Practical Java Programming for Iot Ai and Blockchain PDF

Practical Java Programming for Iot Ai and Blockchain Learn practical uses for some of the hottest tech applications trending among technology professionals We are living in an era of digital revolution On the horizon many emerging digital technologies are being developed at a breathtaking speed Whether we like it or not whether we are ready or not digital technologies are going to penetrate and deeper and deeper into every aspect of our lives This is going to fundamentally change how we live how we work and how we socializeJava as a modern high level programming language is an excellent tool for helping us to learn these digital technologies as well as to develop digital applications such as IoT AI Cybersecurity Blockchain and Practical Java Programming uses Java as a tool to help you learn these new digital technologies and to be better prepared for the future changesGives you a brief overview for getting started with Java Programming Dives into how you can apply your new knowledge to some of the biggest trending applications today Helps you understand how to program Java to interact with operating systems networking and mobile applications Shows you how Java can be used in trending tech applications such as IoT Internet of Things AI Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity and Blockchain Get ready to find out firsthand how Java can be used for connected home devices healthcare the cloud and all the hottest tech applications

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