andrea Camilleri

  3. Ivonne Rovira Ivonne Rovira says:

    The Overnight Kidnapper the 23rd novel in the series featuring Chief Inspector Salvo Montalbano isn’t up to author Andrea Camillieri’s usual standards but that still leaves room for it to be pretty good Two 30 something employees from banks are doused with chloroform before being released unharmed confusing police But Salvo eventually links these odd kidnappings with the disappearance of a storeowner whose shop is subjected to arson Camillieri packs some twists and turns but it’s not as clever or as humorous as Camillieri’s usual fare; still I’m glad I read it and I look forward to the next one

  4. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    somewhere between a 3 and a 35 this isn't Camilleri's best entry in this series nor is it his worst but it's somewhere in the middle I'll post about this book soon; for now let me just say that he's done better The thing is though that I will keep reading and buying these novels until the last one is translated and published because I am a huge fan shortly

  5. Kathy Kathy says:

    As always I enjoyed a few belly laughs appreciating the comical exchanges between Montalbano and his staff as well as the freuent reckless driving seuences getting to crime scenes Typically of late these books have started with dreams hinting at the theme to come but in this case it's a case of a guilty fly vs innocent fly disturbing his sleepThere are some confusing abductions of women on their way home from work at banks missing people concerned friends and family suspicion of Mafia murders and all for Montalbano to resolveLivia was only offstage via short phone calls Her presence usually adds warmth so I missed that Even so this author is a favorite and he always makes me laugh

  6. Richard Richard says:

    There are aspects here that are frustrating to the avid reader of the Inspector Montalbano series At times it appears that the brilliant Camilleri is toying with his reader and playing on the success of the popular TV series these books have spawnedIs it an homage to the great detective to explore lighter moments or is it closer to parody and on the cusp of farce?Now reader I believe all these things are forgivable For me the author is a genius and based on his success can play with his characters in this way However this is not an apology in my review of a substandard story as I believe there are aspects here that celebrate the success and I am so pleased to be part of that processThis is a police procedural with Montalbano aided and abetted by Fazio Augello and Catarella Here we find the team struggling with a mysterious kidnapper who seems to be escalating in his violence with each abductionMeanwhile life in the police station is further disrupted by a fire at an electronics store and the disappearance of its owner which has potential Mafia linksThe two separate crimes are investigated and progress is slow but methodical To cut through the routine the author has breathed life into his characters who have become larger than life due to the TV series and Camilleri acknowledges that by his love and care of these individuals hereSo we understand the role of the TV news media based on Salvo’s friend at the station Smile at his tetchy and caustic interactions with Dr Pasuano born out of their mutual respect When you add the humour the location and the heart of the fiction crimes of passion you have the flavour of these books When exposed to wonderful food and the Sicilian magic in relationship and character you appreciate why it is a formula that works and produces successIn this case all these elements are spun and woven into a complex investigation that although seems familiar is fresh and compellingUnlike many of the stories that evolve in books in his series this one does not recall an actual crime turned into fiction This is from the mind of the Maestro himself an original idea so is precious in itself for this insight into his imaginationA crime mystery that demands engagement by the reader A book that rewards with entertainment transportation to another place Escapism to a point but countered by sharing lessons from life I love the digs at getting older and the irksome idiosyncrasies of others that annoy frustrate but can also be affirmingAndrea Camilleri respects his art too much to just bring out another book each one I view as a gift and it is a great pleasure to read another one and recommend it to others

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    This entry in the Montalbano series lacks the social commentary that many of the previous books featured but the mystery was solidTranslated by Stephen Sartarelli

  8. Ivor Armistead Ivor Armistead says:

    Not one of Camilleri’s best efforts

  9. Steve Steve says:

    Historically I have given just about every Montalbano book a four star review That was generally due to the good mystery the humor the surprises and the character development This one The Overnight Kidnapper lacked all four of those ualities We have the womanizing Augello the foul mouthed Pasuano the inept Catarella Montalbano's dreams and his preoccupation with getting older the foodies Adelina and Enzo But in this book these are all retreads with little touch of humor depth or curiosity The mystery at the heart of the story is also a letdown I would agree with other reviewers who have said that Camilleri just phoned this one in Easily the worst and most lifeless of the Montalbano books If you are reading all of the Montalbano books you could readily skip this one and invest your precious time elsewhere If you choose to read it at least it is a uick read Definitely not recommended

  10. Ray LaManna Ray LaManna says:

    Another good Montalbano mysterya bit complicated but still a good read

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