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The New Girl Code Tumi Letsatsi is a 15 year old melanin kween living in Rondebosch Cape Town Her favourite colour is yellow she's still trying to figure out how not to dent her afro on the bus and how one goes about ahem “french kissing” She’s a little awkward and a lot uncertain about her future friendships and how to put together a cool outfit But then she stumbles across the magic of coding and creates an app called “Project Prep” that goes viral and rockets her and her friends to fame Then everything starts to fall apart as she deals with a catfish who befriends her and steals her code nasty rumours at school and the newfound attention of a crushThe New Girl Code by Niki Smit locally edited by Buhle Ngaba is about the wonders of working in tech aimed at girls and young women aged 9 15 The project is an initiative of Inspiring Fifty and based on an idea by Janneke Niessen An absolutely adorable book about a girl standing her ground and breaking out of her shell both with friends and code Love how it realistically showed what social media is like with teens today instead of pretending it doesn’t exist I was sent a copy of The New Girl Code in exchange for an honest review and promotion All opinions are my ownAs the wife of a tech entrepreneur and business owner I am a big supporter of girls and women in STEM tech especially So I jumped at the chance to support this bookThe story is told perfectly teenagery The angst the self doubt the friendships the ups the downs I truly did have the knot in the pit of my stomach going through this little roller coaster of teenage emotions The author did not try to age up the main characters but at the same time some of the references don’t match up with that of a 15 year old today The most obvious being the use of Facebook High schoolers have not used Facebook for any form of communication for uite awhileThe overall story is really a great one While it does oversimplify the process involved it does a good job showing a few important things One that girls don’t have to fit in to some arbitrary social mold Two that girls in tech are CRUCIAL but still sorely underrepresented And three that YES YOU CAN teach yourself to code I also loved how the story brought in other great female mentors for the MCIf you have any young girls in your life that have shown an interest in STEM related activities please PLEASE continue to encourage them to pursue those interests And getting them this book and its resources both in the book and at wwwthenewgirlcodecom is an excellent way to do just that This book was really cute Some of the conflicts were solved a little too easily but other than that it was adorable I also love the idea behind the book and the little facts and helpful advice about coding and websites where you can learn to code Written much in the same vein as the 'Spud' novels 'The New Girl Code' is a hilarious tale for tween and teen girls to discover capturing what coming of age in South Africa for girls is like and celebrating women in the tech world in a fresh way A uick read to inspire the younger generation of girls to code This book eases into the fact that how anyone with a passion and what wants to provide a solution via an application can start coding irrespective of their age I will definitely recommend this to my younger cousins Thank you Kaffeine Media for sending me a copy of The New Girl Code The launch of a fashion app in exchange for a review All opinions are my own as usual This was such a fun book perfect for inspiring young girls to start coding Charlie is a high schooler just trying to fit in with her friends She joins the soccer team but knows she would rather join the coding club Determined to not let the lack of spaces in the coding club from stopping her she starts coding a fashion app that would pick outfits for you out of the clothes you already have Charlie joins with her friends to make The Fashionist app the best it can be While reading this book I wanted to get up and immediately start coding myself The characters are very relatable for middle and high schoolers I also love that this is in a diary style format it allows you to feel closer with Charlie and provides a lot of places to put the book down but not forget where you were in the story I would highly recommend this to any young girl in your life who wants to use their love of technology to change the world #girlpower First let me say just because I didn't like this book doesn't mean that you won't like it Also I have nothing against the author I was sent a copy of this book and in exchange for an honest review and promotion All opinions are my ownThis book was made so cute the little illustrations throughout the book were adorable Unfortunately that was one of the few things I liked about this book Don't get me wrong I think this book was not a bad book it was just not for me I am not the target demographic for this book This book is about Charlie who is fifteen years old Soph she feels left out and acuired a lot But then she discovered the idea to create an app because of her love of coding Even though this is about a girl who is fifteen which is my age right now I do not feel like the character was my age she seemed much younger in my opinion and I don't think that it should be targeted to people my age or higher I feel like this book would have been a little if she was in middle school or just starting high school And it should be targeted to mostly just middle schoolers Unfortunately I felt like this book was someone older trying to understand how teenagers think I am a teenager and I just feel like this was all just based on cliches and stereotypes But I do think others will enjoy this even though I didn't if you're into STEM and coding and maybe about to go into high school I feel like this would be a great book for you

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