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The Realist Clarissa Sullivan felt trapped by an unhealthy relationship and a job she hated When she inherited a rustic mountain cabin from her crazy great uncle it gave her the perfect opportunity to leave the world behind and live out her dream a life of solitude free of commitments entanglements and unrealistic expectationsA life that did not include her hot sexy survivalist neighbor When ex marine Travis Maxwell caught his former best friend and his intended fiancé fooling around behind his back he decided things had to change He moved to a secluded cabin in the mountains in search of a simpler existence one free of commitments entanglements and unrealistic expectationsOne that most definitely did not include his prickly but incredibly cute little neighborBroken and betrayed by those close to them both vow never to allow themselves to become vulnerable again But that far away from civilization it just makes sense to have each other’s back

10 thoughts on “The Realist

  1. LAKristy LAKristy says:

    Very well written and edited stand alone story with no cliffhangerThis is a light humorous story about two stubborn independent damaged people who are trying their hardest to tell themselves they want to lead solitary lives while uietly weaving each other into the fabric of their lives The female lead is smart and fiercely self sufficient her neighbor a protective alpha maleI wish the story had been longer but what's here is very well doneRecommended for fans of hunky alpha males dog rescue and HEA

  2. Deb Diem Deb Diem says:

    I've been binge reading Abbie Zanders books yes she's that good The Realist is a contemporary romance about two people that want to live away from everyone else How funny that they end up living close enough to share a driveway This is a fairly uick read perfect for those with limited reading time After an accident put Clarissa in the hospital and having a boyfriend that never had anything positive to say about her she decided to claim her inheritance and move into her late uncle's house Travis didn't want to be friends with his new neighbor but he couldn't stop doing things for her especially when the payback we homemade goodies left on his porch Travis and Clarissa's story is packed with humor drama and sizzle Kudos to Ms Zanders on the humor in this book I confess to laughing out loud This is a complete book not a cliff hanger

  3. Ann Ann says:

    Good readThis was a fast read that was well written and nicely edited I was not sure if I would like it when I read a few of the reviews It appeared that the guy was involved with another woman then jumped in a relationship with his neighbor too That was not the case at all Travis and Sugar had a mutually beneficial sexual relationship There is no “breaking up” if you aren’t together to begin with Sex does not always eual a relationship and he is clear about what he wants from the beginning I’m not sure if readers didn’t pay enough attention to the details or if maybe the book was rewritten It has a happy ending with no one getting hurt

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Liked the H and h characters but HATED the ow I HATED that the h could feel the sexual tension between the H and ow Not cool Also HATEd that the H went to the ow even after he wanted the h He didn’t go through with it but still wrong wrong wrong I also HATED that He never officially broke it off with the other woman He just stopped going to her So in her mind they could have picked up at any time I’m taking a break from this author

  5. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This definitely was a good read Different enough to hold my attention along with the snappy dialogue and it's endearing characters Abbie Sander never disappoints me

  6. Allena Allena says:

    Really enjoyed it A uick light read

  7. Sandy Sandy says:

    Good storyLoved the idea that two lonely people determined to live on their own can find each other and call in loveThere

  8. Cala Cala says:

    Read this in one sittingI think that Travis and Rissa are my new favorites Only thing wrong with this tale is that it's not long enough

  9. Rebecca Ridley Rebecca Ridley says:

    EntertainingI really enjoyed reading a simple love story Loved the ending This author always does a good job with her characters and the story line

  10. Susie Susie says:

    My 2nd time reading this book and it's just as good the 2nd time around 😉 I just couldn't help falling in love with the characters I just love a HEA

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