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Rules in Rescue Blackhawk Security #2 She walked away from him once Now he’s her only hope Blackhawk Security weapons expert Anthony Harris has trained for any contingency Except the return of his ex fiancée Glennon Chase walked out on the former ranger five years ago And now the CID special agent needs Anthony’s help with a deadly investigation into her partner’s disappearance Dodging bullets he can handle but pairing up with his ex is flat out dangerous Especially when Anthony discovers that the secret Glennon is keeping could get them both killed This is the first book I have read by this author but it will not be my last Rules in Rescue is the second book in Severn’s Blackhawk Security series but can easily be enjoyed as a stand alone Though I have not yet read the first book I had no problem following along Each book shares characters from previous stories but contains a specific storyline surrounding one couple This book is fast paced and full of pulse pounding excitement that will have you engrossed from start to finish It is loaded with action suspense adventure and intrigue in spades and it all explodes from the first page The hero is the perfect rough and tough alpha male Ranger who will take on the world to keep those he cares for safe and the heroine can definitely stand on her own She is brave to a fault stubborn resilient and will risk everything for those she loves They make an unstoppable powerful team Aside from the great characters and strong storyline there is plenty of action to keep you on your toes and guessing at every turn The second chance romance also balances out the story nicely Rules in Rescue definitely packs a punch and is worth a read I truly enjoyed the story and look forward to from this authorI received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving my honest review An edgy explosive story filled with action suspense secrets and betrayals The pulse of the story keeps pounding hard and fast as the volatile situations keep escalating even speeding up as the two former lovers have to face their past their mistakes and the choices they made while vulnerable and trying to survive the combat they had faced with each other and in the war they fought Edgy is a perfect word to describe the tale the battle to survive the hunt for the criminals the attempted rescue of Glennon's partner there are no guarantees everyone is precarious and endangered there are times I truly feared for the hero and heroine and their survival Anthony Harris is a hero easy to like He oozes charm good character honor and dignity He has a big heart a sense of humor and he is willing to die for those he loves He is loyal passionate protective and loving The wars he battled in has made a lasting impact into his soul yet there's still room for tender feelings and loving thoughts Glennon Chase is a survivor She is a heroine who can stand on her own and has done just that She loves fiercely yet rather hide than face the storms if it comes to protecting what she holds dear She has secrets she has made decisions and choices I had a hard time accepting but she stands by her actions and her past giving reasonable explanations to her way of resolving issues in the past The chemistry between Glennon and Anthony is palpable their history makes it even believable and the churning emotions between them had my heart melting There is so much love still left in their hearts minds and souls and after everything they have gone through I have to salute them with their desire to make the best of the situation and finding redemption within each other's arms Combustible intense suspense flammable romance with lessons in forgiveness and loyalty a story that takes your breath away and delivers on every aspect Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side I loved the first book in the Blackhawk Security series and it was one of my top twenty five reads last year I knew the moment I finished book two that I already have a book for this year's list This book ticked every single one of my boxes a hero I can fall in love with; a heroine who can stand her own; enough action to keep you guessing at every turn; and two people who find their way back to each otherAnthony Harris was once engaged to Glennon Chase but she walked out on him five years previously while he was away on a mission He's devoted himself to his job but the failure of his relationship has always stayed with him When Glennon calls him in the dead of night and says she needs his help he should just hang up on her but he doesn't Glennon is in the military police and her partner has gone missing and she's sure it's to do with the case they were working onWhen a sniper tries to take Glennon out right in front of Anthony he knows he can't turn away from her And so begins a thrilling game of cat and mouse as they dig deeper to find out what her partner Bennett Spencer found out that put him in danger Their investigation sees them with each other 247 and all the feelings they have buried deep down come crashing back up to the surface but will they live long enough to take a chance on each other again? What they uncover in their investigation puts them both and Glennon's young son in mortal danger Can Anthony keep the woman he still loves safe? Does Glennon still love him enough to take another chance on him? Make sure you don't miss this book because you'll want to find out This book is a five star read and one of the best Intrigues I've ever read full stop Action packed thrill ride with a former Army Ranger turned private security and his ex fiance military police investigator It's part of a series but not connected to each other by storyline The main characters have a lengthy past that trickles out as our story progresses I felt like I was dropped into the middle of something big it took a while to feel the groove of the book I really wanted to connect with the characters but I just couldn't The suspense and excitement of the mission made the book worth read I received a copy from the author review left voluntarily 4 12 STARSDanger and intrigue from start to finish I was uickly drawn into the lives of the characters as their unexpected reunion leads to rediscovering who the other is after all of these years apart It doesn't take long for sparks to fly again but letting their guard down may lead to than they ever expected Good character connection exciting action and an overall heart pounding readHer partner has disappeared and now danger is knocking at her door Glennon Close knows that she and her partner must have stumbled across something serious in their latest investigation for him to up and vanish like this and there's only one man she trusts to keep her safe while she heads into the fire to find himBlackhawk Security agent Anthony Harris never expected to see her again after she walked out on him with no warning five years ago but now his ex fiance has contacted him in the middle of the night for help When bullets start flying before he even gets the intel out of her he knows this is going to be serious than he ever expected Full of action with a touch of romance and a happily ever after Anthony will do anything to protect the one he loves and Glennon will protect her secret as long as she can until either of them listen to their heart can love conuer all This was such a good read and the suspense kept me wanting to read Absolutely fantastic I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy of Rules In RescueI really enjoyed reading this storyWOW I must say this is such a suspensefulaction packed and pulse pounding story I couldn't and wouldn't put this story down This story is intense full of intrigue The characters are outstandingWho doesn't love a strong kick butt take charge alpha Ranger but add a strong take charge kick butt woman they make the perfect package The story is a great second chance suspense romance I highly recommend taking the time to read and enjoy This was a vast improvement over the first book by this author Rules In Blackmail It's of a 35 rounded up to a 4 There are some issues from the previous book that remain here awful heroine and a hero who is practically superhumanGlennon Chase is with military police and is trying to track down her missing partner who was investigating a smuggling ring involving members of the army who were stealing weapons She seeks the assistance of Anthony Harris from Blackhawk Security to be her bodyguard the man she left five years ago because he put his duty as a soldier over her She has a four year old son Do ya think it could be Anthony's kid?Of course it is even though the book tries to treat it as some sort of plot twist when it's finally revealedLike so many other books in this genre Glennon never even really has to account for her actions She kept Anthony's son from him FOR FOUR YEARS How on earth is that justifiable? It's such a vile selfish thing to do She says it's because she feared Anthony was losing a piece of himself each time he went on tour or something like that but GlennonHE HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW HE'S A FATHER for crying out loud It's not like Glennon thinks Anthony is a bad person so what the hell was her motivation for denying a father his son?It just does my head inAt least she wasn't a blackmailing martyr like the heroine in the previous book but it still made me dislike Glennon a great deal As for Anthony he's serviceable as the hero willing to do whatever it takes to keep Glennon safe His second chance with Glennon works minorly as far as romance goes but I would have really liked to see a proper conversation between him and Glennon about the fact she selfishly kept his child from him She should have been made accountable for her actions The other issue with Anthony like the hero in the previous book is seemingly superhuman strength Anthony is shot in the thigh stabbed in the ribs and dealt a variety of other injuries but keeps on fighting a neverending parade of enemies A normal person would be deadAt one point we get told that Anthony was trained to sleep with one eye open and I just groaned THIS IS NOT A THING The only reason you would have an eyeeyes open while sleeping is if you had a medical condition And if you did sleep with one eye open you wouldn't see anything because your brain is in sleep mode And if you did sleep with one eye open you'd be rendered mostly ineffective because your eye would be really dry and sore I get taken out of a book easily when easily debunked nonsense that you can research in under a minute on the internet gets thrown into the mixHowever where this book strikes gold is in the pacing and action While the plot wasn't terribly complex it was always on the move with lots of exciting action bits that I could picture being in a movie Even though I found Glennon to be a very dubious heroine I was still highly caught up in what was going on and really enjoyed myselfHopefully Severn can work on making her heroines less odious and her heroes realistically human in future books because this was otherwise an entertaining action thriller I received an ARC of this book This is the 2nd book in Nichole's Blackhawk Security books The first one was awesome and this one topped it This is an action packed book with some definite twists and turns Anthony Harris weapons expert for Blackhawk Security former Ranger trained in any contingency in the security field except the return of the only woman he'd ever really loved his ex fiancee Glennon Chase who had walked out on him while he was on his last tour five years before Now Glennon a CID special agent needs his help searching for her partner who has disappeared Then there's a secret she's hiding that can get them both killed Can he really partner with his ex and keep things professional as bullets start flying? Does second chance love stand a chance? I couldn't put this book down Definitely a page turner and I can't wait for the next book in the series

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