Eat to Beat Illness ePUB ✓ Eat to ePUB ✓

  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Eat to Beat Illness
  • Rupy Aujla
  • English
  • 09 March 2015
  • 9780062916297

3 thoughts on “Eat to Beat Illness

  1. Gina Gina says:

    I am a huge fan of recipes that have you eating delicious foods that pack the most health benefits so this book was perfect for me I like that before the recipes section it has a breakdown of what foods are good for what health benefits ex Eat For Inflammation Eat For Your Mood etc As for the recipes themselves they all sound amazing and have gorgeous pictures that will make you want to lick the pages I'm most excited to try the Cajun Corn Bites Citrus And Pineapple Asian Salad Greek Style Giant Beans and Coconut Bananas With Maple Cream So Much Yum Okay stop reading this review and start reading this cookbook already

  2. Martha Martha says:

    A fitting way to end 2019 and begin 2020 A new year new decade and hopefully a new me The author is a GP in London and a National Health Service MD He is the founder of the nonprofit Culinary Medicine UK After the introduction he offers sections on brain heart inflammation immunity cancer mood skin and eye health and the foods that should be consumed to optimize good health and eating Many recipes follow Mostly and all flavorful Only had to add two condiments to my cabinet to fully complete most recipes Highly recommend

  3. Erin Richards Erin Richards says:

    Not only is this book full of delicious looking recipes most are vegetarian or can be made vegetarian but there is also a lot of great nutritional information about how to prevent illness

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Eat to Beat Illness Dr Rupy is part of the new generation of physicians teaching people that food is medicine—MARK HYMAN MDDiscover the exact foods and spices that prevent and reverse the full spectrum of disease—from cancer and and autoimmune disorders to heart brain and inflammatory conditions and skin mood and eye health—from an internationally bestselling author and trained medical doctorImagine a world in which common conditions such as type 2 diabetes heart disease and dementia are rare Imagine feeling great all the time—with strong bone density and flexible joints radiant hair and skin a sharp mind a healthy weight sustained vision and hearing Sound too good to be true It’s notIn Eat to Beat Illness Dr Rupy Aujla—emergency medical doctor general physician and bestselling author—shows you how It all begins with the decisions you make about what you put on your plate Dr Aujla provides the latest research on how food impacts every system of your body He explains the connection between nutrition and disease and  reveals the specific ingredients proven to boost prevention and wellbeing and reverse symptomsEat to Beat Illness includes 80 nutritious recipes that combine these ingredients for optimum health Dr Aujla's approach isnt restrictive or bland; his dishes are creative flavorful and delicious using a variety of spices and ingredients that pack a punch such as cajun sweet potato hash Sri Lankan cashew curry jambalaya spinach lasagna and banana fritters with maple cream