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Visionary Wolf Code Wolf Two edge of your seat shifter romances from Harleuin Nocturne Visionary Wolf by Linda O JohnstonLieutenant Liam Corland is the newest member of an elite military unit for shape shifters A tech expert his task is to counter reports of Alpha Force's existence spreading online When the rumors take a dark turn his mission grows urgent His greatest ally is Dr Rosa Jontay the woman who's seen him at his most vulnerable the woman he knows he can never havebut can't possibly live without Code Wolf by Linda Thomas SundstromWhen Seattle detective and alpha werewolf Derek Miller meets Riley Price the bond is instant Feral Their connection entails enormous risk for he must keep the existence of his kind secret at all costs But the forces of darkness have Riley in their sights Now Derek must choose between the Were code of silence and saving the woman who's set him on fire

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  1. Amberlea Amberlea says:

    3 🌟 for Visionary WolfVery slow paced no smut it was an okay storyDNF for Code WolfI read 100 pages of this book and had to stop the female lead character was dumb as nails she kept running into trouble like I mean she kept looking for trouble she almost got raped then not even half HR later after been saved runs outside again to find werewolves and almost gets killed and then she repeats the process I just can't with stupid ppl

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