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Untouched ueen by Royal Command The heroine is part of a secret powerful organization of courtesans who wield influence from behind the throne of many countries She is supposed to be a benevolent presence in the hero’s life until he takes a wife Hero is ruler of a made up country that was also featured in the book before this one which was about his sisterThere are some elements I really loved in the story and some that really bothered me so I’m doing reviewer math and giving this three starsWhat I likedThe worldbuilding The courtesan’s wing of the palace was practically a character in and of itself It is featured in the prologue where the hero and his sister find it as children And then the heroine and her retinue from the secret organization restore it to its former glory The three features that stand out are the glass dome roof the round bathpool the round carpet that depicts all possible comforts the courtesan can provide the king There are pictures of sex acts conversation dining sleeping strategizing This is the heroine’s world and invokes her character She is as rare as the room She has an Oxford education has trained in the martial arts has experience running a large charitable organization She is beautiful a virgin and is completely committed to her role as a courtesan until her debt to the organization is repaid and she is set free The sex scenes between the Hh are hot The hero is a good guy The secondary characters are all sympathetic to the Hh – even the OW who is supposed to be in the running for wife What I didn’t like ProstitutionI had the same problem with this story as I did with the movie Pretty Woman I just have a hard time with a guy using a prostitute or courtesan or whatever title they go by The power imbalance was there the whole time and it made me uncomfortable This heroine was a courtesan for the ¾ of the story – so all the sex scenes were between a man in power and woman who was submitting to his willYes the heroine gives enthusiastic consent Yes she’s been practicing oral sex with a dildo and really wants to see if she can take the hero’s penis down her throat But that whole scene made me feel icky It made the hero feel icky too because she was kneeling pleasuring him without any regard for her pleasure Heroine was fine with it Hero felt better after he gave her oral sex So it’s all good But according to the world building heroine could not say no – ever – in all the encounters she had with the heroThe sexual training also gave me pause Yes sex slave training is a trope in erotica – but how can this heroine be trained to be both a sadist and a masochist? How does that work? How does that respect what is truly her kink? So much of sex play is about negotiating consent and understanding what is comfortable This courtesan never had that optionThe author seems to acknowledge the problematic nature of being a courtesan Heroine’s mother’s life of prostitution was not a happy one That’s the prologue However the heroine knows her mother’s life was not happy yet she is willing to follow in her footsteps for noble reasons Being rescued is the “debt” the heroine is paying off to the order by being the hero’s courtesan So yay heroine? On the other hand why perpetuate an order that rescues children and then makes them pay by turning them into prostitutes? I also had a problem with the heroine being thrust upon the hero He didn’t consent to this crazy arrangement either Wasted TalentsHeroine was a Swiss army knife of skills but she never used her martial arts skills or her diplomatic skills or any skills that mattered to the welfare of the country She arranged some parties gave great oral sex and was willing to make hero a grilled cheese sandwich The Four Winds binding ceremonyThis made me uncomfortable because this type of ritual and symbolism is lifted from Indigenous Shamanism – right down to the meaning of each direction There’s no trademark on ancient ritual I doubt many practitioners of shamanism are reading HPs but I wasn’t thrilled to find it used in service of an order that prostitutes its women for the greater goodThis is a fascinating story with really interesting characters I certainly won’t forget it anytime soon But I'm not sure I can recommend it whole heartedly This book has a prologue AND an epilogue That alone brought me untold joy I love the peek into the story at the start and the happily ever after bit at the end Harleuin’s rarely have prologue and epilogues any That alone earned this book winning marks Then the prologue grabbed me by the um bits and pulled me willingly into the the story It was fabulous A great start to the book and it just improves from there I LOVED Sera She’s trained to be a courtesan and so much She’s extremely well educated very sophisticated is trained I Several forms of fighting styles can fit into any social event and can plan one better than most event planners was the CFO of a major worldwide charity organization but was taught to be subservient to the man she was gifted to Yup The shipped her off to the H King Augustus as a pressie He was horrified at the thought of receiving a human woman as a gift A courtesan who’s only goal was to please him in anyway he wanted her to He was so horrified that he was pretty unpleasant at the start He eventually loosened up and learned about the person and realized that in her presence he could be a man not a king But it was fun to watch his struggles Ok with that out of the way I can move on to Sera’s round rug You have to read the book to learn about the round rug but it would have been a perfect addition to Christian Grey’s decor That rug was interesting uite creative By now you’ve guessed that I loved this book It was very different I enjoyed the duality if both the characters and the journey they took to bring them to the place that made them realize their truth Well done and a serious must read She was my dream heroine; incredibly beautiful smart intelligent well educated has compassion and martial arts expert She was not ueen till the ene but untouched as the title indicated He was not cruel but morally strict view spoiler ‘Lord knows I didn’t ask for you but you’ve come here labelled as my courtesan and I will cut the hand off anyone who touches you No kissing No sex No flirting with any of my employees Are we clear?’‘Above alldon’t tempt me’ He was so yummy like a todler who doesn’t play with his toy but don’t want anybody else to play it However he is a man what can I expect? Lol He didn’t know what he’d do if she liked it greedy and rough because that wasn’t him He wasn’t drawn to explore the darker sides of desire those places where control bled away and chaos slipped in hide spoiler As we all probably know by now sex sells Particularly exotic sex set in a mystical semi surreal setting that completely invokes the sense of an odalisue in a magic harem mystiue Lots and lots of erotica has been done with exactly that theme For the most part KH has managed to push classic tropes of HPlandia to the extremes here I do think book is extremely well written I found myself laughing at various parts of the character's banter I also found the world building overall setting and the sense of mystiue was done very convincingly In Old Skool Vintage HPlandia the h is almost always compared to the Evil OW and one of the defining traits of the h is that the H will definitely call her a Tart and spend a lot of page count berating her for it Usually because the h is forced to bargain giving the H the rights to use her body to save her fatherfamily businesssome random person her sister knows but in reality the h is really sacrificing herself in a good cause to save something so it isn't really trafficking or prostitution the h is showing her pure virtue by becoming a martyr The Evil OW is only in for money so she gets banished to the mists of HPlandia and an elderly pet food billionaire never to know the glorious rewards of Forever True Love Besides in the Old Skool style such rights to possession usually come with a wedding license and as we know from our HP history a wedding license makes everything okayKH manages to get around the massive amounts of Tart Shaming that have to be used in the set up of this trope which is basically coercive rape in real world terms by having the h just flat out BE a Tart Which turns the tart shaming the h trope into an unusual type of office romance because the h is basically working for the H the job just involves dealing with bodily fluidsAnd to be honest if KH had left it at that I would have been okay with this book I have no problem advocating for sex workers and HPlandia has done that by now too as have several other books in the HN lines some of them even back in my HN heyday of thirty years ago If you are an adult and want to get your groove on with some specialized training and a contract I say I hope you have a lot of fun with that and I am not being snarky about it you do you and find your grooveBut where this goes rapidly down hill for me is that this h was pressured into the Tart role as a child To me no matter if you tell the girl that she will get years of education and training in all manner of various skills to go out and make a successful living in the world when you put that choice to A CHILD and make the alternatives undesirable or play on her sense of emotional guilt you are promoting child trafficking and that is not something I want to read in a romance Particularly not in a mainstream category romance To be clear the h never has sex with another person as a child or anyone but the H but there is the training and there is the standard HP trope of 'pimping out the h by the secondary characters' which is LITERAL in this case the h's 'rescuermentorprocuress' expects a very high price to release the h from service The h's 'rescuer' is the one who emotionally coerces and blackmails the h from the time she was seven years old to sell her body and her skillz in a pricey form of prostitution so that the h can repay the 'debt' that her dying mother supposedly owedThat is just disgusting in my world view and I don't want to read it I know that this happens in real life but I don't want to make a romance out it and the power imbalance that this produces in the H and h's relationship is NEVER eualized the H winds up sending the h's procuress her body weight in gold to buy her freedom so she can choose her own path in life So let's say the h weighs 110 lbs roughly 50 kgs given the market value of gold right now this H spent 209326300 US dollars to emancipate the h But is the h really emancipated? Because as we have already seen she can be coerced by guilt and the notion of the h owing another person for an intangible debt that needs to be repaid by her affection and her body is ingrained into her from a very young ageThe h finds her sexual and mental slavery acceptable because she was literally raised that way That isn't nurturing a young child to take their place in modern society that is abuse And it is abuse in the most insidious and horrifying way make the abused think that they want this treatment and that it is okay That is way too much disgusting tragic reality in what is supposed to be a fun and fluffy romance with an HEA I am also rather disgusted that KH doesn't resolve this by having the rulers of these various kingdoms who allegedly have Absolute Power over their people make any kind of trafficking or slavery contracts illegal You might be able to argue history but the world moves on these people need to move on with it It is very much one thing if a grown adult chooses to take up a profession that involves the buying and selling of sex that is the adult's business and I make no judgement on that It is uite another when a child is coerced into the sex trade via emotional manipulation and it is even worse when the only means of escaping that life is based on engendering yet another 'debt' that the victim will then feel obligated to repay KH doesn't think through the implications of what she wrote here really but as a long time HP reader I do and I wasn't impressed by it So while I did find the h and H's declaration of love mostly believable I wasn't buying the happy resolution to this romance The H had to pay for her to have the freedom to choose and the h was uite clear she did not really like the royal lifestyle and lack of freedom for the long term But in the end she does go back to the H and agrees to marry him So I can't help but wonder how much of that willingness to live a lifestyle she absolutely did not like was based on the inner guilt that the H had to actually buy her freedom and spent a very significant amount of money relative to what she could probably earn to do it This kind of trope perversion while done well and interesting to read does not really hit my HPlandia True Romance happy place I don't want to think about a trafficked child voluntarily choosing an eually restrictive lifestyle as an adult basically because she has been conditioned to do so Therefore I can't totally buy the Love or the HEA in this situation so for me this was not a successful HP outing and it wasn't worth the time I spent reading it He must choose a ueen But will his desire outweigh his dutyKing Augustus is shocked when his country delivers him a courtesan The only way to set her free is to marry someone else But Sera's surprising innocence and undisguised yearning for him is temptation itself pushing Augustus's legendary self control to the limits Because Augustus knows that if he dares give in to his attraction he won't rest until Sera becomes his ueenFeel the heat in this tale of innocence and desire He must choose a ueen But will his desire outweigh his duty?King Augustus is shocked when his country delivers him a courtesan The only way to set her free is to marry someone else But Sera’s surprising innocence and undisguised yearning for him is temptation itself pushing Augustus’s legendary self control to the limits Because Augustus knows that if he dares give in to his attraction he won’t rest until Sera becomes his ueenFeel the heat in this tale of innocence and desire less This has an utterly ridiculous premise secret society of courtesans has an accord with a kingdom and presents an unmarried King with a courtesan of his own since he's an adult and not married in accordance with the accords and then they fall in love but you know what I dug it The fighting against desire was hot and the hero tried so hard to be respectful of the power he had over her and it was kind of great The id wants what the id wants and mine wants Kelly Hunter writing HP novels Didn't like it 😕 don't know why I feel utterly schizophrenic after reading this one as I really enjoyed it and yet also found myself disapproving of aspects of it ‘Ivy H’ does her usual brilliant job in her review so I am not going to attempt to compete I suggest you read Ivy H’s review for its wonderful descriptions analysis and illustrations including the fabulous music recommendations I simply offer my comments about why I loved and hated itKH does a magnificent job of creating an alternative world in both the backstory to the world in which Lady Ianthe has brought up the courtesan Lady Sera but also in creating the reality of the courtesan in the secret setting in the palace It was incredibly atmospheric and evocative KH can really write descriptive prose and zinging dialogue I loved Sera and Adolphus and the way their relationship developed I loved the resolution and the ending I got the courtesan stuff Women have held enormous power through their role as a courtesan throughout history so taking it a step further to some imaginary world where courtesans were trained to wield power where needed and gifted to a king if he reached 30 without marrying was an ingenious idea and incredibly well executed What made me feel really uncomfortable was the idea that a 7 year old child had been brainwashed into accepting that this was her role and also that she had been trained to be everything her ‘master’ wanted regardless of what she might have felt about it It goes against everything I believe in terms of autonomy and freedom and seems like child exploitation even if she still had her virginity I felt uncomfortable that the first sexual act between our hH puts him in the driving seat literally and her on her knees doing for real what she has practiced on with toys and dildos Her calm acceptance that this was okay simply jarred with me Did she think that because it was a reasoned intellectual decision or because she had been ‘guilted’ into it by her training since the age of 7 Whatever it grates on me I mean it was really romantic not But on balance I have put my ualms to one side because at the end of the day this is a Mills and Boon fantasy and as such apart from that first sex scene I thought it was well written and enormously entertaining And it certainly made me think A very strong powerful heroine from the get go who gives the reluctant hero the chance to grow at his own pace and knows just what buttons to push A wonderful read

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