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Cards of Love The Moon 4 stars Well I've got nothing I knew I wanted to read this since I found out it was a thing And yeahI read it and I'm speechless I would have heard your voice anywhereHoly freaking wow My love for Sierra Simone's wizadry continues to grow This was a wild ride that left me positively spellbound I don't care what Sierra writes I'll be there to read it As always her storytelling gift shines brightlyI'm a certified Arthurian Legend fanatic so this was right down my alley It's a fantastical account of Merlin and Nimue's history It's erotic and decadent Intriguing and downright entertaining Oh and uite kinky The writing is brilliant The characters areWOW Andthere are mentions of our favorite couple I always love that It's a uick read novella length but reads like fully fleshed out story If you're a fan of the New Camelot series this is a Must Read she's angry that I left; I'm angry that I died The mere mention of Merlin from New CAMELOT series which is THE BEST SERIES by the way and I was salivating for his story At the end of the series Merlin gives us a glimpse of his power of magic and his ancient life You could've knocked me down with a feather on that bridgeAnd Sierra does JUST THAT A spellbinding tale that will transport you away from physical world into an ethereal above you'll float high on a cloud of spells and magic Reading a sierra book is akin to an otherworldy experience Its a high like no other Ancient times of kings and dungeons and diabolism and wizards comes alive right in her pages and youll want to touch it dive into it and just want to live there Merlin is blessed with a sight that sees both ways but it's taxing and exacting It also comes with a curse which offsets his gains with eual losses the sight it lets me see the past through my memories the future through my Visions The present through ways that even I don't fully understand Was he really was Ash gasp😱yesYES It all made sense now it was destiny and Merlin was chosen as a guidance counselor to stand beside Arthur and clear his path to greatness But what about the toll it took on Merlin himself his life what ultimate sacrifices he had to make to adhere to his loyalty towards his sworn duty?THAT is what THIS book is about THE MOON Moon has been forever associated with eternal love and carries a halo of mystery around it Magic happens when MOON ripens to a full formIt's aMerlin is epitome of eternal love with Nimue he has been wandering through lives for over 1500 years to stand guard to protect ArthurAsh and in the process meets loses dies resurrects through his loves with Nimue a narrow lonely path a giant arrow of Destiny pointing me towards my work and away from everything else They share magic and magic boldens and strengthens and doubles and winds itself around this glittering coupleHe lays down his pride his ego his life at her feet Not ashamed to lick her boots or accept pain at her merry little sadistic hands open up his body for her to beat flay open or crawl on all fours for her He's waited 23 years after the first taste to this second taste If THAT'S not timeless eternal love then nothing is I would rather die than leave you and let me tell you about the time I did just that Sierra spins Magic casts Enchanting spells scintillates the senses kinks up the sex and exhilarates the narration I am in a tranceNothing fulfilling to see this ferocious avowed love being reciprocated with eual if not devotion and fervor I suddenly want to bleed for him to die for him like he did for me I want to give him my bones my grave and The eternities of devotion I want sierraso much give me Lyr and Mark and Tristan and Isolde esue story Like thirsty travellers we'll travel a long time to arrive at CAMELOT 💕 just keep throwing us morsels or banuets of your words every now and then infinite stars for Little Moon Wizard #BookBistroBlogApproved Follow us on FB REVIEW 4 Eternal StarsHappiness is in her nature Just like destroying me is Effortless but hard hitting That's my phrase for Sierra Simone for the day Actually I think for always She has a uniue way of telling a really great story with a lot of depth and this time she did it all in NINE chapters NINE 9 How do you cram that much emotion that much depth and full bodiedness is that a word? into nine chapters?? Well she didAfter becoming slightly addicted to her New Camelot Series I was shocked to hear there was going to be to the story but not in the traditional sense This wasn't an add on story for Ash Embry and Greer but a deeper look into Merlin and Nimue and how their life came to be I am sure I am like many others that had a chip on their shoulders regarding Merlin for much of the series and I know I wasn't the only one that didn't trust him But of course Sierra drags me into a very different love story one for the ages literally One that made me think outside the box and gave me a hidden look into this life that I wouldn't normally ever check out I liked it I liked it a lot I saw a whole new side to Merlin one I could never imagine Nimue was a little vixen with her own wicked side as well but seeing some of her New Camelot Series from this angle almost like peeking in a window to see what's happening was really eye opening It's like a behind the scenes look with a front row seat into the other characters while the others were making it through their trials and tribulations I will admit that I struggled at a few points and found myself rereading passages because I don't comfortably think along the fantasy ways of thinking and so I had to actually catch myself and re read a few paragraphs Not a big deal at all because that was a me issue but it was just me trying to follow along and redirect my way of thinking I am not a fantasy reader by choice but I was super intrigued as well as somewhat confused but still very interesting Having said that this was nothing short of a fantastical read Finally my suffering has purpose If you are curious about this one remember it is the 4th book in her New Camelot Series and it does contain spoilers for that series There is an excerpt below that you can check out if you are curious This novella was definitely the extra kind of read I could get behind I love Sierra's imagination and how she can take a tale and make it a whole world that is an extraordinary escape beyond the confines of my boring mind She always provides me an escape that is nothing short of amazing At the end of the book she listed alllll the books she has coming up and I could just fill my calendar Bring it on It was only every her It was only ever going to be herBEEPurchase to win an ecopy Reading the New Camelot series I was always interested in knowing about Merlin He was definitely not a guy I loved in the series The part he has in all that happened was to big not to resent him a bit But if you know the legend you also know things needed to happen Can you imagine? Having memories of your death from the time you were bornOnce again Sierra Simone gives History another point of view hers one I’ve enjoyed reading Merlin Nimue’s story was hot entertaining and a good addition to the series I’ve enjoyed knowing the stuff from the past and I was delighted to see a woman takes charge As you’ve probably read in other reviews this is not really a stand alone and is best appreciated if you’ve read Ash Greer Embry’s story first There are big spoilers which could reveal the end of American King I’m always excited when Sierra writes a book I’ve come to know she has this incredible way of mixing feelings and magic with her prose The Moon was no different ♥ I voluntary read a copy of the book provided by the author How can I still love her than I love myself? When she is my doom? Thanks to The Moon I discovered Sierra Simone's incredible writing style and her amazing storytellingThis book is the story of Merlin and Nemue I felt for Merlin from the the beginning utterly enthralled by his story and his emotions Thanks to flahbacks we gather little by little the missing informations that enventually form the poignant whole picture of their past Nemue's personality intrigued me I absolutely  loved this 40 years old sadistic heroine There is no denying that these two are true soulmates The steamy scenes that bind them beautifully illustrate their love and their passion They also reflect the resentment and the deep pain they feel The author immersed me into her version of the Camelot world and led me through the magic and mysterious atmosphere of this novella With this enticing read the author totally convinced me and I am going to read of her work very soon  All I want is to be transfixed by her perfection until I die just as the legends about me have claimed PSThe Moon is a part of the Cards Of Love series It's recommended to read the New Camelot series prior to The Moon unlile I did as it might contain American King spoilers  I VOLUNTARILY REVIEWED AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK THANK YOU “You are so beautiful always No matter what you’re doing I’ve seen living magic and breathing legends little moon but you are the wonder of my eyes you are the sight that steals my breath every single time” Cards of Love The Moon is Merlin’s novella in Simone’s New Camelot Trilogy This little kinky novella should be read after you finish the INCREDIBLE trilogy Don’t you dare spoil it for yourselfI know you’re thinking of it because it’s Sierra FREAKING Simone but make sure you get the full experience because it’s one you will NEVER forget A sexy provocative alluring tale that spans lifetimesSierra Simone weaved her magic to give us a love story we never even knew we wanted She gives us the timeless story of Merlin and Nimue Of course there are so many versions of their story but this author put her uniue kinky stamp on it and made it her ownand I freaking LOVED ITThis author is an unstoppable force of nature when it comes to this genre She sucks you in like no other and leaves you wanting for Her poetic words of kink and romance is everything I could ever want as an avid reader Merlin and Nimue are uite the pair Their scorching hot dynamic is uniue and you never know what’s going to happen Sierra keeps us on our toes with this one and I had the most fun reading it If you are looking for erotic romance at its finestyou could read practically ANYTHING by this woman and come out of it 150% satisfied I can’t wait to see what she gives us next When I saw that there was a new series Cards of Love coming out I was intrigued and this was going to be a definite read This is a multi author project and the storylines come from the inspiration of the world of tarot The series became appealing when I saw that Sierra Simone was involved and her card of choice was the Moon How would she interpret Merlin and Nimue's story using this card?Her interpretation of Camelot was exceptional so well written and my kind of read This series had everything two lives two pasts double the pain and twice the betrayal Its charged with hot sex age gaps captivity exchange of power and knowledge Her reinterpretation of this story using kink in the framework and reconfiguring Merlin's death into a much happier event was superb What an appropriate card this is the Moon the card of illusion and it takes the reader on a walk of the unknown with Merlin and Nimue and produced one jaw dropping erotic tale of second chance romance Mf in this instance Don't read this if you haven't read the other books in the Camelot series as you won't put together what is happening in this book Also if kink is something you don't read then keep away as its thereI was very happy to read that there is going to be further stories in this series and that there is going to be another MMF saga with kinky angst Downside we have to wait until 2019 She’s angry that I left I’m angry that I died It’s the trouble with our two lives we don’t only have one past to work through but two Double the pain twice the betrayal A million times the tragedyThe Moon is the story of Merlin and Nimue from the New Camelot trilogy It’s recommended that you read the trilogy first as there are American King spoilers in The Moon 4 STARSHoly Moses What have I just finished? Sierra Simone has transported me back through timeI've always been fascinated with kings and the Legend of Camelot and King Arthur is no different I just ate it all upTruly a racy and sexy recall of Merlin and Nimue's turbulent past Erotic and passionate like only Sierra knows how to write You'll be taken on a journey you will not want to miss It's spiritual and you get an understanding of the moon and its meaning within the universe It's a timeless love story yet at the same time tragicThis author is a literary genius Whatever her brilliant mind conjures I must read It's official I'm hooked If you loved the New Camelot trilogy then this is a must readAN ARC WAS KINDLY PROVIDED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW

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