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10 thoughts on “Year of the Orphan

  1. Ryan Buckby Ryan Buckby says:

    I thought this book was ok Took me a bit to get through and i really didn't enjoy it as much as i thought i would by the blurb

  2. Sarah Sarah says:

    Okay I can’t do it any the writing is just not for me I’m DNF this book 89 pages I’ve seen some great reviews but I personally cannot read this it’s taking me so long to even get to 89 pages

  3. RG RG says:

    This wasnt for me The prose grammar and style just didn't flow for me

  4. Emma Darcy Emma Darcy says:

    God DamnThat was a hell of a book

  5. David Hunt David Hunt says:

    Dystopian tale telling at its absolute best A worthy successor to The Chrysalids and Riddley Walker

  6. Cat Jenkins Cat Jenkins says:

    The jacket blurb sounded interesting I expected a derivative version of Mad Max but the female MC and a ship that sails the sands were enough of an original touch to encourage me to pick this upBIG mistakeIf the blurb had been written in the dialect the writer uses throughout I would have been warned off But here's a sample of the writingA score of days walkin back an that mara that scaretale pickin up her tracks sumthin like the day after thatI blinked I paged frantically through the following pages hoping that this effort full strained attempt at dialect would eventually give way to something relatable No No Sadlynoeatin up scavs that crossed him out Painter wayNo JustnoAny spark of allure was lost amid the affectation of sporadic punctuation and butchered language trying so hard to be different And in the end that's what the writing was affectation devoid of communication

  7. Caroline Caroline says:

    I heard Daniel Findlay speak at the Speculative Fiction Festival held by the NSW Writer's Centre last month July 2017 and on the basis of his panel and the reactions of other writers to his work I bought this book there and then It's a great read gripping and suitably dystopian but with characters and heart enough to save it from existential doom Riddley Walker is one of my favourite books and I was a bit concerned by people likening this book to Russell Hoban's influential brilliant work That would be a tough comparison for any writer to be saddled with But having read Year of the Orphan I can see the literary connection between the two and it's not too long a bow to draw Findlay has done a great job of world building and his characters and their concerns are very well described the pacing and plot are strong and it's an absorbing read Highly recommended

  8. Elissa Elissa says:

    A mysterious girl surviving in a barren wasteland Life as we know it has ceased to exist language has been broken down to a raw form and I can almost taste the red dirt and despair in this brilliantly written novel A wonderful debut by an Australian author set in the Australian outback Allow yourself to be captivated by this new world and language and I promise you won't be disappointed

  9. Dasha M Dasha M says:

    I tried I really did try The stylistic prose though I get its purpose is just not working for me right now Will need to try again as the premise is incredible and the writer clearly has great skill

  10. Erin Rooney Erin Rooney says:

    Truly uniue and challengingI'm gonna be honest it took me a while to get my head around the prose at first once I started to get in the groove of it I had to start from the beginning and reread to make sure I knew what had gone on But once I did this it was well worth pushing on From the beautiful descriptions of the landscape to the unexpected twists and turns and strong character voices this book had me captivated I love the fact that it's a dystopian novel set in Australia and the imagined future Aussie dialect really does add to building this world I strongly felt the connection to the land and the challenging environment and the style of storytelling allowed you to fill in the gaps with your imagination which was surprising and enjoyable as a readerOverall a great read and I'm looking forward to seeing what the author does next

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Year of the Orphan The Road meets Mad Max in this stunning debut— also for fans of Station 11 The Passage and Riddley WalkerIn a post apocalyptic future where survivors scavenge in the harsh Australian Outback for spoils from a buried civilization a girl races across the desert holding her treasures close pursued by the ReckonerRiding her sand ship living rough in the blasted landscape she scouts the broken infrastructure and trades her scraps at the only known settlement a ramshackle fortress of greed corruption and disease known as the System It is an outpost whose sole purpose is survival—refuge from the hulking eyeless things they call Ghosts and other creatures that hunt beyond the fortress wallsSold as a child then raised hard in the System the Orphan has a mission She carries secrets about the destruction that brought the world to its knees And she's about to discover that the past still holds power over the present Given an impossible choice will the Orphan save the only home she knows or see it returned to dust Both paths lead to blood but whose will be spilledWith propulsive pacing a rich broken language all its own and a protagonist whose grit and charisma are matched by a relentless drive to know The Year of the Orphan is a thriller of the future you won’t want to put down