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Miracle in the Cave Featuring never before reported details and exclusive interviews with the boys and their coach the inspiring true story of how twelve members of the Wild Boar Academy Football Club and their coach survived nine days in a labyrinthine cave in Northern Thailand and of the incredible men and women who pulled off one of the greatest rescues of all timeFor nine days twelve young soccer players and their coach were confined in the dark by rising waters in the caverns of Tham Luang in Chang Rai Thailand With no food or drinking water except the condensation found on the cave walls their survival seemed unlikely Yet against the odds a team of determined divers traversed monsoon floodwaters and narrow passageways to find Coach Ek a stateless orphan devoted to Buddhism and his young players alive and hopefulLiam Cochrane spent than two weeks on the scene and was stationed outside of the cave entrance in daily contact with divers and other key members of the rescue team reporting the story for the Australian Broadcast Corporation In this mesmerizing and inspiring book he recounts this ultimate race against the clock event Filled with never before reported details based on exclusive access to both the rescue team Coach Ek and members of the soccer team and their families Daring to Hope chronicles the Wild Boars’ ordeal in the cave and the rescue plan that unfolded outside—including the contentious political negotiations the early misadventure that halted the operation for crucial hours and the death of Thai Navy SEAL diver Saman KunanGoing deep inside the area between the Thai and Myanmar border better known for methamphetamines and illegal wildlife trade Cochrane guides us through every aspect of the adventure turned nightmare turned miracle the team’s agonizing wait in the darkness; the rescuers’ battle against the forces of nature; the work of international experts who pooled their skills to help Chochrane evokes the rollercoaster of emotions every step of the way—the terror optimism sadness and joy of this indelible experienceFilled with a spirit of true grit Daring to Hope is a courageous tale of perseverance and a celebration of an inspiring moment when the world came together in hope

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  1. Christine Christine says:

    Miracle in the Cave is about the Wild Boars and their rescue from Tham Luang Cochrane covered the rescue for the Australia Broadcasting Corporation The book gives a brief background of the boys and football coach – some of whom were stateless at the time I don’t usually read such uickly or timely released books This came as part of a My Book Box selection Cochrane’s account is good for a couple reasons The first is he that he brings to light lesser known aspects of the story – or at least lesser known in the West For instance when water was pumped out of the cave it ended up in rice fields destroying crops Cochrane also shows the cultural importance of the cave and explains cultural differences as well as the political climate I do wish he had included a photo of Saman Kunan the diver who died in the rescue

  2. Lynn Lynn says:

    Easy to read and good account of the Thai boys and coach who were trapped in a flooded cave for two weeks The author has a good grasp of Thai culture and communicates it easily I appreciate this account and learned reading it

  3. MariLee MariLee says:

    Near the end of June 2018 12 Thai boys from the Wild Boars soccer team ranging in ages from 11 15 along with their 25 year old coach went on an adventure after practice They rode their bikes to the Tham Luang cave complex to explore for an hour or so Unfortunately while they were inside the cave the ground water inside the cave began to rapidly rise forcing them deep inside the cave and trapping them there The boys and their coach were trapped inside for nine days without food and minimal water before they were found 2miles from the entrance of the cave They spent an additional six days in the cave a Thai doctor and 3 members of the Thai Navy SEALS stayed with the boys while people from all over the world worked frantically to figure out how to rescue them before additional rainfall and lack of oxygen would make successful rescue impossible After an additional 3 days all 12 boys and their coach were miraculously rescued by a team of seasoned and experienced cave divers This story helps us become acuainted with the boys their coach those that worked so hard to rescue them and the miracles that took place to allow a happy ending Amazing and inspiring

  4. Nazrul Buang Nazrul Buang says:

    The Tham Luang cave rescue was an event that caught international attention back last year where many people both local and foreign flew in to the northern city of Chiang Rai to rescue a group of boys who were stuck deep in a cave as a result of an unexpected torrential rain; I decided to pick up this book to learn the full storyThe incident was a case of a simple adventure gone terribly wrong a group of boys from a local soccer team and their coach decided on a whim to explore a popular cave that is notorious for its labyrinthine chambers It was not the monsoon season yet so access was available yet Mother Nature proved to be predictably unpredictable and an unanticipated downpour made me stuck deep in the caves eventually capturing everyone's attention to rescue them as soon as possible before they starve or suffocate to deathIt garnered an unusual amount of international attention where people ranging from seasoned cave explorers to the Thai Navy Seals to even inventor Elon Musk pitched in to find solutions to save the trapped people inside the cave Author Cochrane explains in his book on the chronological events leading up to the incident and the arduous tasks undertaken by people to navigate the treacherous waters that were flooding the caves by the minuteCochrane keeps his book short and simple; unlike most other investigative journalistic nonfiction that are typically rich in detail and background exposition 'Miracle in the Cave' is uite the opposite reading like a lengthy article rather than a book and the author makes sure there is just sufficient detail to explain what happened without bogging down the reading experienceCochrane's book also showcases the cave rescue as a great case study to highlight the different factors of a large scale emergency operation the pouring of numerous experts with differing rescue advice organization and hierarchy issues morale boost volunteerism etc It was an unprecedented event that reuired every kind of expertise available from all over the world as well as unconditional help from the locals Perhaps the only letdown of the book is its overall organization of the rescue's narrative; since it is a huge expedition where many individuals in several groups approached the cave in different areas it can get confusing as a reader to know the chronological order of the rescue progress Personally I would have preferred the author to use the chapter to explain the progress in order or use the number of days to render the progress easier to follow The minor shortcoming however is eventually overshadowed by the climactic 'D Day' rescue mission a nigh suicidal mission where even the rescuers were thinking of the possibility of carrying out dead children instead of survivors which makes for utterly gripping reading experienceThe Tham Luang cave rescue is the very definition of a perfect storm both metaphorically and even literally in some sense A blend of rare circumstances with a dash of Murphy's Law where everything that can go wrong will go wrong it's the kind of event that captures the world's attention and for a moment in time unites the world towards a common goal Cochrane covers the story in his book like a documentary on paper and his book shows how humans are able to put differences aside if we want to achieve a greater good in this case saving a group of kids from their untimely deaths A great read in overall

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    In late June in Thailand a young soccer coach and his team known as the Wild Boars planned a short excursion inside a cave after practice As they ventured into the cave they had to wade into some water to get further inside After exploring for a while they turned back to come out only to discover the water they'd waded in earlier had risen so high that it now blocked the entire passageway They were trapped inside the cave They sought refuge in a higher area and tried to contact their families only to discover they couldn't access any cell service They would have to wait to be rescuedSince they'd purchased and eaten snacks before going to the cave they had no food The only supplies they had were their flashlights The boys' families realized they were unusually late and someone noticed their bikes parked outside the cave It was then that it was discovered that the coach and 12 young players were trapped insideThe Thai Navy SEALs arrived and many expert cave divers from around the world all came to help provide assistance or supplies to help rescue the team News teams converged to the site of the cave to report on this dire predicament Eventually divers got into where the team was located and provided them with some nourishment but it would still be weeks before a coordinated effort of pumping water out diverting incoming water drilling into the side of the cave and using experienced rescue cave divers could finally rescue them One SEAL suffered a fatal injury but the rest of the rescuers and the team were all recovered with minor or no injuriesThe author related that this was one of the only times in which everyone in the world seemed to be on the same side that of wanting to see a successful rescue This book contains some details of the rescue that were misrepresented in the media while the rescue mission was going on and it briefly alludes to some of the less than ethical dealings that happened afterwards by an American network and a Thai leader resulting in an exclusive interview with the teamRiveting and informative coverage of an event that won't be soon forgotten by someone who was there throughout the entire ordeal

  6. Terri Terri says:

    Very good read Better than Matt Gutman's book that focused on the militarydivergovernment interactions and got a number of basic facts wrong so I uestion the accuracy of Mr Gutman's book misspelled the name of a British diver throughtout the book the transcript between the divers and boys when they were found in the cave isn't correct Coach Ek was not riding on the back of the moped on the trip to the cavehe is clearly seen riding a bike in the video Dom is team captain Night is not identified in a picture Mr Cochran's book focuses on the unsung heroes of the rescue who provided resources and support and he spoke directly with one of the kids and his father to reveal a few details of life in the cave he only disclosed this interaction with the father's permission He may have gotten several of the kids mixed up I thought it was Titan the youngest who struggled in the cave not Note??; diverchild pairing might be off a bit But overall I enjoyed the book and revisiting the rescue and people involved after following this incredible event at the time and months afterwards

  7. Grace Grace says:

    If i could give this than 5 stars i would I was obsessed with this story when it happened and i am SO GLAD for a tell all about the rescue Even though i read it and KNOW they pulled it off it still seems impossible The amount of grit and super human strength and dedication is beyond my comprehension An inspiring and magnificent international rescue told with clarity and in depth explanations This should ABSOLUTELY be on EVERY ONE'S reading list

  8. Tom Rust Tom Rust says:

    This was a captivating read; the insights into the Thai culture were fascinating Thank you LiamThe events are told very much from the perspective of the rescuers I will have to find another book in order hear the story of what the 13 young guys went through

  9. Jeff Wells Jeff Wells says:

    An unprecedented rescue It takes a village to make a difference and this story is a poignant example of that Easy to read account from a news correspondent that understands and respects the culture of the country

  10. Rose Rose says:

    I'd heard only a few tidbits about this incident so I thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating book

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