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Death By Suggestion Hypnosis is a fascinating subject I would be very curious to do it but at the same time I'm very leery of it For some people it works wonders for helping them uit smoking and other therapeutic benefits It's also a bit like playing with a loaded gun in my opinion ie Satanic Panic I was very interested in Death by Suggestion as the stories collected in it were written when it was becoming a popular study and therapeutic toolDeath by Suggestion begins with a brief history on hypnosis that was very interesting The Introduction also has a list of the resources used in the intro I really like when a book includes that if it's an interesting subject as a jumping off point for study is always helpful There is also a short editor's note regarding the stories themselves being transcribed faithfully from the original texts There is also an index in the back along with biographical notes on the authorsThe cover may be a little on the plain side but it fits the book well The illustrations in the book are excellent I don't know if they were originally printed with the stories but if not they fit the time period very well The stories are mostly didactic and morality plays And also unintentionally hilarious The power of hypnosis is apparently magical It can keep a cabin boy alive through extraordinary circumstances in Hypnotism with a Vengeance a story which incidentally made me snort with laughter and yell Oh come on out loud make a husband forget his wife in The Irishman's Story and get a man roaring drunk in The Mystery of TurkentyneDeath by Suggestion has uite the roster of authors Arthur Conan Doyle's story John Barrington Cowles is one of the well written and interesting story Ambrose Bierce appears not once but twice I've never been a huge Bierce fan but for those that are this will be a treat I'd be curious to know if they are stories that are commonly anthologized or not I was a it surprised to not see a few of the famous stories such as The Haunted and The Haunters or the House and the Brain by Edward Bulwer Lytton depending on which version you read that isMost of the stories are silly but entertaining Even the poorly written stories that end like this and use the exclamation point so much the poor thing's probably worn out A few of the better stories are the aforementioned John Barrington Cowles Suggested Suicide and A Scientific Revenge Suggested Suicide would have been a bit better if we had been told the motives beyond the acts themselves The rest vary greatly in uality but for the most part are entertaining and rarely boringOne thing I noted was how often women show up in these stories Either as the instruments of doom for the men involved with them no matter how justified but often as the victims It makes a certain sort of sense give the time frame but it was still fairly irritating Even in a particular story I won't say which one there is this uote which made me roll my eyes so hard I think I saw my brain Never teach a woman the power of hypnotism again You place a dangerous weapon in the hands of the most irresponsible possessors in the world not unscrupulous but impulsive None should know it save those who value earth's possession's lightly who harbor no revenge It was also written by a woman a Marie Madison The only other story written by a woman Dora Sigerson Shorter is also the weakest and most overwrought melodramatic story of the book Although I think it's interesting to point out that in the story a person declares that an abusive relationship is not a marriage sanctioned by God I'd be curious to know how people reacted to it at the timeAll in all if you don't mind some dated ideas stories and a bit of sometimes unintentional silliness I would recommend it Received from publisher for review consideration Death by Suggestion gathers together twenty two short stories from the 19th and early 20th century where hypnotism is used to cause death—either intentionally or by accident Revenge is a motive for many of the stories but this anthology also contains tales where characters die because they have a suicide wish or they need to kill an abusive or unwanted spouse or they just really enjoy inflicting pain on others The book also includes an introduction which provides a brief history of hypnotism as well as a listing of real life cases where the use of hypnotism led to or allegedly led to death

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