Overnight Sensation Harleuin Blaze #422 PDF é

Overnight Sensation Harleuin Blaze #422 DNF Got half way but couldn't continue I know Blaze's are suppose to be about sex than story but this read like a cheesy tamed down Hustler story with mechanical motions a strong focus on body parts and sex after a few brief conversations The base story of filming a movie was losing me too I like reading Blaze as a guilty pleasure but there was no pleasure in this one At least up to the point I uit reading This was a solid 25 stars I found it a hot sexy read but I found the plot a little too predictable and trite The great emotional tension wasn't really all that true and Ivy came of sounding a bit too foolish She's supposed to be an actress for goodness sake she couldn't be that innocent and naive I enjoyed this book than I thought I would Nice light read with a good balance of plot and love scenes Finished this book in a couple of hours The characters were well developed and were believable enough to form a connection with Ivy was a good heroine whom the reader is able to relate to 35 stars great chemistry between Ivy and Garrettvery hot and steamy The movie stuff may have been unbelievable but it was fun to read anyways Bits of awkward here and there but all in all a good escapist read a good fun read I liked this book but the narrator is what ruined it for me I have listened to other Karen Foley books with other narrators and they were much better Didn't finish MB this story really got under my skin I love the way the author just drew me in Feeling like part of the story Actress Ivy James is finally getting her big break She's been cast as the lead in a steamy blockbuster movie a sizzling flick based on war hero Garrett Stokes's military— and sexual—experiences behind enemy lines In the role Ivy will be reuired to shoot a lot of on screen sex scenes with her costar one of Hollywood's top hunks Unfortunately for Ivy the only guy who can get her motor running is the technical consultant—Garrett himselfGarrett has been secretly in love with Ivy for yearsIn fact it was only his infatuation with her that got him through all those months in a military hospital So when Ivy asks him to show her just how good the sex was how can he resist But will she still want to share his bed when she learns that Garrett's lust for her was the only reason she got the part

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